Is Phasmophobia Ever Coming Out On Xbox or PS5?

Jonathan Kao


Phasmophobia, the popular ghost-hunting game, has experienced a long, complicated journey toward release on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. We’ve been through multiple delays so far with no real update on the game coming out on console. As of this writing, there is no release date set yet for Phasmophobia on either Xbox or PS5. Let’s break down the current situation.

Update on Phasmophobia Console Release

History of Delays

Phasmophobia was initially slated to arrive on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 in August 2023. However, this release target was delayed twice:

  • First Delay: Pushed to October 2023
  • Second Delay: Indefinite delay announced later in 2023

Reasons for the Delays

The developers, Kinetic Games, haven’t given exact reasons for the indefinite delay. They have cited vague “unforeseen challenges” in porting the game to consoles.

Is Phasmophobia Still Coming to Consoles?

While there’s no current release date, the developers insist the console versions of Phasmophobia are not canceled. They assure fans that the game will arrive as soon as it’s ready.

What to Expect When it Does Arrive

Luckily, players can expect a more enhanced experience once Phasmophobia does finally launch on consoles. The developers explained that the delays allow them to implement several improvements, including:

  • Revamped Shop System: A more refined in-game economy for purchasing equipment.
  • Gameplay Balancing: Adjustments to level progression and equipment.
  • Optimizations: Aiming for smoother performance and similar graphical quality to the PC version.

Here’s a summary of the current situation:

Release Date on Xbox Series X/SIndefinitely delayed
Release Date on PlayStation 5Indefinitely delayed
Is the project canceled?No, developers are still working on it

For the latest updates, check out the official Phasmophobia channels, like their social media and Discord server.

Phasmophobia Console Development and Release

Fans of spooky games are eager for Phasmophobia, a ghost-hunting adventure by Kinetic Games. It’s alive and kicking on PC, but what about consoles? For gamers with Xbox and PS5, the wait continues but not without hope.

Early access kicked off in 2020 for PC gamers, allowing them to snoop around haunted locations. With the game’s success, console players began to yearn for their own scares. Talks from the development team pointed to console versions coming to life. Yet, as with any game development, challenges pop up.

In August 2023, the community learned about a console early access plan. This excited many but the journey wasn’t smooth. Unpredicted development issues and a fire at the developer’s office set things back. Plans for the PSVR2 and Xbox Series X|S ran into more hiccups, without a specific release date as of the latest.

The PS5 and PSVR2 still await the arrival of the Phasmophobia experience. The Xbox Series X/S players too are on the lookout for their turn. While maps like the Maple Lodge Campsite thrill on PC, console fans can only imagine for now.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • 2024 might be the year, but no release date yet.
  • Kinetic Games is working through challenges to deliver the best console release.
  • Playstation VR2 and Xbox Series X/S players are eyeing an announcement earnestly.
  • No PS4 version will be offered.

The promise of Phasmophobia on consoles is still in flight, but like any good ghost story, the ending remains unseen.

Gameplay and Cross-Platform Features

Phasmophobia is a thrilling multiplayer game that blends psychological horror with ghost-hunting adventure. Players join forces in teams of up to four to investigate and gather evidence of supernatural phenomena. The gameplay revolves around exploring various spooky locations, such as the recently added Maple Lodge Campsite map.

The game offers crossplay support which means friends can play together regardless of the platform they own. That’s right, whether you have the game on Steam for PC, or you’re playing on a console, you can team up and face the paranormal as one unit.

Phasmophobia has introduced Progression 2.0, an update that refines the game’s progression system, making the journey of leveling up more rewarding. Additionally, the update has brought in new equipment and a host of different ghost types to discover and document.

VR support adds an immersive layer to the gameplay, allowing players who have VR gear to fully experience the haunting atmospheres of the game’s 10 locations. But whether in VR or not, each player contributes to the team, utilizing unique equipment to trap ghosts or uncover clues.

The game is known for its regular content updates, keeping the game fresh and engaging. This commitment to improvement also comes with various bug fixes and gameplay enhancements, ensuring players have the best ghost-hunting experience possible.

Phasmophobia stands out for its engaging co-op experience, mixing the thrill of horror with the fun of playing with friends. It’s more than a game; it’s a daring adventure into the supernatural.