Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII) Character Biography: An In-Depth Look at the Iconic Hero

Scott Daly

Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife is one of the most iconic characters in the world of video games, serving as the main protagonist in the popular role-playing game Final Fantasy VII. Known for his distinct spiky blond hair and massive Buster Sword, Cloud’s journey from a mercenary for hire to a hero determined to save the planet from the megacorporation Shinra and the enigmatic villain Sephiroth has captivated players since the game’s initial release in 1997. As players navigate through the game’s intricate storyline, they uncover the complexities of Cloud’s past and his struggles with identity and self-worth.

Final Fantasy VII’s narrative unfolds with Cloud joining a group called AVALANCHE to thwart Shinra’s destructive practices only to encounter greater threats to the world. Despite his tough exterior, Cloud’s experiences throughout the game allow him to grow emotionally, forging lasting relationships with other characters and revealing a deep sense of responsibility and bravery. His character arc is a significant element of the game’s enduring success.

Key Takeaways

  • Cloud Strife is the complex hero of Final Fantasy VII.
  • His struggle with personal identity enriches the game’s narrative.
  • Cloud’s growth and relationships are central to his character development.

Character Profile

Cloud Strife, the iconic protagonist from Final Fantasy VII, has a complex background and an evolving personality that are integral to his role as a hero in the game’s narrative.

Early Life and Background

Born in the mountain town of Nibelheim, Cloud Strife aspired to become part of Shinra’s elite combat unit, SOLDIER, to be like his idol, Sephiroth. His early attempts to join SOLDIER were in vain, but a twist of fate led him to work alongside Tifa Lockhart as a mercenary. This journey becomes a pivotal part of his life story.

Personality and Development

Cloud starts with a rather cold and detached demeanor, claiming to be a former member of SOLDIER. However, interactions with friends and foes alike reveal his true character traits: a hardworking and earnest young man, struggling with his identity. Cloud’s development throughout the story sees him evolving from a conflicted mercenary to a genuine hero, capable of performing impressive feats such as the powerful Omnislash.

Physical Appearance

Designed by Tetsuya Nomura, Cloud is most recognizable for his spiky blond hair and striking blue eyes. Wielding the enormous Buster Sword with ease, Cloud’s appearance combines a SOLDIER uniform with unique touches that make him stand out. His distinctive look has made him an unforgettable character in the world of video games.

Role in Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife is the central character of Final Fantasy VII, a former SOLDIER turned mercenary who becomes entangled in the eco-terrorist group Avalanche’s battle against the corrupt Shinra Electric Power Company.

The Journey and Quest

Cloud’s journey begins in Midgar, where he joins Avalanche in a series of attacks against Mako reactors. However, his quest soon expands as he discovers his connection to the enigmatic Sephiroth. The tale escalates into a globe-trotting adventure to stop Sephiroth’s plan to summon Meteor, a spell capable of destroying the planet.

Interactions and Relationships

Throughout the game, Cloud interacts with a memorable cast of characters, including Tifa Lockhart, his childhood friend, and Barret Wallace, the leader of Avalanche. Emotional depth is added through his complex relationships, such as the love triangle between Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith Gainsborough. Both women shape his growth and play pivotal roles in his life.

Combat Abilities and Weapons

In battle, Cloud is a versatile fighter, excelling in both physical and magical combat. His iconic Buster Sword serves as his primary weapon throughout the game. Cloud harnesses the power of Materia, allowing him to perform magical spells, summons, and powerful Limit Breaks, such as Blade Beam and Finishing Touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Strife is a character with a rich history and complex personality in the world of Final Fantasy VII. These are some of the most common questions fans have about him.

What is the full biography of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII?

Cloud Strife’s journey begins as a Shinra soldier who dreams of becoming part of the elite unit called SOLDIER. His life takes many turns, leading him to become a mercenary tangled in a global conflict. Information on his final conversation with Zack sheds more light on his past.

How old is Cloud Strife during the events of Final Fantasy VII?

During the main events of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife is 21 years old.

What is the height of Cloud Strife?

Cloud Strife stands at a height of 173cm, which is roughly 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Can you elaborate on Cloud Strife’s history before the events of Final Fantasy VII?

Before the game’s main storyline, Cloud hails from the mountain village of Nibelheim and later joins Shinra to fulfill his dream of becoming a SOLDIER. A series of events unfolds that lead him to discover unsettling truths about himself and his past.

What psychological issues does Cloud Strife encounter throughout the game?

As the game progresses, Cloud Strife grapples with identity confusion and memory loss. These mental struggles significantly affect his actions and relationships with other characters.

What details are known about Cloud Strife’s personality traits and characteristics?

Cloud presents a facade of a confident and indifferent mercenary. However, as players get to know him, his kind, loyal, and empathetic nature comes to light. His signature spiky blond hair and the massive Buster Sword are among his most recognizable features.