LEGO® Ideas Dungeons & Dragons Set: Release Info & Overview

Thomas Coop

a toy building blocks with a dragon on top

LEGO enthusiasts and Dungeons & Dragons fans have something new to celebrate. The much-anticipated LEGO® Ideas Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale set is made its debut on April 1, 2024 for Lego Insiders and for everyone else on April 4th, 2024. This fan-designed 3745 piece set brings the iconic tabletop game to life with intricate designs and unique characters, merging two beloved worlds.

The LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set is an exciting collaboration between LEGO and Hasbro, bringing the beloved tabletop game to life in brick form. This set, designed by a fan, includes a red dragon, iconic characters, and detailed settings for building your own adventures. The collaboration has resulted in a detailed set featuring a riverside inn, a fortress, and a red dragon, along with six minifigures and six monsters. LEGO Insiders will also have access to a free adventure, adding even more value for dedicated players and collectors. With its detailed design and nod to classic gameplay, this set is sure to captivate both LEGO builders and D&D adventurers alike.

LEGO Ideas Brings Dungeons & Dragons to Life in Bricks!

Set Details & Release Date

  • Official Name: LEGO Ideas DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: Red Dragon’s Tale (21348)
  • Piece Count: 3,745 pieces
  • Target Audience: 18+
  • Early Access (LEGO Insiders): April 1, 2024
  • General Release: April 4, 2024
  • Price: $359.99 / £314.99 / €359.99

Set Features

  • Buildable dragon: Red dragon with posable wings and tail.
  • Detailed diorama: Features a tavern, watchtower, and cave sections.
  • Minifigures: Includes classic D&D characters like a wizard, rogue, barbarian, and cleric.
  • Accessories: Features a variety of weapons, treasure chests, and other iconic D&D items.

Additional Releases

  • Mimic Dice Box: Free gift with purchase from April 1st-7th.
  • Adventure Book: Available digitally on April 1st at [invalid URL removed] and D&D Beyond.
  • Minifigure Series: A separate collectible minifigure series will launch in September 2024.

Design Inspiration and Collaboration

  • Fan-Designed: The set originated as a submission to the LEGO Ideas platform.
  • Lucas Bolt (BoltBuildz): The original designer of the concept.
  • LEGO & Hasbro: Partnered to create this official set.

Where to Buy

  • LEGO Stores: Available in physical stores starting April 1st for LEGO Insiders and April 4th for everyone.
  • Can be purchased online from April 1st for LEGO Insiders and April 4th for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • LEGO® Ideas Dungeons & Dragons set releases on April 4, 2024.
  • The set includes a riverside inn, fortress, dragon, minifigures, and monsters.
  • LEGO Insiders will get a free adventure with the set.

LEGO Dungeons & Dragons Set Overview

The LEGO Dungeons & Dragons set is a milestone collaboration between LEGO and Wizards of the Coast.

The Birth of a Collaboration

LEGO teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to celebrate Dungeons & Dragons’ 50th anniversary. This collaboration marks the first time LEGO has ventured into the iconic fantasy role-playing universe. Fans could submit their designs on the LEGO Ideas platform. The winning design, “Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End,” was created by Lucas Bolt, also known as BoltBuilds. This set was made possible through the enthusiasm of the Dungeons & Dragons community. LEGO fans and players were actively involved in the process, from voting to witnessing the final production. This project highlights LEGO’s commitment to engaging its community in creative endeavors.

Set Details and Features

The LEGO Dungeons & Dragons set, known as “Red Dragon’s Tale,” comes with several key features. Minifigures include an orc rogue, gnome fighter, elf wizard, and dwarf cleric. The intricate design allows for detailed adventures within a castle setting. The set’s removable roof enables easy access to the interior, where key items like a mimic dice box and familiar D&D characters await. The castle features various rooms including a tavern and an inn, with elements like the Cinderhowl Red Dragon creating an immersive experience. The set is intended for ages 12 and up, and comes with building instructions geared towards young builders and seasoned fans alike.

Innovative Design Elements

This set features innovative elements that combine both LEGO and Dungeons & Dragons traditions. Notable among these are the detailed character minifigures. They bring the orc rogue, elf wizard, dwarf cleric, and gnome fighter to life. Another element is the beholder, a classic D&D monster, included as a minibuild. The removable roof feature allows users to explore the castle interior easily. The set also includes a displacer beast and a mimic dice box, which reflect iconic elements of D&D gameplay. Additionally, digital resources such as character sheets and adventure books are available for download, making this set both a physical and digital adventure.

Availability and Launch Details

The LEGO® Ideas Dungeons & Dragons® Red Dragon’s Tale set is set to launch soon, promising excitement for both LEGO and D&D enthusiasts. Important details include the release date, promotional offers, and where to buy the set.

Release Date and Promotions

The LEGO® Ideas Dungeons & Dragons® Red Dragon’s Tale set was unveiled on March 19, 2024 and made available for purchase on April 1, 2024 to LEGO Insiders. The product went worldwide to everyone on April 4, 2024. The LEGO Group has planned special events and countdowns on to mark the occasion.

To commemorate this release, LEGO is offering a free gift with purchase during the initial launch period. Promotions like these are common but tend to be limited in quantity.

Retail Information

The set, which contains 3,745 pieces, will be priced at $359.99. Available at LEGO Stores and online at, it’s expected to attract a large number of buyers, so early purchase is advised.

The design, created through the LEGO Ideas program, reflects the iconic elements of Dungeons & Dragons. Make sure to check both physical stores and the official website for stock updates.

Commemorative Aspects

This set celebrates the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, showing LEGO’s appreciation for the classic tabletop game. The Red Dragon’s Tale, designed by fans, highlights key components like intricate dragon figures and detailed scenery.

Special packaging will feature commemorative elements honoring the anniversary, making it a valued collector’s item.