Is There a Mobile Version of Balatro? Not Yet But “Soon”

Jonathan Kao

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Balatro is a video game developed by LocalThunk and published by Playstack. The game was released on February 20, 2024, for PC/Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, with a port to macOS. During the official Reddit AMA that took place at the time of the launch, a player asked if the game would be available on mobile devices (iOS/Android) anytime soon. Playstack, the publisher, responded by saying that the game was in their plans to be released on Android and iPhone “soon.” However, even after several months, there have been no updates on the mobile release other than an indication that a 2024 was in the plans.

Fans of the poker-based roguelike game have been eagerly anticipating its release on mobile platforms ever since it gained popularity on other platforms. People are really curious about how much better the game will be with a touchscreen interface. The game’s developer, LocalThunk, is currently working on the mobile adaptation, but they have not disclosed a specific release date yet. The expectations for the mobile version are high, given the game’s unique blend of poker and roguelike mechanics that has attracted a significant number of followers. While the features of the mobile version remain a secret, several rumors suggest that the team is considering incorporating features such as portrait mode and cross-progression.

Balatro Looks to Conquer Mobile Soon

Balatro, the incredibly popular poker-infused roguelike, has taken the gaming world by storm. It’s currently out on PC and all major consoles. Mobile gamers have been patiently awaiting news of a version they could enjoy on the go. The developers have exciting news!

When is Balatro coming to mobile?

The developers, LocalThunk, have confirmed they are working hard on a mobile port of Balatro. While there’s no concrete release date, the word is “soon.” Given how successful the game has been, it’s safe to assume they want to get the iOS and Android versions into players’ hands as quickly as possible.

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Where can I find updates on the mobile version?

Here’s how to stay up-to-date on the latest Balatro mobile release news:

SourceHow to Follow
LocalThunk TwitterFind them on Twitter (check for a verified account)
Playstack Twitter (Publisher)Find the publisher on Twitter as well
Balatro DiscordCheck the official Discord server
Gaming News WebsitesSites focused on indie games and roguelikes are a good bet

What to expect from Balatro on mobile

While details are scarce, it’s likely the mobile version of Balatro will deliver the full experience players have come to love on other platforms. Expect the same thrilling gameplay loop with these features:

  • Engaging poker-based combat: Use your card-playing skills to defeat enemies.
  • Roguelike progression: Each run is unique! Adapt your strategies as you progress.
  • Unlockable decks and items: Discover new possibilities for customization.

Key Takeaways

  • Balatro’s mobile version is in development by LocalThunk.
  • There is no set release date for the Balatro mobile version yet.
  • The mobile version’s features may include player-favored options like portrait mode and cross-progression.

Development and Release

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers common questions about the anticipated mobile release of the popular game Balatro.

When is Balatro expected to be available on mobile platforms?

The release date for Balatro on mobile platforms has not been confirmed. On the launch date LocalThunk, the developer, indicated that it would be coming “soon”. Since then they said that 2024 is a possibility, but that’s all we know.

Will there be an Android version of Balatro released?

Yes, an Android version is in development.

Is an iOS version of Balatro currently in development?

Yes, alongside the Android version, the development of an iOS version of Balatro is underway.