What’s the Latest Info on a Live Action Tangled Movie

Jonathan Kao

Rumors are swirling about Disney’s potential live-action remake of the beloved 2010 animated film Tangled. With fans eager for updates, the casting process has become a hot topic of discussion. According to The DisInsider, while the movie is said to be in development, it remains unclear if it will connect directly to the original Tangled franchise.

One thing that has fans buzzing is the possible casting choices. Newsweek reported that rumors surrounding actress Avantika Vandanapu as Rapunzel have sparked both excitement and controversy. Other rumors point to Disney eyeing Florence Pugh for the role of Rapunzel and possibly Zachary Levi reprising his role as Flynn Rider (although this doesn’t seem very likely.)

So while we know Disney is indeed planning a live-action Tangled movie, we’ll have to wait for more concrete information about the cast and how the film will be brought to life before we get an idea of what direction the story will go in.

Tangled’s Live-Action Adaptation: What We Know So Far

Whispers of a Live-Action Tangled

It should be noted that Disney has not officially confirmed a live-action remake of “Tangled.” But rumors and speculation have been swirling for years. The studio’s recent trend of adapting animated classics into live-action has fueled these rumors. Tangled makes a lot of sense to make into a live action adaptation as the two main characters are humans already.

Casting Rumors

Fan castings and rumors about potential actors have circulated online. Names like Florence Pugh and Avantika have been floated for the role of Rapunzel. However, no official casting announcements have been made.

Potential Release Date

If a live-action “Tangled” is in the works, it likely won’t hit theaters for a few more years. Disney has several untitled projects slated for 2025 and 2026, and a “Tangled” remake could potentially be one of them.

Unanswered Questions

Many questions remain unanswered about the potential live-action adaptation. Will it follow the original story closely, or will it take a new direction? Will the iconic songs be included? These questions will hopefully be answered as more information becomes available.

Fan Excitement and Anticipation

Despite the lack of official confirmation, fans are eagerly anticipating a live-action “Tangled.” The animated film’s popularity and beloved characters have created a strong desire to see the story brought to life in a new way.

Live-Action “Tangled” – What We Know

Official ConfirmationNot yet confirmed
CastingRumors and speculation
Release DateUnknown, potentially 2025 or 2026
Story DetailsUnknown
Fan InterestHigh

Key Takeaways

  • Disney plans a live-action Tangled movie.
  • Rumors suggest Avantika Vandanapu could play Rapunzel.
  • Fans are excited about possible casting choices for the movie.

Development and Production Details

The live-action adaptation of Disney’s Tangled has intrigued many, bringing lots of fans to speculate about the casting choices, creative direction, and narrative elements that will shape the project.

Casting Insights

Rumors swirl around potential casting choices for the live-action Tangled. Florence Pugh and Rachel Zegler are strong contenders for Rapunzel, with fans keenly debating their suitability. Zachary Levi, who voiced Flynn Rider in the animated feature, has shown interest in reprising his role, though new casting choices are possible. Some speculate Tom Holland might be a strong pick for Flynn, adding a fresh dynamic to the character. Mother Gothel, a key antagonist, might see a seasoned actress like Donna Murphy or Sabrina Carpenter take on the role, given their previous work with Disney.

Creative Team and Direction

Disney has reportedly tapped experienced talent for the production of the live-action Tangled. Ashleigh Powell, known for her screenwriting expertise, could be contributing to the script, ensuring the narrative maintains the charm of the original. Kristin Burr might be involved in producing, bringing her extensive experience in Disney adaptations. Directors like Baz Luhrmann or Michael De Luca have been speculated upon, though no official confirmation has emerged. Their involvement would signify a creative blend of visual storytelling and innovative direction for the remake.

Expected Narrative Elements

The live-action Tangled aims to stay true to the beloved 2010 animated film while possibly adding new layers to the story. Fans expect the enchanting tale of Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, and her magical hair to be central. The narrative would likely include the iconic tower setting and Rapunzel’s journey of self-discovery. Given Disney’s track record with live-action remakes, elements of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale might be woven in to add depth. The screenplay might explore more of the world outside the tower, adding richness to the beloved fairytale.

These tidbits shed light on what to anticipate from Disney’s upcoming project, blending fresh possibilities with the essence of the original Tangled story.