How To Pair Galaxy Buds

How to Pair Galaxy Buds: A Step-by-Step Guide

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds have revolutionized the wireless audio experience for many users worldwide. They are sleek, comfortable, and offer outstanding sound quality. Whether you have just purchased your first pair or are looking for guidance, this article provides an easy-to-follow guide on how to pair Galaxy Buds with your device.

1. Initial Pairing with a Smartphone or Tablet

  • Step 1: Make sure your Galaxy Buds are fully charged. Place them inside their charging case, ensuring the buds are seated properly.
  • Step 2: Open the case. You don’t need to take the buds out.
  • Step 3: On your device, navigate to Settings, then tap on Connections (or a similar option, depending on your device).
  • Step 4: Select Bluetooth and ensure it’s turned on.
  • Step 5: You should see ‘Galaxy Buds’ appear in the ‘Available Devices’ list. Tap on it to initiate the pairing process.
  • Step 6: Once paired, you will get a confirmation notification. The buds will also emit a sound indicating successful pairing.

2. Pairing with a Windows PC

  • Step 1: Place the Galaxy Buds in their case and open it.
  • Step 2: On your Windows PC, go to the bottom right corner and click on the Bluetooth icon.
  • Step 3: Choose ‘Add a Bluetooth Device’.
  • Step 4: Select the Galaxy Buds when they appear on the list.
  • Step 5: Follow any additional prompts, and you’ll be paired in no time.

3. Using Galaxy Wearable App for Enhanced Features

If you’re pairing with a Samsung device or any other Android device, it’s beneficial to use the Galaxy Wearable app.

  • Step 1: Download the Galaxy Wearable app from the Play Store.
  • Step 2: Open the app and select ‘Galaxy Buds’ from the list.
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to pair. This app also provides extra features, such as equalizer settings and touchpad customization.

Tips and Tricks

  • Always ensure your Galaxy Buds’ firmware is updated for optimal performance.
  • If you face issues, try resetting the buds via the Galaxy Wearable app.
  • Remember, the buds will connect to the last paired device by default. Ensure Bluetooth is turned off on that device if you want to connect them to another.


Pairing Galaxy Buds is a straightforward process, but having a guide can make it even simpler. Whether you’re listening to music, making calls, or immersing in an audiobook, Galaxy Buds elevate the experience. Happy listening!


  1. Do Galaxy Buds connect to iPhones?
    Yes, Galaxy Buds can be paired with iPhones via Bluetooth settings, though some features may be limited.
  2. What should I do if my Galaxy Buds don’t appear in the Bluetooth list?
    Ensure the buds are charged, within the case, and the case is open. If they still don’t appear, try resetting them.
  3. Can I connect Galaxy Buds to multiple devices?
    Yes, but they can only be actively connected to one device at a time.
  4. How do I update the firmware on my Galaxy Buds?
    Use the Galaxy Wearable app. It will notify you of updates and guide you through the process.
  5. How long does the battery last on Galaxy Buds?
    Depending on usage, Galaxy Buds can last up to 6 hours, with the case providing additional charges.

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