The New Apple TV 4K 2024 Is Just A Few Months Away If Rumors Are True

Jonathan Kao

black apple tv remote control

The Apple TV 4K has been the top media streaming device basically since it launched. No other device delivers such a great interface, high-resolution picture & audio, integration with the Apple Ecosystem, games, a familiar look and feel – the list goes on and on. But it has been a LONG time since we’ve seen a hardware refresh on the device. 17 months and 3 weeks, to be precise. But who’s counting?

Well, if information leaked last year from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is still accurate, the wait should be over soon. Last year Gurman said that Apple’s plan was to release the new Apple TV 4K device (possibly named Apple TV 2024 or Apple TV 4K 4th Generation) in the first half of 2024. If true, that leaves just 2 months before we should see the 4th generation of the Apple TV 4K.

The two major upcoming events for Apple are coming on May 7, 2024 (the ‘Let Loose’ event) and the WWDC on June 10, 2024. Those are both possibilities but no official statement has been made from Apple yet.

The 2024 Apple TV is expected to bring significant improvements, including a new processor and enhanced connectivity options. Experts anticipate that the new device will not only maintain the sleek design and user-friendly interface that Apple products are known for but also introduce features like Wi-Fi 6E, which promises faster and more reliable streaming. With potential offerings of compelling original content, the next-generation Apple TV 4K could redefine the viewing experience for many audiences.

Key Takeaways

  • If a report by Bloomberg is true, we should see the new 4th Gen Apple TV by June 2024
  • The 2024 Apple TV is expected to feature a new processor and advanced connectivity.
  • Emphasis on original content is likely to enhance the viewing experience.
  • Design and ease-of-use will continue to be hallmarks of the device.
white and black remote control
Siri Remote on Apple TV

10 Things To Look For

The upcoming launch of the new Apple TV in 2024 is expected to be an exciting event for those interested in upgrading or purchasing an Apple TV streaming device. As we await the potential release of the new Apple TV 4K, here’s a glimpse of what buyers can expect to look forward to.

Launch Timing

The new Apple TV 4K, potentially the 4th generation of the device, is rumored to launch in the first half of 2024, possibly around June. Could it align with Apple’s WWDC event? We’ll have to wait and see.

Processor and Performance

Expect a significant upgrade in the processor, potentially moving from the A15 to an A16 or even A17 series chip. This upgrade will enhance the device’s performance, making it more efficient at handling 4K streaming and gaming.

Design and Build

While the design will likely retain its minimalist aesthetic, slight refinements in dimensions and style could be introduced to enhance its visual appeal and functionality.

Storage Options

Increased storage options are expected, with possibilities up to 512GB, accommodating more apps, games, and media content.

Connectivity and Ports

The device is expected to include the latest HDMI 2.1 port and possibly a USB-C port, alongside improvements in WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, ensuring faster and more stable connections.

User Interface and Experience

With tvOS updates, the user interface may become even more intuitive, and the integration with Apple’s ecosystem—like Apple TV+, Apple Music, and AirPlay—will continue to be a major selling point.

Smart Home Capabilities

Enhanced smart home integration through technologies like Thread may turn the Apple TV into a central hub for smart home management.

Content and Services

The new device will maintain robust support for leading streaming platforms and may offer exclusive content deals to enhance its value proposition.

Price Range

The expected price range for the new Apple TV 4K is likely between $149 and $199, depending on the model and storage capacity.

black box on white table
Apple TV Under TV

Special Offers

Like its predecessors, the new Apple TV 4K might come with promotional offers such as a few months of free Apple TV+ subscription, enhancing its appeal to new users.

NOTE: These expectations are based on industry rumors and insider information, as official details will only be confirmed by Apple closer to the launch date.

Exploring the Potential of the Apple TV 4K (4th Gen)

Rumors suggest Apple might release a 4th generation Apple TV 4K sometime in 2024. Let’s look more into the potential upgrades and why this update could generate excitement.

Rumored Features and Enhancements

  • Upgraded Processor: The new Apple TV 4K could feature a more powerful chip like the A16 or even A17, boosting performance and efficiency.
  • More Storage: Higher storage options might be introduced to accommodate more apps and games.
  • New Remote Features: The Siri Remote might get minor updates to improve navigation or control.
  • Potential Price Adjustment: It’s possible Apple could slightly lower the price for better competition in the streaming device market

Why the Apple TV 4K 4th Gen Matters

  • Enhanced Gaming: A stronger processor could elevate the Apple TV 4K’s gaming potential, attracting Apple Arcade users and making it a more compelling casual gaming device.
  • Smoother Streaming: A new Apple TV 4K would handle advanced streams (like higher resolution content) more easily, future-proofing it.
  • Ecosystem Integration: Apple devices work seamlessly together, so a newer Apple TV could bring enhanced connectivity features within the Apple ecosystem.

Specs Breakdown – Current vs. Potential

SpecificationApple TV 4K (3rd Gen)Apple TV 4K (4th Gen – Rumored)
ProcessorA15 BionicA16 or A17 Bionic
Storage64GB / 128GBPotentially up to 256 GB
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6, HDMI 2.1, ThreadPotentially Wi-Fi 6E, other minor enhancements

Important Notes

  • These specs are based on speculation; Apple hasn’t confirmed anything.
  • Apple’s focus is on user experience – hardware upgrades are always tied to improving functionality within their ecosystem.