Will There Be a Days Gone 2 Game?

Jonathan Kao

Days Gone

The status of Days Gone 2 is uncertain. Although it was initially canceled, there is hope due to ongoing fan demand and the original game’s recent success on new platforms. Whether Sony will listen to the calls for a sequel is yet to be seen. Many fans are eagerly waiting to see if Days Gone 2 will become a reality. The game, developed by Bend Studio and published by Sony, didn’t initially gain widespread popularity, but it has since attracted a devoted following. Both the studio and the game’s directors have hinted at the possibility of a sequel, keeping hopes alive.

Despite fan enthusiasm and ongoing rumors, there is no official confirmation of Days Gone 2 being in development. Bend Studio is working on a new IP not related to Days Gone, indicating that a sequel isn’t imminent. Fans are expressing their support for a potential sequel on platforms like Reddit and social media. The creators of the original game have also suggested the possibility. For now, fans must stay tuned and possibly manage their expectations as the industry awaits any concrete news from Bend Studio.

The Uncertain Fate of Days Gone 2

The Initial Pitch and Cancellation

In 2021, it was reported that Bend Studio, the developer of Days Gone, had pitched a sequel to Sony. This pitch was reportedly rejected, leading Bend Studio to focus on developing a new IP.

Conflicting Statements

Despite the cancellation, former Days Gone director Jeff Ross has expressed his desire for a sequel and suggested that the game could have been released in April 2023 if it had been greenlit. However, Bend Studio’s current community manager Kevin McAllister has stated that the team is focused on a new IP and that fans should “move on” from hoping for a Days Gone 2.

Fan Demand and Petitions

There is a vocal fan base that wants to see a Days Gone sequel. Several petitions have been created urging Sony to reconsider and greenlight the project. The game’s popularity has also surged due to its release on PC and inclusion in PlayStation Plus.

Potential for a Sequel

While there is no official confirmation, the possibility of a Days Gone 2 cannot be entirely ruled out. Sony could potentially change its mind due to sustained fan demand and the commercial success of the original game on new platforms. Additionally, the recent trend of reviving dormant franchises could make a sequel more likely.

The Future of Days Gone

Whether or not a Days Gone 2 is ever released, the original game remains a popular and critically acclaimed title. A movie adaptation is also in the works, which could potentially reignite interest in the franchise and pave the way for a sequel.

Days Gone 2: A Timeline of Events

2019Days Gone released on PlayStation 4
2021Bend Studio pitches Days Gone 2 to Sony; pitch is rejected
2022Movie adaptation of Days Gone announced
2023Former Days Gone director expresses desire for a sequel
PresentBend Studio focused on new IP, but fan demand for Days Gone 2 persists

Key Takeaways

  • Days Gone has built a loyal fanbase over the years.
  • No official announcement has been made about Days Gone 2.
  • Bend Studio is currently focusing on a new IP.

Development and Speculation

The question of a sequel to Days Gone has been met with mixed messages from developers and a passionate fan base. While some hopeful signs have emerged, official confirmation remains out of reach.

Sequel Possibilities and Developer Insights

Days Gone, an open-world action-adventure game, launched to mixed reviews. Despite its critical reception, the game had commercial success. Sony Bend’s creative director John Garvin stated that a full outline for Days Gone 2 was completed before his departure. Jeff Ross, the game’s director, also expressed interest in continuing the narrative.

However, Sony Interactive Entertainment, led by Hermen Hulst, has not shown support for a sequel. In multiple statements, developers confirmed that a new IP, not related to Days Gone, is being developed. Despite a Change.org petition signed by many fans, Sony has not greenlit Days Gone 2.

Fan Engagement and Community Response

The Days Gone community remains vocal about their desire for a sequel. Fans have used platforms like Reddit to express their support, creating a strong online presence. A Change.org petition collected numerous signatures, urging Sony to reconsider.

However, the reality is a mix of speculation and confirmed news. Some fans believe hints have been dropped, but developers consistently state they are focused on a new IP. This leaves fans hopeful yet uncertain about the potential for Days Gone 2.

Technical Aspects and Industry Context

Exploring the technical elements and industry context is crucial to understand the likelihood of a sequel for Days Gone. This section focuses on game performance and system requirements, and compares the game’s technical aspects with other similar titles.

Game Performance and System Requirements

Days Gone ran on the PlayStation 4, showcasing the developer’s ability to push the console’s limits. Despite the intricate open-world and elaborate post-apocalyptic environments, the game faced criticism for performance issues such as frame rate drops and bugs.

These technical challenges were notable at launch but were gradually addressed through patches. For a potential sequel, optimizing performance for platforms like PS5 and PC would be vital. The PS5’s advanced hardware, with faster SSDs and improved processing power, could alleviate previous technical hurdles and offer a smoother experience.

Compatibility with various systems would also affect sales. Ensuring that the sequel runs efficiently on high-end hardware while maintaining acceptable performance on older systems would be critical. By building on feedback from the first game, developers could better meet player expectations.

Comparative Analysis With Other Titles

When comparing Days Gone to other similar games, such as The Last of Us and Ghost of Tsushima, both also PlayStation exclusives, distinctions in technical execution become evident. The Last of Us is praised for its strong narrative and high technical polish. Ghost of Tsushima, another open-world game, runs smoothly even with complex environments.

In the broader industry context, games like Batman: Arkham and Uncharted have set high standards for action-adventure titles. NetherRealm Studios’ work on Mortal Kombat also exemplifies how technical excellence can enhance player experience. Days Gone 2 would need to achieve comparable levels of polish to compete directly with these well-regarded franchises.

Focusing on narrative strength while enhancing technical performance could differentiate Days Gone 2. Leveraging feedback and modern hardware will be key to its success and ensuring that it stands out in the competitive landscape of open-world and post-apocalyptic games.