EA Sports College Football 25 Cover Athletes Unveiled: 3 Stars Lead the Pack

Scott Daly

EA Sports College Football 25 Logo

Electronic Arts Inc. has recently showcased the new cover for the highly anticipated EA Sports College Football 25, marking a celebrated moment for fans awaiting the game’s release. For this edition, the cover features three of college football’s standout athletes: Michigan running back Donovan Edwards, Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers, and Travis Hunter, the versatile Colorado wide receiver and defensive back. Their selection celebrates their impressive work on the field and marks a triumphant step for EA’s franchise as these athletes represent the spirit and competition of college football.

As momentum builds towards the game’s launch, enthusiasts and players are eager to experience the virtual gridiron featuring these athletes. The inclusion of Edwards, Ewers, and Hunter on the cover is not just an honor for the players but also sets the tone for what players can expect from the latest installment of the storied franchise. Fans are counting the days until July 19, when the game becomes available for next-generation consoles, offering an enriched playing experience that mirrors college football’s energy and dynamism.

Key Takeaways

  • EA Sports College Football 25 features Donovan Edwards, Quinn Ewers, and Travis Hunter on the cover.
  • The cover athletes embody the competitive spirit of college football.
  • The game is set for release on July 19 for next-generation gaming consoles.

Be sure to check out the page on EA Sports as well: https://www.ea.com/games/ea-sports-college-football/college-football-25

Unveiling the Cover Stars

EA Sports announced the cover athletes for the upcoming “EA SPORTS™ College Football 25” video game. The 2024 release showcases top college football talent on its cover, featuring Travis Hunter, Quinn Ewers, and Donovan Edwards. These athletes represent their schools and the future of college football on a national stage.

Highlighting Travis Hunter

Travis Hunter, a dynamic Colorado wide receiver and defensive back, shines on the cover of “EA SPORTS™ College Football 25.” Before transferring to Colorado, he made waves as a top recruit for Florida State. He stands out for his versatility on the field and was the first to win the Paul Hornung Award in high school, given to the nation’s most versatile player.

Featuring Quinn Ewers

The talented Quinn Ewers, a quarterback for the Texas Longhorns, is featured after an impactful transfer from Ohio State. At Texas, his skill led the Longhorns to new heights, including a shot at the Big 12 Championship. His cover feature cements his status as a standout quarterback in college football.

Spotlight on Donovan Edwards

Donovan Edwards, a Michigan running back, secured his spot on the cover through his impressive performances. He racked up yards and touchdowns, contributing to Michigan’s success and their position in the Big Ten. His commitment and explosive playstyle make him a key athlete for “EA SPORTS™ College Football 25.”