Assassin’s Creed Shadows Editions: A Look At Options For The Upcoming Game

Jonathan Kao

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Assassin’s Creed Shadows is Ubisoft’s latest entry in the acclaimed Assassin’s Creed series. Targeted for a release on platforms like PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, the game is scheduled to reach gamers starting November 12 for those opting for advanced editions, with a general release set for November 15. This iteration of the game promises an immersive experience in feudal Japan, continuing the franchise’s legacy of blending historical fiction with action-adventure gameplay.

This title offers different editions, each with varying content and bonuses to suit player preferences and budgets. Players have the choice to purchase the Standard Edition or opt for more content-heavy versions like the Ultimate Edition or the Collector’s Edition. The Ultimate Edition, priced at 130 USD, includes not only the base game but also additional digital content such as the Sekiryu Character Pack, and cosmetically distinct packs for characters like Naoe and Yasuke. It also offers 3 days of early access to the game. Meanwhile, the lavish Collector’s Edition includes all benefits of the Ultimate Edition along with unique physical items such as a fabric wall scroll, setting the stage for a more enriched gaming experience.

Quality editions like these are designed for fans seeking an extensive Assassin’s Creed Shadows experience, allowing a deeper connection with the game’s narrative and thematic elements. The varying editions cater to unique player needs, whether they are looking for just the core game or an extensive package with both digital and physical collectibles.

A Deep Dive into the Assassin’s Creed Mirage Editions

Standard Edition: The Core Experience

The Standard Edition of Assassin’s Creed Mirage includes the base game, offering the complete story of Basim’s journey from street thief to Master Assassin. This edition is perfect for players who primarily want to experience the main storyline and gameplay without additional bonuses.

Deluxe Edition: Embrace the Deluxe Bonuses

The Deluxe Edition of Assassin’s Creed Mirage includes the base game and several bonus items inspired by Prince of Persia. Players will receive a Deluxe Pack with a special outfit, eagle and mount skins, weapons, and a Prince of Persia-inspired filter for Photo Mode.

Collector’s Case: A Treasure for Collectors

The Collector’s Case offers a physical edition of the game with additional goodies for fans and collectors. This edition includes the Deluxe Edition content, a 32 cm Basim figurine, an exclusive SteelBook with a fan-chosen design, a mini artbook, a map of Baghdad, a replica of Basim’s brooch, a soundtrack selection, and a unique collector’s case.

Digital Standard Edition: Same Content, Different Delivery

The Digital Standard Edition is identical to the Standard Edition, but it is delivered digitally rather than physically. This option is ideal for players who prefer digital downloads and don’t require physical copies of the game or bonus items.

Digital Deluxe Edition: Digital Perks for Deluxe Enthusiasts

Similar to the Digital Standard Edition, the Digital Deluxe Edition is a digital version of the Deluxe Edition. It offers the base game and the Deluxe Pack with all its bonus items, making it perfect for players who want the deluxe content without the physical extras.

EditionBase GameDeluxe PackPhysical Items
Standard EditionYesNoNo
Deluxe EditionYesYesNo
Collector’s CaseYesYesYes
Digital Standard EditionYesNoNo
Digital Deluxe EditionYesYesNo

Each edition offers a different level of content and bonus items, allowing players to choose the one that best suits their preferences and budget.

Key Takeaways

  • Assassin’s Creed Shadows is set to launch in November, with early access available for premium editions.
  • Multiple editions offer a range of digital and physical content, accommodating various player interests.
  • Ubisoft continues to expand the Assassin’s Creed franchise, now introducing players to the setting of feudal Japan.

Editions Overview

Assassin’s Creed Shadows offers different editions each with unique content and bonuses. Here’s a guide to what each edition includes, helping you choose the right one for your gaming experience.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is the base game of Assassin’s Creed Shadows. It provides the core experience and is typically suited for players who prefer the essentials of the game. This edition can be found at most retail and online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Ubisoft Store, and Target.

Gold Edition

The Gold Edition includes the base game along with the Season Pass. This pass gives players access to upcoming expansions which bring new lands and characters. Additionally, players will enjoy early access to the game, allowing them to start playing three days ahead of the official release date.

Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition builds upon the Gold Edition by adding the Ultimate Pack. This pack contains extra in-game items for character customization and the “Thrown to the Dogs” bonus quest. Players still benefit from the Season Pass and early access privileges, making this edition a comprehensive option for dedicated fans.

Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition is a treat for collectors and it’s exclusive to GameStop. It features the Ultimate Edition of the game, a steelbook, and lithographs among other collectibles. This edition is a celebration of the Assassin’s Creed franchise and is designed for the ultimate fan who enjoys having physical merchandise alongside the digital content.

Players interested in pre-ordering any edition have the chance to receive a pre-order bonus, which adds even more value to their purchase. The exact details of these bonuses can depend on the retailer and availability.