Caitlyn Pauley

One Day (Netflix)

One Day On Netflix Is Over. No Season 2 Coming

Caitlyn Pauley

Fans of the show One Day on Netflix might be disappointed to hear that there likely won’t be a second ...

Apple Shareplay

Trouble Sharing Your Screen On Facetime? Make Sure Shareplay Is On

Caitlyn Pauley

When you’re on a FaceTime call and you want to share your screen, you might run into some problems. One ...

Delta Emulator

The Nintendo Emulator “Delta” Now Works On iPads with Update 1.6

Caitlyn Pauley

The Delta Nintendo Emulator has just released its 1.6 update, adding new features for iPad users. The most important change ...

a white car parked in front of a costco store

Did Costco Raise Their Membership Fees in 2024?

Caitlyn Pauley

Costco has announced a significant change that will affect all members in the U.S. and Canada. Starting September 1, 2024, ...

Ruth Westheimer

Remembering The Life & Legacy Of Dr Ruth

Caitlyn Pauley

Ruth Westheimer, known to many as Dr. Ruth, has passed away at the age of 96. Dr. Ruth was a ...

Google Translate Logo

Google Translate Now Supports 243 Languages Thanks To Ai: Full List

Caitlyn Pauley

Google Translate has been updated to support 243 languages, which includes 110 new languages. This update helps people worldwide to ...

person holding white samsung android smartphone

Google Maps Introduces A Speedometer For iOS and CarPlay Users

Caitlyn Pauley

Google Maps is rolling out a new feature for iOS and CarPlay users (which has already been out for Android ...

DealDash Logo

How DealDash Works

Caitlyn Pauley

DealDash is a website where you can bid on a variety of items, similar to eBay. Each bid raises the ...

Suicide Squad Isekai

Suicide Squad Isekai: Episode Release Schedule, Cast, Plot

Caitlyn Pauley

The highly anticipated DC anime collaboration, Suicide Squad Isekai, will be released on July 5, 2024. This unique series combines ...

Amazon Luna Logo

Amazon Luna Explained

Caitlyn Pauley

Amazon Luna has arrived, promising to revolutionize the cloud gaming landscape. This platform allows players to enjoy a vast array ...