Inside Out 2 Is The 4th Biggest Animated Movie Of All-Time: See Who’s Ahead Of It

Jonathan Kao

Inside Out 2

Pixar’s “Inside Out 2” has already made a major mark in box office history. It now stands as the fourth-highest grossing animated film of all time (globally). This achievement places it among legendary titles, surpassing popular hits like The Incredibles 2 and Finding Dory and on the heels of passing Frozen.

Audiences everywhere have flocked to theaters and some are watching the movie over again. The film’s remarkable earnings of $1.267 billion highlight its immense popularity and the success of sequels in the modern day. It seems like theater-goers aren’t willing to see a new movie concept or idea but are flocking to the cinemas to see follow-ups of franchises they are familiar with. Disney & Pixar have been struggling recently with some major box office flops like “Wish,” “Strange World,” “Luca,” etc. For this movie to be such a homerun could definitely be a turnaround for the studio.

Critics and fans alike praise “Inside Out 2” for its captivating storyline and emotional depth. As the movie continues to break records, it’s clear that Pixar has another all-time classic on its hands.

Global Box Office Success of Animated Films

Pixar’s Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

“Inside Out 2” continues to soar at the box office, becoming Pixar’s highest-grossing film ever, surpassing “Incredibles 2.” The sequel has raked in an impressive $1.267 billion globally, edging out the previous record of $1.24 billion set by “Incredibles 2.” This achievement places “Inside Out 2” as the fourth highest-grossing animated film of all time.

The Top Animated Movies of All Time:

RankMovieWorldwide Gross
1Frozen II$1.45 billion
2The Super Mario Bros. Movie$1.36 billion
3Frozen$1.29 billion
4Inside Out 2$1.267 billion
5Incredibles 2$1.24 billion

A Stellar Run

The film’s remarkable run isn’t over yet. It’s anticipated to continue climbing the ranks in the coming weeks, with predictions suggesting it might eventually overtake “Frozen.” This would solidify “Inside Out 2” as the third highest-grossing animated film of all time.

Emotional Connection and Critical Acclaim

“Inside Out 2” has captivated audiences worldwide, drawing praise for its emotional depth and innovative storytelling. The film delves deeper into the complex emotions of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, exploring the challenges of growing up and finding one’s place in the world. Its universal themes and relatable characters have resonated with viewers of all ages, contributing to its immense box office success.

Key Takeaways

  • Inside Out 2 is now the 4th-highest grossing animated film globally.
  • The film has earned $1.267 billion.
  • It is praised for its storyline and emotional depth.

Commercial Success of Inside Out 2

“Inside Out 2” achieved significant commercial success, reaching new heights in both domestic and international markets. The film’s milestones and comparative performance highlight its impact.

Comparative Box Office Analysis

Compared to other animated films, “Inside Out 2” surpassed “Toy Story 3” and “Toy Story 4” in global box office revenue. It now stands as the fourth-highest-grossing animated film ever. Only “Incredibles 2,” “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” and “Finding Dory” have earned more. This shows a remarkable performance, particularly given the competitive landscape of animated movies.

Contributing Markets and Demographics

The film saw significant contributions from various markets. In China, Spain, and Korea, it performed exceptionally well. Additionally, the UK, France, and Germany showed strong box office returns. Brazil and Mexico also contributed to its global earnings. The demographics indicate that both young audiences and families were drawn to the movie, ensuring a wide appeal and strong box office performance across different regions.

Critical Reception and Cultural Impact

The reception and impact of “Inside Out 2” have been substantial. Critics praised various aspects of the film, and its portrayal of emotions during adolescence resonated with audiences.

Critics’ Reviews and Audience Sentiments

“Inside Out 2” received high marks from critics. Rotten Tomatoes shows it as “Certified Fresh” with an impressive score. Major outlets like Collider praised its storytelling, animation, and voice performances, particularly highlighting Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, and Mindy Kaling.

Reviewers noted director Kelsey Mann and writer Meg LeFauve for crafting a story that balances humor and emotion. Audience reaction was similarly enthusiastic, reflecting in strong word-of-mouth and high audience scores. Many viewers also appreciated the film’s ability to connect deeply with both kids and adults.

Representation of Emotions and Adolescence

The film continued to explore complex emotions introduced in the first movie. Characters like Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust return, but new emotions emerge to depict the turbulence of adolescence, such as Anxiety. These representations resonate with many going through or reflecting on their teenage years.

The film effectively portrays the challenging period of puberty and teenage struggles. It blends humor and serious moments, ensuring that viewers can relate to Riley’s experiences. By doing so, Disney and Pixar offered both an entertaining and insightful look at growing up. These themes help the film remain relevant and impactful.