Constantine 2 Starring Keanu Reeves: Rumored 2025 Release. No Date Yet

Jonathan Kao

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Excitement is growing for the sequel to the 2005 cult classic ‘Constantine,’ with rumors suggesting a potential release in 2025. Fans have eagerly awaited news of ‘Constantine 2,’ especially since reports confirmed that Keanu Reeves is set to reprise his role as the eponymous character. The original movie told the story of John Constantine, a cynical demon hunter navigating the dark corners of a parallel hellish dimension. While Warner Bros. has not officially announced a date, speculation is rife that the sequel could hit the screens within the next year.

Details about the production of ‘Constantine 2’ are still under wraps, but the anticipation accompanying its development speaks volumes about the franchise’s enduring popularity. Keanu Reeves’s portrayal of John Constantine left a mark on fans and critics alike, blending a rough-edged charm with a tormented soul searching for redemption. The sequel promises to delve deeper into Constantine’s dark world, hopefully delivering the same blend of supernatural elements and gritty realism that made the first film stand out.

The Truth Behind “Constantine 2” Rumors

Development Hell or Heavenly Continuation?

Despite whispers of cancellation due to industry strikes and a revamped DC Universe, director Francis Lawrence confirmed “Constantine 2” is still actively brewing at Warner Bros. This news should soothe fans worried about the sequel’s fate.

Who’s Returning to the Underworld?

John ConstantineKeanu ReevesConfirmed
DirectorFrancis LawrenceConfirmed
ScreenwriterAkiva GoldsmanConfirmed
Lucifer MorningstarPeter StormareRumored

Keanu Reeves will don the trench coat once more as the titular exorcist, with Lawrence at the helm. Akiva Goldsman, the original scribe, is also back in the mix. The return of Peter Stormare as the devilish Lucifer is still up in the air, with only rumors suggesting his involvement.

Constantine Movie

What Can We Expect from the Sequel?

While plot details remain shrouded in mystery, whispers suggest a darker, R-rated sequel featuring an older, more seasoned Constantine. This could mean a grittier, more mature take on the character and his world.

Keanu’s Back – And So Is the Director

Keanu Reeves has been confirmed to play his role again, which means that we can expect to see more of his brooding charisma and supernatural expertise. Additionally, Francis Lawrence, the director of the original film, is once again in charge, promising a return to the dark and stylish visuals that defined the first movie.

Akiva Goldsman Is Writing It

Akiva Goldsman, known for his work on “A Beautiful Mind”, “I Am Legend”, and other major productions, is writing the script for Constantine 2. While plot details are under wraps, Goldsman’s involvement suggests a potentially intricate story and exploration of complex themes.

The DCU…Or Not

The announcement of Constantine 2 was made before James Gunn’s reboot announcement for the DC Universe. However, the upcoming film will be categorized under DC’s “Elseworlds” banner, which will separate it from the main DC Universe continuity. This will provide the creators with greater creative freedom to acknowledge and reference the original Constantine without being restricted by the larger universe constraints.

Speculation and Rumors

While many details are still under wraps, here’s what’s being discussed in the fan community and industry circles:

A Darker Tone In The Sequel

Reports suggest Constantine 2 might go into even darker, more mature themes compared to the original. This could mean more emphasis on the occult, horror elements, and psychological battles against demons – both external and internal.

Still A Long Way Away

Production schedules are still uncertain, placing the release date for Constantine 2 sometime in the future. The movie is under production now but we don’t know much about the filming schedule. This means fans will need to be patient, although the return of Keanu Reeves as the cynical exorcist makes it well worth the wait. The release date of the film has not been made public but most rumors are pointing to a 2025 or 2026 release.

FeatureSpeculated Details
Release DateWhile no official release date is set, most rumors point towards 2025 or 2026.
PlotThe storyline is shrouded in mystery, but fans can expect the sequel to delve deeper into Constantine’s battle against demonic forces.
Supporting CastIt’s uncertain if original cast members like Rachel Weisz or Shia LaBeouf will return. Peter Stormare may reprise his role as Lucifer.
RatingFrancis Lawrence is pushing for an R-rating, promising a darker, grittier, and more faithful adaptation of the ‘Hellblazer’ comics.

Why the Excitement?

Fans of the original ‘Constantine’ have been eagerly awaiting a sequel for almost two decades. The first film’s blend of supernatural horror, cynical humor, and neo-noir style struck a chord with audiences. Keanu Reeves’ portrayal of the world-weary exorcist is especially beloved. With the original team returning, ‘Constantine 2’ promises to deliver a thrilling and authentic continuation of the story.

Constantine 2: Overview

Confirmed?Yes, a sequel is in development.
Release DateNo official release date set. Speculation suggests 2025 – 2026
DirectorFrancis Lawrence (directed the original Constantine)
WriterAkiva Goldsman (worked on the original Constantine)
CastKeanu Reeves confirmed to return as John Constantine. Other cast members uncertain.
PlotUnknown. Likely to continue John Constantine’s battle against demonic forces.

Separate Fact from Fiction

It’s crucial to note that much of the information surrounding “Constantine 2” stems from unofficial sources and rumors. For the most accurate updates, stick to official announcements from Warner Bros. and the filmmakers themselves.

Where to Find More Information

Keep an eye on these sources for the latest news and updates on “Constantine 2”:

Key Takeaways

  • ‘Constantine 2’ may release in 2025 and Keanu Reeves could return as the lead.
  • Official release date and production details remain unannounced.
  • The sequel is anticipated to expand the franchise’s dark, supernatural themes.

Production Insights

Anticipation builds as Constantine 2 takes shape, with notable progress in writing, casting, and production processes.

Development and Writing

Warner Bros. and DC Studios are crafting Constantine 2 to follow the 2005 original. Akiva Goldsman, known for his work in Hollywood, leads the screenplay writing team. Together with director Francis Lawrence, who directed the first film, they aim to create a script that lives up to fan expectations. James Gunn and Peter Safran of DC Studios have not announced John Constantine as part of the new DC Universe (DCU) canon, but the character’s return is highly anticipated.

Casting and Characters

Keanu Reeves, acclaimed for his role in John Wick, will reprise his role as John Constantine. The sequel will mark his return to the character after nearly two decades. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura shows confidence in the project’s development. His positive updates fuel fans’ hopes. Additional casting details remain under wraps but expectations are high for the return of key characters from the comic books.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, a skilled team assembles to bring Constantine 2 to life. Francis Lawrence brings his expertise back to the director’s chair for this sequel, working with a production team that includes experienced figures like Lorenzo di Bonaventura. The project, though not part of the DCU spearheaded by James Gunn and Peter Safran, remains in active development within Warner Bros. This teamwork suggests a strong foundation for the production to meet its potential 2025 release target.

Thematic Elements and Reception

The upcoming film “Constantine 2” will tackle themes of good versus evil with John Constantine once again confronting supernatural threats. The reception to these themes will likely mirror the varied reactions to the original.

Storyline and Direction

Francis Lawrence, who directed the first “Constantine” movie as well as “I Am Legend,” is set to return for this sequel. Lawrence’s direction in the original explored a noir-style world where John Constantine, played by Keanu Reeves, navigated the shadowy line between heaven and hell. Since the original film took inspiration from DC’s “Hellblazer” comics, a dark and R-rated approach to the storyline is expected to continue in the sequel.


“Constantine” as a character has had a historical influence on the portrayal of antiheroes in media, particularly in the DC Universe. The sequel, like the original, enters an evolving superhero genre landscape where films like “Elseworlds” and “Joker” have set a precedent for darker, more character-focused stories. Cultural response to the blending of supernatural elements with the detective noir feel may affect its overall impact.

Expectations and Predictions

Although details are sparse and no release date is confirmed, there is speculation of it being a potential 2025 release. Compared to the first film, which saw global reactions from both fans and critics, expectations for “Constantine 2” are mixed. Fans of the original are hopeful for a faithful continuation of its themes. With Peter Stormare likely returning and an ensemble that may include new faces, predictions lean toward a deeper exploration of the battles Constantine faces against both personal demons and literal ones.