Dead by Daylight: Pricing & Platforms

Jonathan Kao

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a popular multiplayer survival horror game where one player is the Killer and four others are Survivors. For those wondering about the cost, the straightforward answer is that Dead by Daylight is not a free game on most platforms. It typically requires a purchase, though discounts and free play periods sometimes occur.

Currently, players can enjoy Dead by Daylight for free on the Epic Games Store, but this offer is temporary. Additionally, there are occasional events like free weekends or sales on platforms such as Steam, where players can experience the game without initial costs or buy it at a reduced price.

Dead by Daylight offers various editions and downloadable content (DLC), which come at different price points. It provides players with choices in terms of additional characters, maps, and cosmetics, enhancing their gaming experience.

Dead by Daylight: Pricing and Platforms

Base Game

The base game of Dead by Daylight is not free. It must be purchased on various platforms, including:

  • Steam: Available for PC gamers.
  • Epic Games Store: Another option for PC players.
  • PlayStation: Can be found on the PlayStation Store for both PS4 and PS5.
  • Xbox: Available on the Microsoft Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.
  • Nintendo Switch: You can purchase it digitally or physically for the Nintendo Switch.
  • Stadia: It was available on Google Stadia before the platform’s shutdown.

The price of the base game varies depending on the platform and any ongoing sales or promotions.

Free Weekends and Trials

Occasionally, Dead by Daylight offers free weekends or trials on certain platforms. These events allow players to experience the game for a limited time without purchasing it. Keep an eye on the game’s official website and social media channels for announcements about these free opportunities.

In-Game Purchases

While the base game requires payment, Dead by Daylight features additional in-game purchases. These include:

  • DLC Chapters: Expand the game with new Killers, Survivors, and maps.
  • Character Packs: Unlock individual Killers or Survivors without purchasing the entire chapter.
  • Auric Cells: The premium in-game currency used to buy DLC, characters, and cosmetics.
  • Iridescent Shards: An in-game currency earned by playing the game, used to buy certain characters and cosmetics.

Free-to-Play Considerations

Although Dead by Daylight is not entirely free, it does offer a limited free-to-play experience. You can play as a rotating selection of Killers and Survivors, and you can earn Iridescent Shards to unlock some additional characters and cosmetics. However, to access the full range of content, including all Killers, Survivors, and maps, you’ll need to purchase the base game and additional DLC.

Dead by Daylight Pricing Table

PlatformBase Game PriceAdditional Costs
SteamVaries (check Steam store)DLC chapters, character packs, Auric Cells
Epic Games StoreVaries (check Epic Games Store)DLC chapters, character packs, Auric Cells
PlayStation StoreVaries (check PlayStation Store)DLC chapters, character packs, Auric Cells
Microsoft StoreVaries (check Microsoft Store)DLC chapters, character packs, Auric Cells
Nintendo SwitchVaries (check retailer or eShop)DLC chapters, character packs, Auric Cells

Key Takeaways

  • Dead by Daylight is generally not free.
  • Temporary free access is available on the Epic Games Store.
  • Sales and free play events happen periodically.

Overview of Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror game with asymmetrical mechanics. Players can choose to be either a killer or one of several survivors. The game evolves through frequent updates and is available on multiple platforms.

Gameplay Mechanics

Dead by Daylight features a 4vs1 gameplay model. One player becomes the killer, trying to catch and eliminate the survivors. Survivors need to repair generators to open exit gates and escape. They play from a third-person perspective, offering better situational awareness.

Survivors use various items like flashlights and toolkits to aid their escape. They must also avoid being caught and placed on hooks by the killer. The killer has an array of unique abilities and weapons tailored for different strategies. The game involves a tense hide-and-seek dynamic.

Game Development and Updates

Behaviour Interactive developed Dead by Daylight. Since its release, the game has had numerous updates and downloadable content (DLCs). These updates introduce new killers, survivors, maps, and balance changes. Each character added through updates often ties into a horror-themed storyline.

The developers also release bug fixes and gameplay improvements regularly. Seasonal events and special promotions are common, keeping the community engaged. Collaborations with popular horror franchises bring iconic characters, expanding the game’s appeal.

Platforms and Availability

Dead by Daylight is available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It can be purchased through digital stores like the Epic Games Store and Steam. The game’s availability on multiple platforms helps it reach a wide audience.

It’s important to note that Dead by Daylight must be purchased; it is not a free-to-play game. Prices vary by platform and region. Frequent sales and discounts often reduce the cost, making it more accessible to new players. The game continues to grow with more content and updates.

Monetization and Accessibility

Dead By Daylight is a premium game that players need to buy. However, it features various ways to spend money within the game on additional content and perks.

Pricing Structure

Dead By Daylight is not free-to-play. Players must purchase the game on platforms like Steam or the Epic Games Store. The standard version of the game varies in price depending on the platform and region.

In addition to the base game, there are numerous downloadable content (DLC) packs. These include new characters, outfits, and maps. Players can buy these add-ons separately or through bundle deals. Often, seasonal sales offer discounts on these DLCs.

In-Game Economy

Within the game, several currencies exist. Bloodpoints are earned through gameplay and are essential for progressing through the game’s Bloodweb. Players spend Bloodpoints to unlock items, perks, and offerings.

Another currency is Iridescent Shards, which players can earn by level progression. These shards are used to buy characters and certain cosmetics. Auric Cells are the premium currency that players must purchase with real money. These cells allow quicker access to premium cosmetics and characters.

Free Access Events and Promotions

Periodically, the developers of Dead By Daylight host free weekend events. During these events, players can access the base game at no cost for a limited time. This helps attract new players and gives them a taste of the full game without any commitment.

The game also occasionally offers in-game events where players can earn Bloodpoints or temporary access to premium perks for free. Promotions and sales, especially around dates like December 9, often feature discounted rates on the game’s base price and DLCs.

These efforts make the game accessible to a broader audience while maintaining its monetization strategy.