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HBO Harry Potter

HBO Is Making A New Live-Action Harry Potter TV Series As Soon As Next Year

Jonathan Kao

Get excited to go back to Hogwarts! HBO is making a new live-action Harry Potter TV series. It will show ...

The Elder Scrolls Logo

The Elder Scrolls VI Release Not Expected Until 2026. What We Know So Far

Jonathan Kao

The much-awaited Elder Scrolls VI, the next game in the popular RPG series, is currently under development by Bethesda Game Studios. ...

a person in a hello kitty costume walking down a street

Turns Out Hello Kitty Is Not a Cat

Jonathan Kao

Many fans were surprised to find out that Hello Kitty, a worldwide symbol adored by many, is actually not a cat. ...

Madden 25

With Madden 25’s Release Just A Month Away Experts Are Concerned

Jonathan Kao

Normally the release date for a Madden game is a massive event. People take the day off from work to ...


Avowed Release Date Accidentally Announced by Developers

Jonathan Kao

It’s hard to tell what’s truly an “accident” or what is planned sometimes, but in a recent blog post Obsidian ...

New iPhone

How to Transfer Your Messages and Data to a New iPhone

Jonathan Kao

Moving your messages to a new iPhone can seem tricky, but with the right steps, it’s quite simple. One effective ...

a close up of a device connected to a charger

What Do You Do When Your iPad Is Not Charging When Plugged In

Jonathan Kao

Experiencing the frustration of an iPad that won’t charge? It’s a common issue, but don’t panic. There are several simple ...

76th Emmy Awards

2024 Emmy Awards Nominations Announced: Top Categories

Jonathan Kao

The 2024 Emmy nominations have been announced, and this year’s contenders feature some of the most exciting television shows of ...

a car that is driving down the street

Is Waymo Safer Than Having A Human Driver? A Look At The Numbers

Jonathan Kao

Waymo’s self-driving cars are made to make roads safer using advanced technology. The company has driven over 7 million miles ...

black crow on gray stone photo

How Ravens In Game Of Thrones/House Of The Dragon Know Where To Fly

Jonathan Kao

In the show Game of Thrones and its prequel House of the Dragon, ravens are used to send messages between ...