How To Turn Off The Caps Lock Screen Indicator On Your HP: Step-by-Step

Kimberly Perez

HP Event Utility

Recently HP Pushed out an update to their software that would display a somewhat annoying ‘Caps Lock Screen Indicator’ on the display. A lot of people thought this was a Windows 11 issue but it’s actually a feature built-into a program HP installs called “HP System Event Utility”. You can safely uninstall that program because it isn’t core to Windows and doesn’t really do much other than annoy users (feel free to re-install it again if there’s a function you know you use).

The on-screen notification can be really distracting and the feature looks poorly designed. It was supposed to alert users of the change in typing mode but nobody really needs this kind of notification on their screen.

Eliminating the Caps Lock Pop-Up on Your HP

Disabling Through HP System Event Utility

  1. Right-click on your taskbar.
  2. Select “Task Manager.”
  3. In the Task Manager, find “HP System Event Utility.”
  4. Right-click on it and choose “End Task.”
  5. If you see two instances of “HP System Event Utility” (one with OSD and one without), end both tasks.

Modifying Display Adapter Properties

  1. Right-click on your desktop.
  2. Select “Display settings.”
  3. Click on “Advanced display settings.”
  4. Click on “Display adapter properties for Display 1.”
  5. Go to the “On-Screen Display” tab.
  6. Uncheck “Enable on-screen display.”

Adjusting Ease of Access Settings

  1. Press the Windows key and type “Ease of Access.”
  2. Open the “Ease of Access Center.”
  3. Select “Make the keyboard easier to use.”
  4. Uncheck “Turn on Toggle Keys” or “Use Toggle Keys.”

Using the On-Screen Keyboard

  1. Open the Start menu and search for “On-Screen Keyboard.”
  2. Click on the “Options” key on the on-screen keyboard.
  3. Uncheck “Use ToggleKeys” or “Turn on Toggle Keys.”

Troubleshooting Table

Caps Lock indicator still appearsTry a different method from the ones above.
Some keyboard shortcuts stopped workingRe-enable “Toggle Keys” if you need them.
Unsure which method to useThe HP System Event Utility method is often the easiest.

Key Takeaways

  • Disabling the caps lock notification can lead to a more focused typing experience.
  • The HP System Event Utility controls the on-screen indicators on HP laptops.
  • Users can turn off the caps lock screen indicator through system settings on their HP laptop.

Disabling Caps Lock Screen Indicator

Caps Lock screen indicators can be distracting. The following steps can help HP laptop users disable these on-screen notifications.

Using System Settings

To manage Caps Lock notifications, the Settings app in Windows should be used. Users can navigate to the app by pressing the Windows key and selecting Settings. From there, they can access the Ease of Access or Accessibility settings. The Keyboard section within these settings provides options to turn off Caps Lock notifications.

Uninstalling HP System Event Utility Program

HP laptops often have the HP System Event Utility installed. This program can control the Caps Lock notification. To remove it, go to the Control Panel and click on Uninstall a program. Find the HP System Event Utility in the list and choose to uninstall it. This should remove any related on-screen displays.

Troubleshooting and Alternative Methods

If issues persist, HP users may troubleshoot by checking the Task Manager, specifically the Startup apps section. Disabling startup items related to keyboard or screen notifications could solve the problem. For further assistance, HP’s support page or contacting HP support can provide direction.

Modifying Keyboard Functionality

Changing the function of the Caps Lock key may also be an option. This can be done through the Windows Settings Typing section. For HP laptops, special function keys may be toggled using the fn key or other keyboard shortcuts. Users should consult their laptop’s manual for specific instructions.

Is It Safe To Uninstall The HP System Event Utility?

The HP System Event Utility is a pre-installed program on HP computers that manages specific functions, like the action keys for volume or brightness controls. While uninstalling it is technically possible and won’t harm your computer, it’s generally not recommended.

It’s completely safe to remove the HP System Event Utility, but realize that doing so may disable certain function keys (making tasks like adjusting volume or screen brightness less convenient). Additionally, the utility might contribute to the overall stability of your HP system. If you’re not experiencing any issues with it, leaving it installed is usually the safest option. If you’re certain you want to remove it, proceed cautiously and create a system restore point beforehand.