Mysterious ‘Untitled Marvel Movie’ Coming Out Next Year…Could It Be Spider-Man 4?

Jonathan Kao

Spider-Man 4 Logo

Fans of the web-slinging superhero are eagerly awaiting the next Spider-Man movie, so far only known by the title ‘Spider-Man 4’. We really don’t know much about the movie other than that Marvel and Sony Pictures are once again teaming up and Tom Holland will reprise his role as Peter Parker. That alone has generated a lot of excitement for the continuation of his journey within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although the story details remain top secret, it’s clear that the upcoming film will go even deeper into the aftermath of the previous trilogy’s events. Audiences can expect a mix of fresh challenges and familiar faces as the franchise moves forward.

But a recent finding has caught the eye of a lot of people and rumors are flying around. This “finding” could be absolutely unrelated to Spider-Man, or it could very well be the exact release date (nothing is official yet). What is the finding? Read on.

Marvel’s Mystery Movie

There is an “Untitled Marvel Movie” listed on theatrical release schedules for June 27th, 2025. There’s no other information other than that mysterious date. Based on the timeline of previous Spider-Man releases, however, that date would make a lot of sense to be Spider-Man 4. As we said, nothing has been confirmed officially, but it does seem possible.

Spider-Man 4’s Development

While the Spider-Man 4 movie has been officially confirmed, it still has a long way to go in production.

  • Story Development: The script is reportedly still under development, leaving some uncertainty about the release schedule.
  • Marvel’s Packed Calendar: Marvel Studios has a packed Phase 5 and Phase 6 of the MCU. Many titles like Fantastic Four and Avengers: The Kang Dynasty are already slated for release.

Why The June 2025 Release Could Be Likely

  • Previous Release Patterns: The last few Spider-Man movies in the MCU have typically seen a release cadence of about two years. This timeline would be behind schedule in the summer of 2025, but because of the 2023 writer’s strike, the delay makes sense.
  • Sony/Marvel Partnership: While Marvel Studios drives the overall MCU storyline, Sony Pictures has a hand in the release dates for the Spider-Man titles. This partnership could allow them to secure a prime release window.

Why The Date May Not Be for Spider-Man 4

  • Potential Delays: Unforeseen delays can occur in the production process. This could push the release date further.
  • Alternative Marvel Projects: The mysterious movie could turn out to be a completely different project within the MCU’s already-announced titles.

Other Possible Titles for the Untitled Marvel Movie

Possible Movie TitleExplanation
Deadpool 3 or 4?Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man and related characters. They could have a surprise in-store, separate from the main MCU storyline.
A Surprise Spin-OffMarvel sometimes reveals unexpected spin-offs and standalone films.
A Spider-Man-Related Sony ProjectSony owns the rights to Spider-Man and related characters. They could have a surprise planned separate from the main MCU storyline.

Key Takeaways

  • Rumors have been swirling about an ‘Untitled Marvel Movie’ slot in Summer 2025
  • Tom Holland returns as Spider-Man in the upcoming Marvel and Sony Pictures collaboration.
  • The new film continues the storyline from the previous successful installments.
  • Fans eagerly await the fresh plot developments and character arcs in the MCU.

Production Details

The production crew is assembling and outlining the filming plans for the upcoming chapter of the Spider-Man saga. Marvel Studios will once again team up with the talented individuals who have brought Spider-Man’s latest adventures to life. Kevin Feige will oversee the project, ensuring the movie aligns with the broader vision for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Amy Pascal, a key figure in bringing Spider-Man to the MCU, returns as a producer. While the director for the new installment hasn’t been officially announced, Jon Watts directed the previous films and may return to lead this one. Fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for their favorite web-slinging hero!

Casting Information

Tom Holland is set to don the iconic Spider-Man suit once more. As of now, additional casting announcements haven’t been made public. However, fans eagerly await news on who will join Holland, hoping to see both familiar faces and new characters.

Filming and Direction

The project is in its early stages with a script in the works and production set to begin in late 2024. There is buzz around the film’s direction and whether Jon Watts will be at the helm again. If he is indeed directing, audiences can expect a continuation of the style and energy Watts brought to previous films.