How to Cancel Your EOS Membership: A Step-by-Step Guide

Emily Lee

EOS Gym Location

Cancelling a membership at EOS Fitness is a straightforward process that members may need to undertake for various reasons. Understanding the cancellation policy and the steps required is essential for a smooth and hassle-free experience. EOS Fitness offers different membership options, granting access to a variety of amenities that cater to the needs of their clientele. In circumstances where individuals decide to terminate their EOS membership, the company has outlined specific procedures.

Members looking to discontinue their EOS Fitness memberships can do so using different methods depending on their location. The process typically requires giving a 30-day notice and can be completed online for members in certain states. It’s important for members to be well-informed about the terms of their membership agreement to ensure compliance with EOS Fitness’s policies during cancellation. Following the stipulated guidelines helps avoid any potential complications or misunderstandings.

What You Need to Know About Canceling Your EOS Membership

Canceling your gym membership can sometimes feel like a workout in itself. Let’s simplify the process of canceling your EOS Fitness membership.

Methods for Cancelation

You have a few options when it comes to canceling your EOS membership:

  • In-person: Visit your local EOS Fitness location to speak directly with a staff member. They’ll help with the necessary paperwork and procedures.
  • Online Cancellation (Select States): Members in Arizona, California, and Nevada can fill out an online cancellation form through the EōS website or mobile app. This option is unavailable in other states.
  • Email: Contact the billing company, ABC Financial, at Provide your agreement or barcode number, the date you wish your cancellation to become effective, and any pertinent information.

Steps to Follow

  1. Choose your method: Decide if you want to cancel in-person, online, or by email.
  2. Gather information: Have your membership agreement or barcode number on hand.
  3. Submit the request: Clearly state your intent to cancel and provide the required information.
  4. Confirmation: Request and retain a confirmation of your cancellation for your records.

Contact ABC Financial: If you face issues with online cancellation, contact ABC Financial, the third-party company that handles EōS billing. Their customer service number is 1-888-827-9262.

Cancellation Options by State

StateCancellation Methods
ArizonaIn-Person, Online
CaliforniaIn-Person, Online
NevadaIn-Person, Online

Important Considerations

Here’s what you need to keep in mind before canceling:

Membership statusEnsure your membership is in good standing with no outstanding balances.
Personal training agreementsAny active personal training agreements must be addressed separately, as they may have different terms.
Cancellation feesSome EOS memberships may have cancellation fees. Check your membership agreement for details.
  • 30-Day Notice: Most EōS Fitness memberships require a 30-day notice for cancellation. This means your membership will remain active for 30 days after you initiate the cancellation.
  • Fees and Dues: Ensure that all outstanding fees and membership dues are paid before cancellation.
  • Personal Training Agreements: If you have a personal training agreement, it might be separate from your gym membership. Contact the gym directly to inquire about canceling it.

Key Takeaways

  • Members can cancel their EOS Fitness memberships in a non-complicated manner.
  • EOS provides various membership plans and requires adherence to their cancellation process.
  • The procedure often involves a 30-day advance notice and can be done online in specific states.

Cancellation Procedure

Canceling an EOS Fitness membership involves understanding the contract, following certain steps, and using different contact points to complete the cancellation. Gather all necessary information, like your membership ID and personal details, to avoid delays.

Understanding Membership Terms

EOS Fitness offers a Right of Rescission Policy that allows new members to terminate their membership within a specified time after signing up, usually a few days, for a full refund. Knowing your notice period and any annual membership fees is important for a smooth cancellation.

Steps to Cancel Your Membership

To cancel an EOS Fitness membership, take these steps:

  1. Review your contract for any specific terms regarding cancellation.
  2. Prepare any required forms or a detailed cancellation letter.
  3. Collect personal and membership information, including your EOS Fitness membership ID and reason for termination.

Cancellation Through Contact Points

Members can cancel their memberships through several methods:

  • Email: Send a cancellation request to EOS Fitness’s customer service.
  • Phone: Call the EOS Fitness phone number and speak to a membership representative.
  • In-Person: Visit your home club location and request cancellation.
  • Mail: Send a physical mail with the cancellation form or letter.

Additional Cancellation Information

A cancellation fee may apply, and the practice varies from one facility to another. After you cancel, you should get a cancellation confirmation, like a confirmation email or a copy of the cancellation letter. The last month’s fee is often billed upon receiving your 30-day notice. If unsure, EOS Fitness FAQs may have further clarification on refund policies for personal training or unutilized membership time.