Fallout 4: Add-Ons and DLCs

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Get ready for new adventures in the Fallout 4 post-apocalyptic world with a variety of add-ons and DLCs. Each expansion offers different stories, challenges, and gameplay improvements, from creating your own robot companions to exploring a mysterious island. In Fallout 4, there are six major DLC expansions providing unique features and gameplay enhancements. As players navigate Boston’s post-apocalyptic ruins, these expansions offer additional missions, areas, and elements to explore and enjoy.

The DLCs, such as “Far Harbor” and “Nuka-World,” are designed to offer different aspects including new storylines, settlement building features, and graphical enhancements. Understanding these expansions can help players decide which add-ons are worth purchasing based on their preferences. Whether players seek engaging new stories or improvements in the game environment, the Fallout 4 DLCs offer something intriguing for everyone.

Expanding the Wasteland: A Guide to Fallout 4 Add-Ons and DLCs

Official Add-Ons

DLC NameRelease DatePrice (USD)Description
AutomatronMarch 2016$9.99Hunt down the Mechanist and build your own robot companions with customizable parts.
Wasteland WorkshopApril 2016$4.99Design and set cages to capture wasteland creatures, from raiders to Deathclaws. Customize your settlements with new options like taxidermy and arena fights.
Far HarborMay 2016$24.99Embark on a new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency to the mysterious island of Far Harbor, facing a conflict between the synths, the Children of Atom, and the locals. Uncover the secrets of the island and make choices that will shape its future.
Contraptions WorkshopJune 2016$4.99Construct elaborate gadgetry with conveyor belts, scaffolding kits, track kits, and even logic gates. Build elevators, greenhouses, fireworks displays, and more.
Vault-Tec WorkshopJuly 2016$4.99Create a massive Vault and attract new Dwellers using pre-war industrial kits complete with retro-nostalgic furniture, lighting, and art. Conduct Vault-Tec approved experiments on your Dwellers to learn what makes an ideal citizen.
Nuka-WorldAugust 2016$19.99Explore a vast amusement park now a lawless city of Raiders. Lead lethal gangs, conquer settlements, and rule with an iron fist. Choose your path as a Raider overlord or liberate Nuka-World and restore order.
High-Resolution Texture PackFebruary 2017FreeThis pack enhances the visual fidelity of the game by adding high-resolution textures to environments, characters, and weapons. Requires a powerful system to run smoothly.

Creation Club Content

The Creation Club offers a variety of smaller add-ons created by Bethesda and external developers. These include new weapons, armor, settlements, gameplay modes, and more. Prices vary, and content is purchased with Credits.


  • All DLCs are available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.
  • The Season Pass includes all six major DLCs at a discounted price.
  • Prices may vary depending on the platform and retailer.

Key Takeaways

  • Six major DLCs enhance Fallout 4 with new content.
  • “Far Harbor” and “Nuka-World” are noteworthy expansions.
  • Players gain new storylines and gameplay features.

Overview of Fallout 4 DLCs

Fallout 4 offers several DLCs that expand gameplay through new quests, mechanics, and areas. Each DLC enhances the base game, offering diverse content across different playstyles.


Automatron is the first DLC released for Fallout 4. It introduces a new storyline where the player battles the Mechanist and his army of robots. Players can harvest parts from defeated robots to create their own custom robotic companions.

The DLC also adds new locations and a variety of new enemies. The ability to modify and build unique robot companions is a major feature, giving players more customization options. In total, Automatron significantly enhances gameplay with its focus on robotics and combat.

Wasteland Workshop

Wasteland Workshop focuses on settlement building. This DLC introduces a range of new items and structures to enhance settlements. Players can build traps, cages to capture creatures, and even pit captured enemies against each other in arenas.

This DLC also provides more aesthetic customization options, including lighting and signs. While it doesn’t add new story content, it greatly expands the settlement-building aspect of Fallout 4, offering more creative freedom and functional enhancements for players who enjoy that part of the game.

Far Harbor

Far Harbor is the largest DLC in terms of new gameplay area. It introduces a new location: the island of Far Harbor. This DLC adds an elaborate storyline involving the Synth faction and new characters. Far Harbor is known for its dark, atmospheric setting and challenging new enemies.

It also includes new weapons, armor, and quests. The DLC’s extensive content makes it a significant addition to Fallout 4, providing hours of exploration and adventure in a completely new setting. Players who enjoy deep storylines and new environments will find Far Harbor particularly compelling.

Contraptions Workshop

Contraptions Workshop adds new contraptions to settlements. Players can build complex machines using conveyor belts, logic gates, and sorting machines. This DLC appeals to players interested in engineering and creative construction.

Additionally, it includes decorative items like armor racks and weapon racks. While it doesn’t add story content, the DLC enhances the building mechanic by allowing for more intricate and automated systems. It’s aimed at players who enjoy experimenting with in-game mechanics and building elaborate structures.

Vault-Tec Workshop

Vault-Tec Workshop allows players to build and manage their own Vault. It introduces new building materials, including Vault-themed structures and items. Players can run experiments on Vault dwellers, adding a unique gameplay element.

This DLC blends settlement building with elements of the main game’s vault management. It provides a new set of narrative-driven quests, focusing on creating and managing a Vault. Vault-Tec Workshop is perfect for players who enjoy control and customization over their environment and characters.


Nuka-World is the final major DLC for Fallout 4, adding a new amusement park location overrun by raiders. It introduces a new storyline, where players interact with various raider gangs and engage in new quests.

The DLC includes new rides, games, and a large map to explore. Unique to this expansion is the ability to lead raider gangs to take over settlements in the Commonwealth. Nuka-World provides an action-packed and immersive experience, making it a must-have for those looking to explore new content and environments.

Key Features and Gameplay Additions

Fallout 4’s DLCs introduce various enhancements to building and crafting mechanics, expand the game’s quests and locations, and add depth to stories and characters. These additions permeate different aspects of the game, providing fresh content and experiences.

Building and Crafting Enhancements

The DLCs significantly boost building and crafting in settlements. Automatron introduces robot crafting, letting players build and modify their own robotic companions. With Wasteland Workshop and Contraptions Workshop, new objects like cages for creatures, conveyor belts, and logic gates become available. Players can create intricate traps and elaborate contraption-based constructions. Vault-Tec Workshop allows the creation and management of new vaults, echoing the iconic Vault-Tec look. This expansion enriches the customization and utilitarian aspects of settlement structures.

New Quests and Locations

New quests and expansive locations are among the key offerings. Far Harbor takes players to a fog-filled island harboring strange creatures and mysterious factions. Nuka-World presents an abandoned amusement park turned Raider haven, introducing new factions and a variety of lore-rich areas. Automatron features quests focusing on a rogue Mechanist and a robot uprising. Vault-Tec Workshop and Wasteland Workshop also add smaller quest lines, often connected to their new construction features, boosting the player’s engagement with these new mechanics. The expansions markedly increase the diversity of environments in the game.

Expanding the Story and Characters

Story-driven DLCs augment Fallout 4’s narrative depth. Far Harbor expands on Nick Valentine’s storyline, involving complex moral choices. Nuka-World adds layers to Raider factions, exploring their dynamics and giving players the choice to join them. New factions emerge, each with its own agenda and lore. Companions see further development through unique interactions and quests tied to these DLCs. Automatron also introduces a new companion, Ada, who provides a fresh storyline and gameplay perspective. These DLCs enrich character arcs, offering players deeper engagement with the game’s post-apocalyptic universe.