Helldivers 2: PC Players Will Be Required To Link A Playstation (PSN) Account

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Helldivers 2 recently updated its account requirements for PC players on Steam to reflect a pretty major upcoming change required by Sony:

As such, as of May 6th, all new Helldivers 2 players on Steam will be required to connect their Steam account to a PlayStation Network account

Sony Re: Helldivers 2

Do You Need a PlayStation Account To Play Helldivers 2 On PC

After May 6, all new players will have to link to a PSN account. Existing players will be prompted to link starting May 30, and they’ll have until June 4 to do so. With this change, players must link their Steam gaming accounts to a PlayStation Network (PSN) account. But what if you don’t have a PSN account? Well that’s the point of this isn’t it. Sony sees a big opportunity to sign up a ton of PC players to PSN and they’re taking it.

To be fair, this integration was planned to be part of the game’s experience from the beginning. The decision was held off for the first few months while other more pressing matters were more important, but now that things have settled down it looks like Sony wants to start enforcing it.

Some Helldivers 2 players have expressed concerns about this new requirement. The necessity of creating a PSN account, which could be seen as an extra step in the process of playing, has been met with mixed reactions from the community. The game’s publisher states that such a policy will protect users by enabling a connected and secure ecosystem for all players to enjoy. There’s also the question of what if you live in a country where PSN accounts aren’t allowed? By last count only 69 countries are supported with PSN coverage – what about the rest of the world?

Understanding the PSN Account Requirement for Helldivers 2 on PC

PC players of Helldivers 2 have been surprised by the recent requirement to link their Steam account to a PlayStation Network (PSN) account. This decision by the developers has sparked controversy within the game’s community. Let’s explore the reasons behind this requirement and the potential concerns it raises.

Why Link a PSN Account?

There are a couple of main reasons for this requirement:

  • Enabling Cross-Play: PSN accounts help create a unified system for cross-play functionality between PC and PlayStation players.
  • Future Integration: Some believe this change might hint at future integrations with PlayStation services on the PC version of the game.

What Are the Community Concerns?

The requirement to link a PSN account has been met with significant backlash from PC players. Here’s why:

  • Privacy: Players may have concerns about sharing data or linking their Steam account to a PSN account.
  • Unnecessary for Solo Play: For PC players not interested in cross-play, this requirement feels like an unnecessary extra step.
  • Potential Accessibility Issues: Depending on Sony’s regional availability of PSN accounts, this may restrict access to the game in some areas.
PrivacyLinking accounts could lead to sharing data between Steam and PlayStation platforms.
UnnecessaryPlayers who don’t use cross-play find the PSN requirement an added inconvenience.
AccessibilityPSN accounts might not be available in all regions, restricting game access globally.

Is A PSN Account Free?

Creating a PlayStation Network (PSN) account is free and does not require payment details. However, if you have a PlayStation 5 console, you will need to subscribe to PlayStation Plus to play online games, which incurs a monthly fee. There are three tiers of PlayStation Plus: Essential, Extra, and Premium. The Essential tier includes online play, a few games each month, exclusive game discounts, and up to 100 GB of cloud game save storage. The Extra tier starts at $14.99 per month, and the Premium tier starts at $17.99 per month.

How To Link Helldivers 2 On Steam To Your PSN Account

Important Note: Before starting, make sure you either have an existing PSN account or are ready to create a new one.


  1. Launch Helldivers 2: Start Helldivers 2 on your PC through Steam.
  2. Account Linking Prompt: You should be automatically presented with a prompt to link your PSN account. If the prompt doesn’t appear, you might need to navigate to the game’s settings or profile section.
  3. Choose Option: You’ll likely have two options:
    • “Sign in to Existing PSN Account”: Select this if you already have a PSN account.
    • “Create a New PSN Account”: Select this if you need to make a new one.
  4. Follow Instructions: The game will guide you through logging into your existing PSN account or provide instructions on creating a new one. You’ll likely need to verify your email address if you’re creating a new account.
  5. Confirmation: Once you successfully complete the linking process, you should receive a confirmation message within the game.

Additional Notes:

  • Troubleshooting: If you encounter any errors, consult the Helldivers 2 support website or community forums for help.
  • Cannot Be Undone: It’s important to be certain you want to link the accounts, as the process might not be easily reversible.
  • Security: Make sure your PSN account has a strong password and consider enabling two-factor authentication for added security.

The Current Situation

As of now, it seems Sony and the Helldivers 2 developers are sticking with the PSN account requirement. It’s unclear if they’ll reconsider based on player feedback. It’s worth monitoring community forums and news updates on whether this situation will change.

Key Takeaways

  • Helldivers 2 now requires a linked PSN account for Steam players.
  • The policy aims to provide security and a cohesive platform experience.
  • Player reactions to the new requirement have been varied.

Essentials of Helldivers 2 PSN Account Requirement

Helldivers 2 has introduced a mandatory PlayStation Network (PSN) account linking for PC players on Steam. This move has brought up key points regarding the logistics and community response to the requirement.

Understanding PSN Account Linking

Players now need a PSN account to access Helldivers 2 on Steam. This linking ensures access to PlayStation made features like friends lists and achievements.

Creating and Managing a PSN Account

Signing up for a PSN account is straightforward. Players can create an account online or through the PlayStation console, following simple steps that include providing an email and setting a password.

Account Security and Maintenance

The safety of PSN accounts is vital. Sony recommends strong passwords and offers two-factor authentication to prevent hackers from accessing personal information.

Developer and Community Engagement

Arrowhead Game Studios, the developer, informs players of new updates via social media including Twitter and Discord. The community manager’s role is to keep communication clear and help solve any issues.

Launch and Operational Policies

During launch, server overloads led to a temporary lifting of the PSN account requirement. With stability restored, the linking has become mandatory once more.

Consumer Reactions and Remediations

The new requirement led to mixed feelings among gamers. Some enjoyed seamless cross-play with console players, while others who faced issues like region lockouts or banning spoke out on platforms such as Reddit for solutions or even refunds.

Platform and Cross-Platform Dynamics

The PSN requirement for Helldivers 2 supports cross-platform play between PC and consoles. It aims to unite players across platforms, making the co-op shooter game more accessible to a wider audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common queries about the PlayStation Network account requirements for playing Helldivers 2.

Do you need a PSN account to play Helldivers 2 on PS5?

Yes, playing Helldivers 2 on PS5 requires a PlayStation Network account. This allows players to access online features and multiplayer aspects of the game.

Can Helldivers 2 be played on PC without a PlayStation account?

As of May 6, all new players on PC need to link a PlayStation Network account to their Steam account to play Helldivers 2. Existing players will also need to link accounts.

What steps are involved in linking a PSN account to Helldivers 2?

To link a PSN account, start Helldivers 2 and a prompt will appear. Follow the instructions, which typically involve scanning a QR code and entering your PSN credentials on the Sony website.

Can I Play Helldivers 2 on PC with The Same Playstation Network Account I Already Have

Yes. You don’t need to create one just for Helldivers. If you already have a PSN network account feel free to use it. Note that the game doesn’t support cross-progression yet so your progress won’t transfer between platforms.