TSITP Season 3 Update: Coming Summer 2025, No Release Date Yet

Caitlyn Pauley


The Summer I Turned Pretty fans have eagerly awaited news about Season 3, and there’s a reason to be excited. Prime Video has confirmed that Season 3 will premiere in the summer of 2025, bringing back the beloved characters to Cousins Beach for another season. This critically acclaimed series, inspired by Jenny Han’s novels, continues to explore themes of love, friendship, and family.

Season 3 promises more drama and emotion, with 11 episodes lined up to captivate the audience. Production faced delays due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, but the team is ready to bring more compelling stories to life. The main cast will return, ensuring continuity and deepening the connections fans have formed with the characters.

Anticipation is growing as more details about the third season emerge. Every new installment deepens the narrative, making the wait for summer 2025 even more thrilling for the fans. With the key elements of family dynamics and youthful romance at its core, this season promises to be a highlight for Prime Video’s lineup.

The Summer We Anticipate: TSITP Season 3

Summer 2025 Release

Prime Video has confirmed that the third season of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” will premiere in the summer of 2025. This announcement was made during Amazon’s inaugural upfront presentation in New York City.

More Episodes to Enjoy

Season 3 is getting a boost in episode count. It will feature 11 episodes, up from the 8 episodes in each of the previous seasons. This means more time with Belly, Conrad, Jeremiah, and the rest of the Cousins Beach crew.

No Specific Date Yet

While the summer 2025 timeframe is set, an exact release date has not been announced yet. Fans can expect updates and announcements in the coming months as production progresses.

Season 3 Details

Release WindowSummer 2025
Episode Count11
Specific DateNot yet announced

Key Takeaways

  • Season 3 of The Summer I Turned Pretty premieres summer 2025 with 11 episodes.
  • Production was delayed due to strikes but now moves forward.
  • The main cast returns, continuing the story set in Cousins Beach.

Release Details and Premiere Information

The third season of The Summer I Turned Pretty promises an exciting return. Prime Video announced the release date and availability, providing fans many details to look forward to.

Prime Video Launch and Availability

Season 3 of The Summer I Turned Pretty will premiere exclusively on Prime Video. The streaming service announced that the new season will feature 11 episodes, exceeding the episode count of previous seasons. The availability of the Prime Video Series allows subscribers to watch the season as part of their membership package.

All previous episodes from seasons 1 and 2 are also available on Prime Video, providing a chance for new viewers to catch up before the new season starts. For the best experience, ensure you have a stable internet connection to stream in high definition.

Announcement and Release Date

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 3 was confirmed to be released in the summer of 2025. Prime Video made this announcement at their inaugural upfront presentation in New York City. This revealed that season 3 would be significantly longer than earlier seasons.

On May 14, the official Instagram account shared a teaser trailer with actors Lola Tung and Christopher Briney, among others, which built excitement. This teaser gave fans a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming episodes, creating a buzz online. The exact premiere date within the summer of 2025 is yet to be specified.

Cast, Characters, and Production Insights

Season 3 of The Summer I Turned Pretty will bring back familiar faces and introduce new characters. The production has faced challenges but continues to progress with notable contributions from the cast and crew.

Returning Cast and Character Dynamics

Lola Tung returns to play Belly Conklin. Christopher Briney and Gavin Casalegno will reprise their roles as Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher, respectively. These characters are at the core of the series’ love triangle.

Sean Kaufman will return as Steven, and Rain Spencer is back as Taylor. Jackie Chung will continue her role as Laurel, Belly’s mother. Regular interactions and evolving relationships among these characters will drive the plot forward.

New Additions and Guest Stars

Several new characters are expected in Season 3. Although specifics are yet to be confirmed, fans anticipate fresh dynamics and guest stars who will add depth to the story.

Kyra Sedgwick, seen towards the end of Season 2, might have a bigger role. Rachel Blanchard, known for playing Susannah Fisher, might be less visible due to plot developments. New faces will bring exciting twists.

Production Crew and Filming Locations

The production crew includes Jenny Han, who continues to influence the show based on her novels. Filming has taken place mainly in Wilmington, North Carolina. This coastal location stands in for the fictional Cousins Beach.

MGM Studios and Amazon Studios back the project. Despite delays from strikes, the production team is working hard to bring the next season to life. Key scenes will continue to feature scenic beach landscapes.