The First Descendant: Release Window Close But Still No Date

Jonathan Kao

The First Descendant

NEXON has announced that the free-to-play looter shooter game, The First Descendant, is set to release in the summer of 2024 but as we draw closer and closer, there still isn’t a confirmed release date. Summer of 2024 puts us somewhere between June 2024 – August 2024 but as of now there’s no further narrowing down of that range.

The team received a 3 out of 5 rating for the recent Beta, which wasn’t great. Therefore, they have decided to work on some enhancements to the user interface (UI) and address other issues that came up in the feedback. The updates will include a new loadout menu, an overhauled core menu system, and optimizations to equipment information menus. Additionally, the team is taking into account the community inquiries and feedback by introducing a clan system and considering the addition of alliances to make matchmaking easier. It’s anybody’s guess if these changes threaten the release window, but no official changes have been announced yet.

The game will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Players will assume the role of a Descendant and use their unique abilities to take on enemies either alone or in team play. The game will feature visually stunning environments and smooth gameplay, thanks to the utilization of Unreal Engine 5.

The First Descendant: Key Game Info

GenreThird-person co-op looter shooter, RPG elements
SettingSci-fi/fantasy world of Ingris
Gameplay4-player co-op missions, gear & loot progression, character customization, giant boss fights
Grappling HooksUnique movement feature for faster traversal and dynamic combat
GraphicsPowered by Unreal Engine 5 for impressive visuals

What to Expect

  • Visceral Action: Fast-paced shooting and skill-based combat against relentless alien foes.
  • Teamwork: Strategize and work together with other players to overcome challenges and take down mighty bosses.
  • Progression: Hunt down powerful gear and upgrades to make your Descendant stronger.
  • Stunning Environments: Explore the visually impressive world of Ingris, powered by the Unreal Engine 5.

Staying Updated

For the most up-to-date information on The First Descendant’s release, check out:

A New Era of Free-to-Play RPG Shooters

The First Descendant is an exciting addition to the free-to-play gaming landscape. It’s a third-person action RPG shooter that blends strategic combat with cooperative gameplay. Developed by Nexon Games and powered by Unreal Engine 5, it boasts stunning visuals and smooth gameplay. Players can choose from a diverse roster of Descendants, each with unique abilities and playstyles. The game’s open beta has already attracted a significant following, with millions of players eager for its full release.

Unraveling the Story: A Fight for Humanity

The First Descendant transports players to the Ingris continent, a world under siege by mysterious invaders. As a Descendant, a genetically modified warrior, you must defend humanity and uncover the secrets behind the invasion. The game’s narrative unfolds through a series of missions and encounters, revealing a rich and immersive story.

Key Features That Set It Apart

Character CustomizationPlayers can personalize their Descendants with a variety of outfits, weapons, and accessories.
Cooperative GameplayTeam up with friends in four-player co-op missions to take on challenging bosses and overcome obstacles.
Unique AbilitiesEach Descendant possesses special skills and powers, allowing for diverse combat strategies and team synergies.
Engaging CombatFast-paced action and strategic gunplay make every battle a thrilling experience.
Stunning VisualsPowered by Unreal Engine 5, The First Descendant offers impressive graphics and detailed environments.
Free-to-Play ModelThe game is free to play, with optional in-app purchases for cosmetic items and other enhancements.

What’s Next for The First Descendant?

The First Descendant is currently slated for a Summer 2024 release on PC (via Steam), PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. Players can look forward to a polished and expansive experience, with ongoing updates and content additions planned after launch.

Key Takeaways

  • “The First Descendant” is set to release in Summer 2024.
  • Nexon’s new game blends shooting and action RPG elements in a free-to-play model.
  • The game will support various platforms, promising cooperative gameplay and individual hero abilities.

Game Overview

The game The First Descendant is making waves with its innovative co-op play and captivating world. It promises a blend of thrilling combat and explorative missions, delivered with high-end graphics thanks to Unreal Engine 5.

Gameplay Mechanics

In The First Descendant, players dive into a looter shooter experience with a focus on co-op play. Each character, known as a Descendant, brings unique abilities to combat, encouraging teamwork in tackling strategic boss fights. The gameplay loop involves:

  • Co-Op Missions: Team up with friends or other players.
  • Combat: Harness different skills for varied combat styles.

Technical Aspects

Running on Unreal Engine 5, the game showcases stunning visuals and physics. It integrates cutting-edge technologies like Nvidia DLSS 3, ensuring smooth performance even in intense scenarios. The technical specs include:

  • Graphics Engine: Unreal Engine 5.
  • Performance Boosters: Nvidia DLSS 3 support for optimal gaming experience.

Platforms and Accessibility

The game is confirmed to launch on platforms including PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. It has been designed with cross-platform play in mind, promoting accessibility. This means that:

  • Multi-Platform Support: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X.
  • Crossplay: Enables players on different platforms to play together.

Story and Setting

Set on the continent of Ingris, The First Descendant paints a picture of humanity’s fight for survival against The Vulgus. Players will explore diverse environments and unravel the mysteries surrounding the Descendants’ powers and the looming threat to humanity.

Development and Community Engagement

Feedback from players during the Open Beta has been crucial in shaping the game. The developers indicated their commitment to community engagement at The Game Awards 2023, ensuring that the voices and experiences of players contribute to the final product. Development highlights include:

  • Community Feedback: Actively sought and incorporated from Beta experiences.
  • Events: The Game Awards 2023 showcased the latest updates.

Release Information

The First Descendant, developed by Nexon Games, is eyeing a launch in Summer 2024. This upcoming cooperative shooter game has already made waves with its cinematic trailer and a promise of a diverse playstyle.

Launch Details

The game is set to arrive in Summer 2024. This release window ensures that fans have a specific timeframe to look forward to. The announcement was made with fanfare, as a new trailer dropped during The Game Awards in 2023.

Platform Availability

Eager gamers will be able to play on a variety of platforms:

  • PlayStation 4 (PS4)
  • Xbox One
  • Steam (PC)

This means that whether you’re a console person or a PC player, you’ll have access to The First Descendant.

Post-Launch Support and Updates

Nexon Games has not detailed their full post-launch plan yet. However, given their track record, players can probably expect regular updates. These might include new missions to keep the gameplay fresh, additional skins for character growth, and more ways to tailor playstyles to each player’s liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

The excitement around ‘The First Descendant’ is building, as gamers everywhere anticipate its release. Here’s what we know so far about the game’s launch schedule across various platforms.

When is the official launch planned for The First Descendant on Xbox platforms?

The First Descendant is expected to hit Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in Summer 2024. No specific date has been finalized yet, but the summer window is confirmed.

What is the expected release timeline for The First Descendant on PS5?

Like the Xbox versions, The First Descendant will be available for the PS5 in Summer 2024. Players should keep an eye out for updates as summer approaches.

How long will The First Descendant’s beta phase last?

The beta testing phase has concluded. The developers hosted successful beta tests leading up to the anticipation of a full launch in the summer of 2024.

Has a specific date been announced for The First Descendant on PC?

A specific release date for the PC version of The First Descendant has not been announced. However, it is set to launch in the same Summer 2024 window as the console versions.

Is The First Descendant going to be accessible as a free-to-play game?

The details regarding the game’s pricing model or whether it will adopt a free-to-play model have not been disclosed by the developers.