How Much is Walmart Plus: Membership Cost and Benefits Analysis

Scott Daly

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Walmart Plus is a subscription service that’s rising in popularity. For those wondering about the cost, a Walmart Plus membership is offered at an annual price of $98 or a monthly fee of $12.95. The service aims to make shopping for essentials more convenient by providing benefits like free delivery and shipping, which can help members save both time and money.

Subscribers to Walmart Plus enjoy a variety of perks. These include unlimited free grocery deliveries from local stores, discounts on fuel at participating gas stations, and early access to promotional deals. Moreover, members can also take advantage of free shipping with no minimum order value on items from Walmart’s online store.

Is Walmart+ Worth It? Analyzing Costs and Perks

Walmart+, a membership program that rivals Amazon Prime, offers various benefits for frequent Walmart shoppers. Here’s a breakdown of its cost and perks to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Walmart+ Membership Cost

Walmart offers two plans:

  • Monthly: $12.95 per month (plus applicable taxes)
  • Annual: $98 per year (plus applicable taxes) – effectively saving about two months’ worth of fees

Walmart+ Key Benefits

Free Delivery From StoresOrder groceries, household items, and more ($35 minimum order applies)
Free ShippingNo minimum order required on items shipped by
Member Prices on FuelDiscounts at Walmart, Murphy, and participating gas stations
Mobile Scan & GoUse the Walmart app to scan items and checkout in-store for a contactless experience
Paramount+ EssentialGet access to the ad-supported tier of the streaming service
Other PerksEarly access to deals, prescription discounts, etc.

Is Walmart+ Worth the Cost?

  • Frequent Walmart shoppers: If you regularly order groceries or shop online, Walmart+ could save you money on delivery and shipping fees.
  • Fuel savings: If you drive often, the gas discounts might be appealing.
  • Streaming fans: The included Paramount+ Essential tier adds additional value.

Walmart+ might not be the best fit if you rarely shop at Walmart or don’t take advantage of its delivery and shipping benefits. Consider your shopping habits and how much you could potentially save with the included benefits when making your decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart Plus is a subscription service for convenient shopping.
  • Membership fees are $98 annually or $12.95 monthly.
  • Benefits include free delivery, shipping, fuel discounts, and early deal access.

Walmart Plus Membership Details

Walmart Plus, known as Walmart+, offers shoppers various benefits that save time and money. Here are the specifics.

Cost and Subscription Plans

Walmart+ offers two primary subscription plans. The annual plan costs $98 per year, providing a cost-saving option for frequent shoppers. Alternatively, for flexibility, customers can opt for the monthly plan at $12.95 per Month.

Sign-Up Process and Trial Period

To join Walmart+, potential members can sign up on the Walmart website. A 30-Day Trial is available for first-time subscribers, letting them test the service. For access, one must create a account and use the Walmart mobile app.

Comparison with Competitors

Walmart+ competes directly with services like Amazon Prime, known for its Prime Video, and Sam’s Club. Benefits such as free shipping, savings on fuel, and mobile scan-and-go put Walmart+ in line as a strong contender in the subscription service market.