Helldivers 2 Multiplayer Issues: Solutions for Connection Problems and Joining Friends

Troy Reeder

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Helldivers 2, the cooperative shoot-’em-up game from Arrowhead, has been facing widespread issues related to multiplayer connectivity. Players on PC and PS5 have reported difficulties in connecting to lobbies, joining friends, or even hosting games. This has dampened the enthusiasm surrounding the game’s emphasis on teamwork and shared experiences in its challenging intergalactic battles.

Addressing these issues requires a step-by-step approach to troubleshooting. Users can attempt simple fixes such as deleting specific game files to reset settings to default or altering their system’s language. Some steps involve navigating through the game’s files or changing settings that may affect the overall gameplay.

Troubleshooting Helldivers 2 Multiplayer

Helldivers 2 is a blast, but even the bravest Super Earth defenders can run into trouble connecting with friends for co-op play! Here’s a guide to fixing common connection hurdles:

General Troubleshooting

Before diving into specifics, try these steps:

  • Restart: Yes, it’s simple – but a fresh restart for your game, PC, console, or router can clear temporary glitches.
  • Update Time: Make sure both Helldivers 2 and your system have the latest software and/or firmware updates.
  • Firewall Check: Your firewall or antivirus software might be blocking the game. Temporarily disable them to test, and then add an exception for Helldivers 2 if needed.

Crossplay Issues

If you’re trying to play with friends on different platforms, consider:

  • Crossplay Settings: Find the crossplay option within Helldivers 2’s settings and ensure it’s turned on.
  • Matchmaking Filters: Make sure your matchmaking search filters aren’t accidentally too restrictive.

Friend Code Fix

Sometimes the direct approach works best:

  1. Generate a Friend Code: Find the option to generate a friend code in Helldivers 2 (often in a social menu).
  2. Share the Code: Send the code to your friend.
  3. Direct Connect: Have your friend use the friend code to join your game manually.

Network Settings

Here’s a table outlining common network settings issues and their solutions:

Strict NAT TypeTry opening ports on your router, or enabling UPnP for a more open NAT type. Check online for port forwarding instructions for your specific router.
DNS SettingsConsider switching your DNS servers to a public option like Google DNS ( and or Cloudflare ( and
IPv6 CompatibilitySome networks have issues with IPv6. Try disabling it in your router or computer’s network settings.

Still Stuck?

If you’ve tried everything and are still unable to connect in Helldivers 2, check the official support channels for known issues and further assistance.

Key Takeaways

  • Helldivers 2 players encounter multiplayer connection problems on PC and PS5.
  • Simple troubleshooting steps can potentially resolve these connectivity issues.
  • Arrowhead is working on more permanent fixes for the multiplayer glitches.

Troubleshooting Helldivers 2 Connection Problems

Helldivers 2 can sometimes have multiplayer issues that stop players from joining friends or lobbies. This section offers a step-by-step guide to fix common connection problems so that you can get back to enjoying the game.

Identifying Common Multiplayer Issues

When playing Helldivers 2, players may see messages like “Failed to join lobby” or “Failed to connect to server.” These can stem from matchmaking problems, unstable connections, or errors in game settings.

Resolving Connection and Matchmaking Errors

A stable connection is key. Check your NAT type and firewall settings to ensure they’re not blocking the game. Use DNS servers like or to improve connection stability. If issues persist, try restarting the game or even reinstalling it.

Improving Multiplayer Experience with Friends

To join friends, make sure your friend requests are up to date and your friend codes are correct. Inviting friends should be straightforward, but if you face problems, restarting the mission or using an SOS beacon can serve as a workaround.

Optimizing Game Settings for Better Play

For better gameplay, adjust your game’s settings. Users can delete the user_settings.config file to reset to default, which sometimes solves problems. Playing in borderless windowed mode could also help.

Navigating Platform-Specific Challenges

Helldivers 2 supports crossplay, which can cause additional problems. Players on different platforms, like PC, PS5, or PlayStation, may need to disable crossplay if they encounter errors. Always ensure your system language is set to English to avoid confusion.

Community and Support Resources

Reddit and game forums have suggestions from other players. Look for advice from Arrowhead Game Studios, the developers of Helldivers 2. Community posts may offer fixes that have worked for others when facing a surge of players.

Remember to keep your connections robust and to follow these steps for a smoother Helldivers 2 multiplayer experience.

Specific Helldivers 2 Multiplayer Issues and Solutions

Can’t Join Friends

  • NAT Type: Strict NAT types can wreak havoc! Check your NAT type and adjust your router settings if needed (port forwarding, UPnP). Public DNS might also help.
  • Friend Codes: If all else fails, use the friend code system to manually connect.

“Failed To Join Game Lobby”

  • Full Lobbies: The lobby you’re trying to join may already be at maximum capacity. Try a different one.
  • Outdated Version: Make sure you and your friends all have the latest update for Helldivers 2.
  • Firewall/Antivirus: Temporarily disable these to troubleshoot, and if it solves the issue, add Helldivers 2 as an exception.

“Can’t Accept Friend Request”

  • Restart: Often, a restart of the game or your system can resolve minor bugs with friend requests.
  • Check Privacy Settings: Ensure your platform’s privacy settings allow you to receive friend requests.

“Connection Error – Unable To Join Game”

  • Server Issues: Helldivers 2 may be experiencing server strain. Check the game’s official channels for announcements or downtime.
  • Internet Stability: Verify you have a strong, stable internet connection. Consider a wired connection over Wi-Fi if possible.

Friends List Not Working

  • Platform Issues: Sometimes the underlying platform (Steam, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network) has temporary problems with social features. Check for outages on their support sites.
  • Game Restart: A full game restart can force a refresh of your friends list.

If problems persist, try reaching out to the official Helldivers 2 support channels or check community forums for solutions specific to your platform.