Ghost of Tsushima 2: Confirmed In Development. Release Date Expected In 2025

Troy Reeder

Ghost of Tsushima 2

Ghost of Tsushima 2 has been reported to be in developed with an expected release sometime in 2025. The game will likely continue Jin Sakai’s story and may be set during the second Mongol invasion of Japan. The studio working on the game, Sucker Punch Productions, has not revealed many details, but industry experts and fans are excited about exploring new locations and meeting familiar characters in the sequel. As we wait for more news, the anticipation for Ghost of Tsushima 2 remains high.

Ghost of Tsushima 2: A Glimpse into the Sequel

Development and Release

Sucker Punch Productions, the creators of the original “Ghost of Tsushima,” officially confirmed the sequel’s development in July 2021. While a specific release date remains elusive, industry insiders speculate a potential launch sometime in 2025.


Ghost of Tsushima 2 is slated for release exclusively on PlayStation 5, harnessing the console’s power for enhanced visuals and gameplay.

Setting and Storyline

Details about the storyline are scarce, but rumors suggest a continuation of Jin Sakai’s journey, potentially venturing beyond Tsushima Island. Some theories propose a focus on the second Mongol invasion of Japan, a historical event that could offer a compelling backdrop for the game.


While concrete details are under wraps, expectations are high for expanded gameplay features. This could include new combat styles, weapons, and a more diverse open world to explore. The sequel might also delve deeper into the themes of honor, loyalty, and the samurai’s struggle in a changing world.

Potential Features

The Ghost of Tsushima 2 might incorporate enhanced visuals with ray tracing, faster loading times, and immersive 3D audio. Speculation also points towards the possible inclusion of new side activities, expanded skill trees, and a more intricate crafting system.

What We Don’t Know

Key details such as the official title, the exact release date, and in-depth gameplay mechanics remain undisclosed. Fans eagerly await a PlayStation Showcase or official announcements from Sucker Punch for further insights.

Anticipation and Expectations

StorylineContinuation of Jin Sakai’s journey, exploration of themes of honor and loyalty.Compelling narrative with emotional depth and meaningful character development.
GameplayExpanded combat system, diverse open world, new features.Immersive and engaging gameplay experience with innovative mechanics.
VisualsEnhanced graphics with ray tracing, improved lighting and textures.Stunning visuals that showcase the beauty of feudal Japan.
PerformanceSmooth gameplay, faster loading times, optimized for PlayStation 5.Seamless experience without technical issues.

Please note that this information is based on current speculation and rumors. Official details will be revealed by Sucker Punch Productions in due time.

Key Takeaways

  • Ghost of Tsushima 2 is in development by Sucker Punch Productions.
  • Potential release date might be around 2025 due to the studio’s one-project focus.
  • The game could follow Jin Sakai’s journey in mainland Japan.

Game Details and Developments

“Ghost of Tsushima 2” builds on the success of the original game, promising enhanced gameplay, a rich narrative, and improved technical performance on next-gen platforms like the PS5. The development team is focusing on delivering a more immersive experience with new features and optimizations.

Storyline and Setting

The sequel will likely continue the journey of Jin Sakai, expanding on his role as a samurai in feudal Japan. The setting is expected to move from Tsushima Island to the mainland, bringing new locations and historical events like the Mongol invasion. The intricate narrative will focus on loyalty, honor, and the samurai code, integrating these themes with personal stories and conflicts.

Gameplay Enhancements

New gameplay features will make the game more engaging. Reducing map icons will enhance exploration and discovery. The combat system is expected to get more depth, with refined techniques and new abilities. The game could also introduce new modes of travel and interactive environments, making the open-world experience seamless and fluid.

Technical Aspects and Platforms

“Ghost of Tsushima 2” is being developed primarily for the PS5, with upgraded graphics, faster loading times, and more realistic environments. These enhancements aim to utilize the PS5’s hardware capabilities fully. While the release on PS4 remains uncertain, there might also be a potential release for PC, considering how other Sony exclusives have expanded to that platform. The use of advanced motion capture and high-resolution textures will offer a visually stunning and immersive experience.

Cultural Impact and Industry Context

“Ghost of Tsushima 2” has significant cultural and industry importance. It draws from Japanese history, and its sales and reception reflect its impact. Its future prospects and media adaptations underscore its ongoing relevance.

Reception and Sales

“Ghost of Tsushima” was a commercial hit. It sold over 2.4 million copies in the first three days. This made it the fastest-selling original IP by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game’s success reflected its high praise from players and critics for its stunning visuals and engaging gameplay.

Sales figures continued to rise. By the end of the year, the game had sold over 5 million copies. The game’s strong performance emphasized Sucker Punch’s ability to create compelling action-adventure games.

Historical Relevance and Inspiration

The game is set during the first Mongol invasion of Japan in 1274. It blends historical events with fiction, focusing on Jin Sakai, a samurai. The story draws from actual samurai legends and the island of Tsushima’s history.

Jin’s journey to defend Tsushima mirrors real historical struggles. Characters like Lord Shimura and Yuna add emotional depth and connections to Japanese culture. The game’s representation of samurai traditions and the importance of honor and duty resonate with many players.

Future Prospects and Related Media

“Ghost of Tsushima 2” is highly anticipated. Rumors and leaks suggest it might take place in mainland Japan. The movie adaptation in development further boosts the franchise’s visibility. Sony’s announcements in PlayStation Showcases and State of Play events keep fans engaged.

Fans eagerly await news about potential gameplay updates and story details. The franchise’s success positions it well for future expansions. Its blend of history and action-adventure gameplay continues to attract a global audience.