Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Has Been Released To Mixed Reviews

Jonathan Kao

Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

Elden Ring’s highly anticipated expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, has been officially released. Fans were able to get their hands on this expansion on June 20, 2024, across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. This much-awaited addition to the game promises to deliver new adventures and challenges for players, but so far the reviews have been mediocre at best. Beyond the technical issues people have been having, many are reporting just a middle-of-the-road product that isn’t living up to the hype.

What Was Promised

This expansion takes players to a new world known as the Land of Shadow. Here, players were to uncover hidden mysteries and face new enemies and bosses. Shadow of the Erdtree was supposed to pick up on the dark, intense journey that began with Elden Ring, the 2022 Game of the Year.

This expansion by FromSoftware Inc. and Bandai Namco Entertainment is one of the most highly anticipated expansions of all time and the bar was incredibly high. Given how great Elden Ring was, there really may have been no way for this release to live up to that stanadard so that might explain the reception so far.

Shadow of the Erdtree: A Divisive Expansion for Elden Ring

Shadow of the Erdtree is already sparking heated debate among fans. While some players are singing its praises, others are voicing their frustrations, leading to a mixed reception for the DLC.

You can read the Steam (PC) reviews here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2778580/ELDEN_RING_Shadow_of_the_Erdtree/#app_reviews_hash

Where the expansion is currently getting a score of 6/10, which is pretty bad considering the hype.

Mixed Reviews on Steam

On Steam, Shadow of the Erdtree currently holds a “Mixed” rating, with only 61% of over 22,000 user reviews. This is a significant departure from the overwhelmingly positive reception of the base game, which boasts a 93% approval rating.

Table: Elden Ring vs. Shadow of the Erdtree Steam Reviews

GameSteam RatingPositive ReviewsTotal Reviews
Elden Ring“Overwhelmingly Positive”93%630,000+
Shadow of the Erdtree“Mixed”61%22,000+

Reasons for the Mixed Reception

The mixed reviews stem from a variety of factors, with two primary concerns dominating the discussion:

1. Increased Difficulty

Many players are finding Shadow of the Erdtree to be significantly more challenging than the base game. Some argue that the difficulty has been ramped up to an unreasonable level, making the experience frustrating rather than enjoyable. While FromSoftware games are known for their difficulty, some feel that this expansion has gone too far.

2. Performance Issues

Another major complaint is the DLC’s performance on PC. Players are reporting various issues, including stuttering, frame rate drops, and crashes. These technical problems are hindering the experience for many, further fueling the negative sentiment surrounding the expansion.

Positive Feedback

Despite the criticism, Shadow of the Erdtree is not without its supporters. Many players are praising the expansion for its:

  • New Content: The DLC introduces a new area to explore, new bosses to battle, and new weapons and armor to acquire. This fresh content is a welcome addition for those seeking more challenges and adventures in the Lands Between.
  • Lore Expansion: Shadow of the Erdtree delves deeper into the game’s lore, offering new insights into the world and its characters. Fans of the game’s intricate story are finding this aspect of the expansion particularly rewarding.
  • Challenging Bosses: While some find the difficulty frustrating, others appreciate the tough-but-fair boss encounters. Overcoming these challenging foes can be a thrilling and rewarding experience for skilled players.

The Verdict

The Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for Elden Ring is still in its early days, and people have mixed opinions about it. Whether the expansion is considered successful depends on what individual players like and expect. If you enjoy challenging gameplay and want to explore more of Elden Ring’s world, you might find it worth trying. But if you get easily frustrated by tough parts of games or worry about performance problems, you might want to wait for updates and patches. Overall, the expansion has sparked a wide range of reactions. Many players like the challenging gameplay, great visuals, and interesting story. But some have concerns about performance, game balance, and design choices. Different players seem to have really different experiences with it, and that’s pretty normal for expansions.

Key Takeaways

  • Shadow of the Erdtree released on June 20, 2024.
  • The expansion adds a new world and challenges to Elden Ring.
  • Available for preorder on multiple platforms now.

A Deep Dive Into Recent Reviews

The highly anticipated expansion for Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree, has received a mixed reception from players, reflecting a diverse range of opinions on various aspects of the game. As of the latest update, the overall reviews stand at “Mixed” with 22,000+ reviews.

Positive Feedback

Many players have praised the expansion for its captivating world design, challenging gameplay, and the depth it adds to the Elden Ring universe.

  • Jellojack noted that despite the initial performance issues, the expansion holds the potential to be a 10/10, reminiscent of the base game’s initial release challenges.
  • cummingsskyway and Cyberdragunz celebrated the expansion for retaining the wonder and challenge of the original game, emphasizing the incredible new areas, enemies, and bosses.
  • Hathos and Leofulgur lauded the expansion for its breathtaking art, inspiring music, and the high level of challenge that aligns with the Soulsborne series’ reputation.
  • Knight Alone humorously commented on the life-changing impact of the expansion, equating it to a significant personal milestone.
  • RisingLower appreciated the dense and rewarding exploration, noting the rich environmental storytelling and spectacular bosses.

Negative Feedback

Conversely, a significant number of players expressed disappointment, particularly regarding performance issues, difficulty spikes, and certain design choices.

  • born2kill….zombies and Ironence criticized the expansion for not addressing longstanding issues with boss design and overall gameplay balance.
  • DukeRed and anas15gh highlighted severe performance problems and questioned the scaling mechanics, which they felt detracted from the overall experience.
  • Makima and demiiii were disappointed by what they perceived as a decline in game design quality since FromSoftware’s previous titles, such as Sekiro and Bloodborne, citing frustrating boss encounters and balancing issues.
  • PolarTitan and Karamell expressed concerns about the reuse of enemies, underwhelming final boss design, and an overall hollow feeling in some parts of the game.

Mixed Reviews

Some players found themselves torn between the positives and negatives, acknowledging both the strengths and weaknesses of the expansion.

  • Dr.Falcon and Melasco pointed out that while the content is impressive, performance issues and balancing concerns need to be addressed for a better experience.
  • DukeRed and theimpulsevirus discussed the difficulty of the game, with the latter emphasizing that new players might struggle significantly with the expansion.
  • DukeRed and Karamell elaborated on the mixed feelings regarding the narrative and lore, noting that while some aspects were engaging, others felt like missed opportunities or poorly executed ideas.

Game Details and Features

Shadow of the Erdtree, an expansion to Elden Ring, introduces new areas and gameplay enhancements. Players can expect a rich storyline that deepens the lore, alongside new enemies, weapons, and items.

Storyline and Lore Expansion

Shadow of the Erdtree enriches the world of the Lands Between. The expansion centers on the mysterious Land of Shadow. A new storyline involves characters like Malenia and Miquella.

Unique areas include challenging dungeons. Here, players will find lore fragments and hidden stories. New boss encounters, like Messmer the Impaler and the Cocoon, add depth.

This dives into the secrets of the Erdtree. Players engage with quests that explore deeper narratives. Unraveling these stories provides a deeper connection to the game world.

Gameplay Enhancements

The expansion offers new gameplay features. Players will explore a brand new map. New weapons and armor sets become available.

New Features Include:

  • Weapons: Unique weapon skills and magic types.
  • Enemies: New enemy types and tougher boss fights.
  • Items: New items enhance player abilities.

Platforms Supported:

  • PC
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X

These additions enhance the challenging experience Elden Ring fans expect. With improved mechanics and fresh content, the gameplay stays engaging and dynamic. Enemies and boss fights test player skills more than ever before.

Release Information and Editions

“Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree” has key details about its launch and the available editions. Learn about the platforms it supports and the special editions buyers can choose from.

Availability and Platforms

“Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree” launched on June 20, 2024. It’s available on major gaming platforms including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. This ensures accessibility for a wide audience. Gamers can also preorder the game to secure their copy. Each platform boasts the same thrilling gameplay. For PC players, release times varied, starting from Pacific U.S. at 3 pm on June 20 to 12:00 am CEST in Paris, France on June 21.

Special and Collector’s Editions

Various editions cater to different player preferences. The Standard Edition includes the base game. For added bonuses, the Deluxe Edition offers a digital artbook and original soundtrack. The Collector’s Edition is a premium option, coming with exclusive items like a detailed statue and a physical artbook. Priced at around €249.99 in Europe (approximately $270 USD), this edition appeals to avid fans and collectors. Preordering any edition guarantees early access to select items. With multiple options, players can pick the edition that best suits their interests and budget.