NBA 2K25 Cover Athletes Revealed: Jason Tatum, A’ja Wilson, Vince Carter

Jonathan Kao

NBA 2K25 Covers

2K Sports announced today that the upcoming NBA 2K25 video game will feature three different covers showcasing two players at the top of their respective games and, perhaps, the greatest dunker of all time. On the men’s side (NBA) Jayson Tatum from the World Champion Boston Celtics will be on the Standard Edition cover. On the women’s side (WNBA) A’ja Wilson from the champion Las Vegas Aces will be the cover athlete for the WNBA and All-Star Editions. Vince Carter was selected for the Hall of Fame Edition.

The game is set to be released on September 6, 2024 and fans are excited to play as these basketball icons and looking forward to all the new roster changes that came from the free agency period and draft (Bronny James anybody???). Tatum and Wilson made sense as choices as both led their teams to championships recently. Tatum has also been in the news a lot recently after signing a record-breaking contract extension and is expected to be a starter for the USA Basketball Men’s Olympic Team.

We’re glad to see A’ja Wilson getting have her own solo cover bringing more attention to women’s basketball, which has been lit on fire with Caitlin Clark-mania sweeping the country.

Standard Edition Cover (Tatum)

All Star Edition Cover (Tatum and Wilson)

WNBA Edition Cover (Wilson)

Hall Of Fame Edition Cover (Carter)

2K Unveils 2K25 Cover Stars

The Main Attraction: Jayson Tatum Graces the Standard Edition

Jayson Tatum, the Boston Celtics’ rising star, takes center stage on the Standard Edition of NBA 2K25. Tatum’s exceptional skills and leadership have propelled him to five-time NBA All-Star status, and his presence on the cover solidifies his position as one of the league’s brightest talents.

WNBA’s Finest: A’ja Wilson Shines on Two Special Editions

A’ja Wilson, the two-time WNBA MVP and Las Vegas Aces standout, makes history as a dual cover athlete. She graces the WNBA Edition (exclusive to GameStop) and shares the spotlight with Tatum on the All-Star Edition. This marks a significant moment for women’s basketball representation in the 2K franchise.

Honoring a Legend: Vince Carter on the Hall of Fame Edition

The legendary Vince Carter, known for his electrifying dunks and impressive career, is featured on the Hall of Fame Edition. Carter’s inclusion pays tribute to his enduring impact on the game and his recent induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Release Date and Platforms

NBA 2K25 is set to launch on September 6th, 2024, and will be available on various platforms, including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Players who pre-order the standard edition will receive bonuses such as 5,000 VC in virtual currency and a Trendsetter Reward, aiming to enhance the game experience with more customization and gameplay options.

Table of NBA 2K25 Cover Athletes

EditionCover Athlete(s)Availability
Standard EditionJayson TatumAll platforms
WNBA EditionA’ja WilsonGameStop Exclusive
All-Star EditionJayson Tatum & A’ja WilsonAll platforms
Hall of Fame EditionVince CarterAll platforms

Key Takeaways

  • Jayson Tatum is the cover athlete for NBA 2K25 after a successful season.
  • Special covers feature both Tatum and WNBA star A’ja Wilson.
  • Pre-ordering offers bonus content including virtual currency and rewards.

Revealing the NBA 2K25 Cover Athlete

NBA 2K25 has chosen Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum, Las Vegas Aces forward A’ja Wilson, and retired NBA star Vince Carter as its cover athletes. This selection highlights Tatum’s impact on the sport and the game’s history.

Impact on Jason Tatum’s Career

Being named a cover athlete boosts Jayson Tatum’s profile. It symbolizes his elite status in basketball. He’s joining the ranks of legends like Kevin Garnett, who have graced the cover before.

Tatum’s inclusion underlines his achievements with the Boston Celtics. His stellar performances and leadership on the court make him a fitting choice. This exposure in NBA 2K25 broadens his influence beyond just fans of the Celtics.

Moreover, being a cover athlete often enhances marketability. It attracts endorsements and opportunities. For young athletes, seeing Tatum on the cover is inspiring. It shows what hard work can achieve.

Historical Significance in NBA 2K Series

NBA 2K25 marks a significant chapter by featuring Tatum, Wilson, and Carter. Each athlete represents different facets of basketball. Tatum’s role highlights the current NBA talent.

This year’s choice reinforces the game’s evolving nature. It keeps up with the dynamic landscape of basketball. Vince Carter, a 2024 Hall of Famer, connects the past with the present.

Including Tatum also reflects NBA 2K’s commitment to showcasing diverse talents. This milestone maintains the series’ reputation for celebrating the best in the sport. Each cover is a snapshot of basketball history, capturing its heroes and influential figures.

Game Features and Editions

“NBA 2K25” offers exciting editions and game features that enhance the overall experience. Players can choose between different editions, including special editions featuring athletes from the NBA and WNBA.

All-Star and Hall of Fame Editions

The All-Star Edition features cover athletes Jayson Tatum and A’ja Wilson. This edition comes with exclusive content such as extra in-game currency, unique player cards, and additional customization options. The Hall of Fame Edition includes the same benefits as the All-Star Edition but adds more with extra content celebrating basketball legends. This edition is perfect for collectors who want to commemorate their favorite players.

The Inclusion of the W and WNBA Features

“NBA 2K25” includes WNBA players and teams. Gamers can play with the Las Vegas Aces or other WNBA teams. The game mode “The W” lets players create and manage their own WNBA careers. New features enhance gameplay with updated rosters, improved graphics, and realistic animations. It allows fans of women’s basketball to fully enjoy the experience.

Exclusive Content and Pre-Order Benefits

Pre-ordering “NBA 2K25” comes with several perks. Players who pre-order any edition get bonuses like in-game currency, skill boosts, and clothing items. The exclusive content differs by edition. For instance, the All-Star Edition offers more in-game currency. These benefits give an early advantage, letting gamers enhance their players and teams right from the start.