a car that is driving down the street

Is Waymo Safer Than Having A Human Driver? A Look At The Numbers

Jonathan Kao

Waymo’s self-driving cars are made to make roads safer using advanced technology. The company has driven over 7 million miles ...

OpenAI Project Strawberry Logo

What Do We Know About OpenAI’s Secret ‘Project Strawberry’

Jonathan Kao

OpenAI is working on a new AI project called Strawberry 🍓which aims to improve how artificial intelligence thinks and works. ...

What Is Wiz Cybersecurity and What Do They Do: Overview and Functions

Jonathan Kao

People are starting to hear more and more about, but very few people know what they do. Wiz Cybersecurity ...

Google Translate Logo

Google Translate Now Supports 243 Languages Thanks To Ai: Full List

Caitlyn Pauley

Google Translate has been updated to support 243 languages, which includes 110 new languages. This update helps people worldwide to ...


What To Do When ChatGPT Is Not Working

Jonathan Kao

Sometimes ChatGPT may have issues and stop working. Below are steps to troubleshoot common problems. First, check for service outages ...

iPhone ChatGPT

Apple and OpenAI Strike A Deal for iOS 18 ChatGPT Integration

Scott Daly

Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI is set to redefine the user experience with iOS 18. Apple will integrate ChatGPT straight into ...

white robot wallpaper

Will AI Take Over the World?

Kimberly Perez

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) raises a critical question: Will AI take over the world? The rapid advancements in ...

Siri With Apple Intelligence

A Big Siri Update with AI Is Coming: Enhancing User Experience and Functionality

Thomas Coop

Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, is getting its biggest update in years. This enhancement comes straight from WWDC 2024, where Apple ...

Funny AI Generated Profile Pictures

Funny Ai Generated Profile Pictures For TikTok, Instagram, & Facebook

Emily Lee

In the world of social media, your profile picture is more than just a photo; it’s a statement about your ...

Font Squirrel Identifier Screenshot

How to Find a Font from an Image: A Step-by-Step Guide

Kimberly Perez

When working with text from images, identifying the correct font is crucial for maintaining consistency across different design elements. AI-powered ...