Undisputed Boxing Game: PS5 Development Continues, Release Date Still Unknown

Jonathan Kao

Undisputed Boxing Logo

The upcoming Undisputed Boxing game is gaining attention from fans and gamers alike due to its promise of delivering an authentic boxing experience. The game’s developer, Steel City Interactive, has confirmed that the game will be launched on PlayStation 5 (PS5) in addition to PC platforms. While the game has already garnered a lot of positive feedback on PC, PS5 players are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the game. The focus is now on console development, but no official release date for the PS5 platform has been announced yet.

The game is expected to set new standards with its high-quality graphics and a control system that will replicate the intricacies of professional boxing. Players will have the chance to play as some of the world’s best boxers, including both past legends and present-day stars. The game is aptly named ‘Undisputed’ because it aims to provide an unparalleled boxing experience that has not been seen in the gaming industry since the last major title released back in 2011.

Punching Its Way to PlayStation 5

Development for PlayStation 5 is still progressing, but we have no idea when the game will finally be launched. The game is currently in Early Access on PC, giving players a taste of its realistic boxing action and revolutionary footwork mechanics.

PS5 Release: A Waiting Game

While the exact release date for the PS5 version remains under wraps, developers Steel City Interactive have confirmed their commitment to bringing Undisputed to the console. Recent reports suggest a potential late 2024 launch, aligning with the end of the Early Access period for the PC version.

What to Expect on PS5

Undisputed aims to deliver an unparalleled boxing experience on PlayStation 5. Players can anticipate:

  • Visual Knockout: Stunning graphics and realistic animations that capture the intensity and excitement of a real boxing match.
  • Revolutionary Footwork: A unique footwork system that allows for precise movement and strategic positioning in the ring.
  • Deep Strategic Gameplay: A wide array of punches, combinations, and defensive maneuvers to master, offering a challenging and rewarding experience.
  • Extensive Roster: A diverse selection of legendary and current boxers, each with their own distinct fighting styles and attributes.

Game Modes for Every Fight Fan

Undisputed caters to various playstyles with its diverse game modes:

Game ModeDescription
Career ModeCreate your own boxer and rise through the ranks to glory.
Exhibition ModeJump into quick matches against AI or local opponents.
Online MultiplayerCompete against players worldwide in intense online bouts.

A True Contender in the Boxing Genre

With its emphasis on realism, deep gameplay mechanics, and impressive visuals, Undisputed aims to become a heavyweight champion in the world of boxing games. The PlayStation 5 version is expected to further elevate the experience with the console’s enhanced capabilities.

Stay tuned for further updates on the official release date for Undisputed on PlayStation 5. It’s shaping up to be a knockout experience for boxing fans and gamers alike.

Key Takeaways

  • Undisputed Boxing Game is in development for PS5 with no set release date.
  • The game promises authentic boxing gameplay with a deep control scheme.
  • Players will be able to fight as renowned boxers from history and today.

Game Information

Undisputed Boxing brings the action of the ring to gaming fans, offering an experience steeped in the traditions of boxing. It balances technical mastery with the thrill of boxing, providing an engaging experience for players.

Development and Release

Steel City Interactive is developing Undisputed Boxing and has focused on console development. The game, already accessible on PC through Steam’s Early Access, is now making its way to consoles. Although there is no confirmed date, it is bound for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Milestones in the game’s timeline include its initial Early Access release and the subsequent full release.

Game Features and Mechanics

The game features intuitive controls which allow for over 60 different punches and a range of footwork mechanics. Players can expect an authentic boxing experience with a variety of game modes, such as a Career Mode and a Character Creator. Licensed fighters make the roster more exciting, giving players the chance to step into the shoes of the world’s best boxers.

Technical Aspects

The developers prioritize quality and polish, focusing on fixing bugs and balancing gameplay. They aim to provide smooth visuals and fluid gameplay on consoles and PC platforms. Updates based on community feedback ensure that patches not only fix issues but also enhance the overall experience.

Content and Community

Steel City Interactive engages with the player community through platforms like YouTube, gathering feedback during the Early Access period. This community-driven approach helps shape the game, with players having a say in new content and feature implementations. The full version of the game is set to offer more boxers and game modes, responding to the desires of players.