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The Elder Scrolls VI Release Not Expected Until 2026. What We Know So Far

Jonathan Kao

The much-awaited Elder Scrolls VI, the next game in the popular RPG series, is currently under development by Bethesda Game Studios. ...

Madden 25

With Madden 25’s Release Just A Month Away Experts Are Concerned

Jonathan Kao

Normally the release date for a Madden game is a massive event. People take the day off from work to ...


Avowed Release Date Accidentally Announced by Developers

Jonathan Kao

It’s hard to tell what’s truly an “accident” or what is planned sometimes, but in a recent blog post Obsidian ...

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Fable 4 Will Come Out Before Elder Scrolls 6. Release Window Expected In 2025

Emily Lee

Fable 4 was first announced during the Xbox Showcase back in 2020 and after the first trailer came out there ...

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Red Dead Redemption 3 (RDR3) Not Being Announced Yet Is Concerning

Thomas Coop

Rockstar Games has been all in on Grand Theft Auto 6 so there’s no chance RDR3 is coming anytime soon. ...

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Could Come To PC At Any Moment As PS5 Exclusivity Is Over

Jonathan Kao

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth passed the PS5 exclusivity date for the game on May 29, 2024 which means the PC ...


Is Bronny James the Worst Draft Pick Ever? No, and Here’s Why

Jonathan Kao

Talent-wise, Bronny James didn’t deserve to get drafted. As a bench player for the USC Trojans, he played in 25 ...

Delta Emulator

The Nintendo Emulator “Delta” Now Works On iPads with Update 1.6

Caitlyn Pauley

The Delta Nintendo Emulator has just released its 1.6 update, adding new features for iPad users. The most important change ...

Paris 2024 Olympics

Summer Olympic Sports 2024: List Of Games

Emily Lee

The 2024 Paris Summer Olympics are coming soon! The global event will be held in France from July 26 to ...

Madden 2025

Madden Release Date Set for August 16, 2024: Fans Anticipate Exciting Features

Jonathan Kao

The next Madden NFL game, called Madden NFL 25, will be released on August 16, 2024. It features Christian McCaffrey ...