Can You Get the Hermes Face on Any Apple Watch?

Jonathan Kao

Apple Watch Hermes

The Hermès Apple Watch is known for its distinctive style, characterized by the exquisite Hermès watch faces that blend elegance with Apple’s technological innovation. These watch faces are highly sought after because of their association with the luxury fashion brand Hermès. However, it’s important to understand that not just any Apple Watch can showcase these exclusive designs. The unique Hermès faces are crafted to be a feature of specific models, ones that often come with a premium stainless steel casing and a high price tag linked to the luxury brand.

Many watch owners may wonder if there’s a workaround to access these Hermès watch faces on their non-Hermès Apple Watches. While various online discussions and forums may suggest hacks or third-party options for doing so, these methods are not officially supported by Apple. Moreover, attempts to install Hermès faces on devices that don’t support them could lead to issues with software updates or WatchOS functionality. If you own an Apple Watch and are considering trying to install Hermès faces on it, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these faces are designed to remain exclusive to the Hermès editions of the Apple Watch to maintain the brand’s exclusivity and partnership with Apple.

How to Know if Your Apple Watch Supports the Hermès Face

Hermès watch faces offer a touch of luxury on your Apple Watch. But they’re not available on every Apple Watch model.

Only Hermès Apple Watches Can Use Hermès Watch Faces

Apple restricts the Hermès watch faces to (you guessed it) Hermès Apple Watch models. These special edition watches feature high-end materials and special Hermès bands. Owning a Hermès band isn’t enough — you need the actual Hermès Apple Watch.

How to Spot a Hermès Watch Face

It’s easy to tell if a watch face is a Hermès creation. Here’s what to look for:

  • The Hermès logo: Every Hermès watch face prominently features the iconic Hermès logo.
  • Unique designs: Hermès designs have a distinctive style, often using elegant fonts and luxurious design aesthetics.

Popular Hermès Watch Faces

Several Hermès watch faces add a touch of class. Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular options:

Face NameDescription
Hermès Circuit HDynamic face with bold, interlocking “H” pattern
Hermès Double TourWraps the time display in a leather band design
Hermès CarrickClassic watch face with elegant numerals

While you can’t get official Hermès watch faces on standard Apple Watch editions, you may find third-party watch faces that try to imitate the Hermès style. However, be aware that these will never be a perfect match for the authentic experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Hermès watch faces are exclusive to Hermès edition Apple Watches.
  • Non-Hermès Apple Watches officially do not support Hermès watch faces.
  • Attempting unauthorized installations can disrupt overall WatchOS functionality.

Availability and Compatibility of Hermes Watch Faces

Apple Watch and Hermes have teamed up to create a line of luxury watch faces. These unique designs are not available on all Apple Watch models.

Exclusive Hermes Design Elements

The Hermes Apple Watch faces showcase a distinct style that features the Hermes logo, signature colors, and unique numerals. Some of these designs include the Hermes exclusive color, space black stainless steel case, and other styles, like the silver and graphite stainless steel or aluminum cases. Each design element ensures the Hermes faces stand out.

Compatibility Across Apple Watch Models

Hermes watch faces are only compatible with Hermes edition models. Regular Apple Watch models, whether they are stainless steel, aluminum, or any other finish, cannot add these exclusive Hermes faces via standard means like the Watch app or the face gallery introduced in watchOS 7 and later.

Integrating Hermes Faces with WatchOS

Integrating a Hermes face into a non-Hermes Apple Watch through official channels is not a feature supported by watchOS. To access and use Hermes watch faces, one must have an Hermes edition of the Apple Watch. Custom watch faces and features like tapping to add new faces are available within watchOS but are limited to the specific styles and options each particular model supports.