Banishers Ghosts of New Eden Collectible Locations: A Comprehensive Guide

Emily Lee

Banishers Ghosts Of New Eden

In “Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden,” players journey through a spectral world where collectibles play a significant role in deepening the game experience. Finding these items, which range from documents and notes to other narrative artifacts, requires keen observation and exploration of various locations, like New Eden Town and The Dark Woods, among others. Each artifact contributes to the rich backstory of New Eden, offering insights into the world’s history and the characters that inhabit it.

Players can find a total of 32 collectibles scattered across the game’s mysterious environments. These items are hidden in different areas, with some being accessible only at specific points in the game. For example, certain collectibles can be retrieved in the House closest to the meeting house after clearing an obstructive vine, highlighting challenges players must navigate to attain these collectibles. The collectibles hold no impact on gameplay mechanics but are paramount for players who cherish a complete understanding of the game’s lore.

Collectible Locations in Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, organized by region:

New Eden TownWhere do Nightmares Come From?Charles Davenport’s bedroom (during main quest “Landfall”)
Banishers TechniquesSchoolhouse Shelter (during main quest “Landfall”)
The Ghost of WarHouse west of town square, opposite the inn (return to New Eden Town at the end of the game)
The last settlement of New EdenSecond floor of the house opposite the path leading to the meeting house (return to New Eden Town at the end)
The Dark WoodsThe Origin of BanishersShelter – Red’s Sickbed (start of main quest “The Ends of the Earth”)
Blaming the LivingTent on the path to Hunter’s Camp
Voices in the MistRiver in the quickmyst area (during Haunting Case “The Flesh is Weak”)
To Bring ClosureRear of the cabin after meeting Kate Newsmith (during main quest “The Woodfolks”)
What is a ghost made of?Satchel on the floor by the window at Shelter – Hunter’s Camp
There is kindness in banishing a spiritCorpse covered in spectral webs west of Hunter’s Camp
In the beginning was the WordRocky ledge beside the Altar of the Invisible, after Shelter – Kate’s Bivouac
On the nature of spectersCabin with the Locked Chest (Abandoned Belongings) during main quest “The Beast”. Remove Spectral Webs with Antea
The Void is no HellCabin with the Locked Chest (Secret Cache) southeast of Shelter – High Cave. Need Ensnare to remove creeping ivy on the bridge
Sacred GeometryBehind the first creeping ivy, between Shelter – Waterfall Cave and Shelter – Jacob’s Lean-to. Need Ensnare to remove creeping ivy
Mire MarshesVoid and timelessBase of a tree south of the black pools on Siridean’s Island
The Incarnate and the InvisibleShelter – Broken Bridge (end of “The Swamp Witch”)
Strange times to comeCorpse hidden by spectral webs after the first patch of Creeping Ivy on Siridean Island (during/after “Grief..”)
The things which never were humanMercenary camp (during Haunting Case “Trade Secrets”)
Mount PleasantAn old sickmouthSecond floor of the building after the first ropeway lift
The invisible enemyCabin at the top of the second ropeway (east of Fort Jericho)
War Never ChangesUpper floor of the Armory building in Fort Jericho
The New Eden Curse – The Evil DreamsMine elevator room, behind the left-hand wooden barrier (during main quest “A Flame in the Dark”)
The New Eden Curse – The Loss of the Sense of TimeRuined wagon in front of Bligh Manor
The mystery about Old Moss-HeadSeeker’s hideout (during main quest “Love Finds a Way”)
Witch huntCabin southeast of Fort Jericho. Need Ensnare to remove creeping ivy.
The HarrowsFoundation of New EdenWagon after the first group of enemies, after the elevator from the hidden cave
The New Eden Curse – A long winter.Crate beside the ghost ward at Shelter – The Harrows
The Second Settlement of New EdenBehind a blocked cave entrance north of God’s Acre (clear with Outburst, during Haunting Case “A Hellbound Heart”)
Breeding BreachesCrates on the southeastern side of the Sorrow fight area in the Old mill basement (during “Witchfinders”)
Inside the Pandora boxBookshelf at Shelter – Collapsed House (during main quest “The Inkwell”)
Beyond the Great BelowCandle covered rock ledge in the seaside cave (during Haunting Case “Saints and Sinners”)
The New Eden Curse – The DearthCorpse west of Shelter – Hills Old House

Key Takeaways

  • Collectibles in “Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden” enrich the game’s narrative.
  • A total of 32 collectibles are distributed across various in-game locations.
  • The collectibles have no direct effect on gameplay but serve to enhance story comprehension.

Finding Collectibles in the Ghosts of New Eden

In the intriguing world of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, players are tasked with uncovering various hidden items. Key to success is knowing how to effectively use maps and understanding the importance of different locations to piece together the game’s rich backstory.

Strategic Map Utilization

The world map is essential for players to discover collectibles. The use of a treasure map can lead players to secret locations, sometimes hidden by creeping ivy or shrouded in mist. By examining the maps closely, gamers can find hints indicating the presence of a locked chest or a cursed item.

Key Locations and Their Secrets

Collectibles are scattered across several notable areas including The Dark Woods, Mount Pleasant, The Harrows, and Mire Marshes. Each site holds unique salvageables which contribute to the lore and achievement progression. For example, The Dark Woods is home to The Hunter’s Camp where items reflect the life and thoughts of the hunter, adding layers to the game’s story.

Encounters with the Supernatural

Banishers face many supernatural challenges. Items such as ghostly notes or whispers can trigger encounters with specters, leading players into haunting cases often influenced by the New Eden curse. The invisible enemies of these areas underscore the unpredictable nature of the game.

Characters and Their Motivations

Understanding characters like Kate or Siridean provide context to the New Eden curse and the spirits. Siridean’s journals detail his resolve to help Kate, giving players insight into their motivations. Collectibles often serve as character narratives, motivating players to delve deeper into the Banishers’ history.

Every collectible tells part of Banishers’ expansive tale, and each item found is another step toward unraveling the mysteries of New Eden. From the shores of the river to the depths of The Void, each discovery is integral to fully experiencing the game’s narrative.