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Jellfish Swimming on Water

What Eats Jellyfish: Predators of the Gelatinous Sea Creatures

Jonathan Kao

Jellyfish, with their gelatinous bodies and trailing tentacles, are a familiar sight in the ocean. While they may look otherworldly, ...

black stones on white sand

Human Evolution from Fish: Tracing Our Aquatic Origins Through Time

Scott Daly

The story of human evolution is a fascinating journey that stretches back millions of years to the time when our ...

chimpanzee holding mirror

Mirror Self-Recognition Test: Assessing Animal Cognition and Self-Awareness

Scott Daly

The mirror self-recognition test is a fascinating method used to explore self-awareness in animals. Developed by psychologist Gordon Gallup Jr. ...

primate sitting on grass

Chimpanzees Crowned as World’s Smartest Animals: A Look At The Top Contenders


When we think of intelligence, humans often come first to mind. But the animal kingdom is full of surprises, showcasing ...


Tubeworm Escarpia Laminata: Unveiling the Secrets of Deep-sea Survival

Scott Daly

Tubeworms, particularly the species known as Escarpia laminata, are remarkable denizens of the deep sea, captivating scientists with their extraordinary ...

silver fish

Did Humans Evolve from Fish? Tracing Our Aquatic Ancestry

Scott Daly

The links between humans and their ancient ancestors have always been a subject of fascination for both scientists and the ...

brown and black caterpillar on brown ground

Do Worms Feel Pain: Examining the Science of Invertebrate Sensation

Scott Daly

The question of whether worms can feel pain is intriguing as it challenges our perception of these simple creatures. Although ...

polar bear on snow covered ground during daytime

How Dangerous Are Polar Bears? You Don’t Want To Find Out.


Polar bears are magnificent creatures of the Arctic, often admired for their beauty and strength. However, behind their impressive appearance ...

a monkey standing on its hind legs in a zoo enclosure

Why Female Baboon Bottoms Swell


Female baboons have a distinctive way of indicating their readiness for mating. They experience a noticeable swelling in their hindquarters, ...

black and brown Clams on black surface

Do Clams Feel Pain: Uncovering the Science of Mollusk Sensations

Jonathan Kao

The question of whether clams experience pain or not challenges our understanding of these marine creatures and their responses to ...

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