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What Data Does TikTok Collect?

Kimberly Perez

TikTok, a popular social media app owned by Chinese company ByteDance, has come under scrutiny for its data collection practices. ...


Can You Have Two WhatsApp Accounts on One iPhone?

Troy Reeder

Yes, you can have two WhatsApp accounts on a single iPhone, but the process will involve at least a few ...

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Facebook Marketplace Guide: Accounts, Sales, Purchases, & Safety

Jonathan Kao

Facebook Marketplace is a platform that facilitates buying and selling of products within one’s local community. It offers a diverse ...

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How to Get Facebook Marketplace Back: Recovery Guide

Scott Daly

Facebook Marketplace is a platform where people can buy and sell items within their local communities. However, sometimes it can ...

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Can You Turn Off Meta AI? No. But Here’s How To Limit It

Scott Daly

Meta AI is an assistant/chatbot developed by Facebook’s parent company, Meta. It’s supposed to help users with various tasks on ...

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Can You See When Someone Was Last Active on LinkedIn?

Emily Lee

Understanding when someone was last active on LinkedIn can be an important tool for networking and professional communication. With LinkedIn’s ...

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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Address?

Kimberly Perez is a widely used email service provided by Google. It offers an intuitive user interface, efficient email management, and ...

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How To Check Removed Messages In Messenger

Kimberly Perez

If you have ever accidentally deleted a message on Facebook Messenger, you know how frustrating it can be. To recover ...

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Can You View Private Posts on an Instagram Account If You Don’t Follow Them?

Troy Reeder

Many people wonder if they can view private posts on Instagram without following the account. The direct answer is no, ...

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How To Check Reposts On TikTok

Kimberly Perez

Understanding how to check reposts on TikTok can help you see how your content is being shared on the platform. ...