Can You See When Someone Was Last Active on LinkedIn?

Emily Lee

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Understanding when someone was last active on LinkedIn can be an important tool for networking and professional communication. With LinkedIn’s active status feature, users can identify whether their connections are currently online. A green circle next to a user’s name signifies that they are active, offering a convenient indication that now might be a good time to reach out. However, LinkedIn does not provide a feature that shows the last time a user was active, only if they are currently available.

When it comes to managing privacy and visibility on the platform, users have the option to control their own active status. This includes the ability to disable the feature, which in turn hides the user’s activity from others and also removes their ability to see when their connections are active. This setting supports users who prefer to maintain a level of privacy about their presence on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s Active Status Feature

LinkedIn does not have a feature that explicitly shows the precise time someone was last active. However, there are a few clues you can look for:

Green Dot and Circle Indicators:

  • A solid green dot next to a person’s profile picture means they are currently online and active on the platform.
  • A hollow green circle means they have the app open on their mobile device but are not actively using it.

Recent Activity:

  • Posts and Comments: Look for the timestamp on a person’s posts or comments. This will give you a general idea of their recent activity.
  • Shared Articles: LinkedIn sometimes shows a “recently shared” tag next to an article that someone has shared, indicating recent engagement.


  • Privacy Settings: Users can control their visibility settings, which may limit the information you can see.
  • Inactivity: A lack of recent activity does not necessarily mean someone has abandoned their LinkedIn profile. They may be using the platform passively or simply haven’t posted or commented recently.

Why This Matters:

Knowing if someone is active on LinkedIn can be helpful for:

  • Networking: Determining the best time to reach out.
  • Job Seekers: Gauging the responsiveness of recruiters.
  • Sales Professionals: Identifying potential leads.

Table: LinkedIn Activity Indicators

Solid Green DotCurrently online and active
Hollow Green CircleApp is open on mobile device but not actively using it
Recent Posts/CommentsGeneral idea of recent activity
“Recently Shared” TagRecent engagement with an article

Remember, these are just clues, not definitive proof of someone’s activity level on LinkedIn.

Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn offers an indication of users’ current online status through a visible green circle.
  • There is no feature to view the last active time of users on LinkedIn.
  • Users can manage their active status to control their visibility and privacy on the platform.

Understanding LinkedIn’s Active Status Feature

LinkedIn’s Active Status feature allows members to see who is available on the platform. Recognizing an active or recently active connection is simple, and managing this function involves adjusting a few settings.

How Active Status Works on LinkedIn

Active Status on LinkedIn is signified by a small green dot that appears next to a user’s profile picture. This dot indicates that the person is currently online. When someone is not actively using the platform but has been recently, a green circle with a white center appears instead. This feature helps users know when their connections are most likely to respond quickly to messages.

Privacy Settings and Active Status Control

Users have control over who can view their Active Status thanks to LinkedIn’s privacy settings. In the Settings & Privacy area, individuals can navigate to the Manage active status section where they have three options:

  • All LinkedIn members: This preference displays the user’s active status to everyone.
  • Your connections only: Limits the visibility of the active status to direct connections.
  • No one: This option ensures complete privacy by not showing the status to anyone on LinkedIn.

Adjusting these settings helps users maintain their desired level of privacy regarding their availability and online presence on LinkedIn.

Checking Last Seen and Online Presence of Connections

LinkedIn provides a way to know if your connections, like friends, recruiters, clients, or prospects within your network, are currently online. This helps in understanding the best time to reach out to them.

Interpreting the Green Circle Indicator

When you view someone’s profile photo on LinkedIn, you may notice a green circle. This green circle indicates that the person is currently online or has been active recently. A solid green circle means the person is on LinkedIn right now, and a hollow green circle shows they’ve been online but not at this moment. It’s a real-time feature that helps you see who among your connections is available to chat.

Understanding the Implications of Active Status

Active status can be a useful tool for networking. If you are looking to connect with a recruiter or client, noticing a green circle next to their profile photo can indicate a good time to send a message. This feature assists in real-time communication and can make networking more efficient. However, remember that some people may choose to turn off their active status, so absence of the green circle doesn’t always mean they are not online.

Managing Your Own Active Status

Being able to control who sees your active status on LinkedIn adds a layer of privacy to your online presence. This section guides you on how to both activate or deactivate this feature as well as customize its visibility according to your preferences.

How to Activate or Deactivate Your Active Status

To activate your active status on LinkedIn:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile and select the Settings & Privacy option.
  2. Click on Visibility and then Visibility of your LinkedIn activity.
  3. Find the Manage active status setting and choose to turn it on or off as needed.

To deactivate your active status, follow the same steps and toggle the option to switch it off. This action hides your activity status from other users, meaning that others will not be able to see when you are online.

Customizing Who Can See Your Active Status

LinkedIn provides the ability to customize who can see when you’re active. These are the options you can choose from:

  • Nobody: No LinkedIn user can see your active status.
  • Your connections only: Limits the visibility of your active status to people you’re directly connected to.
  • All LinkedIn members: Allows any LinkedIn user to see when you are active.

To change who can see your active status:

  1. Go to the Manage active status setting as outlined above.
  2. Click on Change and select from the three options provided.

By tweaking this setting, you have control over your online status and can maintain the level of privacy you are comfortable with. Your connections can be kept informed of your availability and you determine the degree of your visibility on LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some common questions related to determining user activity on LinkedIn. Understanding these features can help you better navigate the platform and manage your own visibility.

How accurate is the ‘Active Now’ status indicator on LinkedIn?

The ‘Active Now’ status with a green dot on LinkedIn profiles indicates that the person is currently online. The indicator is generally reliable, reflecting real-time usage when the user is active on the platform.

What does the solid green circle symbolize on a LinkedIn profile?

A solid green circle on a user’s LinkedIn profile picture signifies they are currently active. This feature allows you to know if someone is available for immediate messaging conversation.

Is it possible to disable my online status on LinkedIn?

Users can choose to disable the display of their active status on LinkedIn. This is done through the privacy settings, allowing for greater control over online visibility and privacy.

What does the ‘Open to Work’ green circle mean on LinkedIn?

The ‘Open to Work’ green circle found on LinkedIn profile pictures indicates that a user is seeking job opportunities. It is part of LinkedIn’s features to help job seekers make their search public to the network or discreetly to recruiters only.

Does LinkedIn show when a user is available on mobile through a specific icon?

LinkedIn does not differentiate online status icons based on whether a user is on mobile or desktop. The green dot is utilized to indicate activity across both platforms without distinction.

Can users tell if you view their LinkedIn activities or profile?

Users can see who has viewed their LinkedIn profile if their privacy settings allow it. However, viewing a person’s activities, such as posts or comments, does not notify the user. Some may have a premium account that provides more detailed insights into profile visits.