Helldivers 2 Keyboard Controls: A Comprehensive Guide for PC Gamers

Scott Daly

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Helldivers 2 is a game developed by Arrowhead Game Studios that challenges players with its strategic, squad-based combat on PC. A player’s skill in navigating their character through intense battlefields is as important as their ability to work as part of a team. To excel at this compelling third-person shooter, mastering the keyboard controls can mean the difference between a successful campaign and an untimely demise. Achieving precision in Helldivers 2’s chaotic world requires familiarity and comfort with the game’s control scheme.

It is essential for any player to know the default key bindings, how to customize them, and mastering advanced techniques. By learning the default keyboard controls, players can move, shoot, and communicate efficiently. For those looking for an edge, customizing key bindings can lead to better response times and a more comfortable gaming experience. This guide lays down the foundational knowledge any player needs to configure their controls for optimized gameplay performance.

Mastering the Keyboard Controls in Helldivers 2: A Comprehensive Guide

Helldivers 2 throws you into a chaotic co-op battle for galactic democracy. Mastering the keyboard controls is a critical component of PC play because you never know what’s lurking around the corner. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the keybinds you need to know to survive the relentless alien hordes:

Movement & Aiming

FunctionDefault KeyNotes
Move ForwardWStandard WASD controls
Move BackwardsS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
AimMouseLook around, target enemies


FunctionDefault KeyNotes
Primary FireLeft Mouse ButtonHold to fire
Throw GrenadeF
Quick-Use Support ItemGOften your chosen Stratagem
Melee AttackVUseful in a pinch
Activate StimEQuick heal in dire situations
Swap Primary WeaponQ
Swap Secondary WeaponE
Access Weapon Wheel3Hold to select different weapons

Communication & Map

FunctionDefault KeyNotes
Open MapTabView objectives and terrain
Place Map MarkerBCoordinate with teammates
Open Comms WheelCUse quick emotes or requests
Voice ChatVFor direct communication

Advanced Tips

  • Friendly Fire: Helldivers 2 features friendly fire. Be mindful of where you aim, especially during intense battles. A stray bullet can mean the difference between victory and defeat for your squad.
  • Keybinding Customization: The default controls are a good starting point, but don’t hesitate to customize them in the game’s settings menu. Experiment to find a layout that feels comfortable and efficient for you. Everyone’s hand size and preferences are different!
  • Situational Keybinds: Here are some less frequently used but important keybinds:
    • Esc: Cancels out of stratagems or actions in progress.
    • E (Vehicles): Enters or exits vehicles.
    • F (Turrets): Takes control of mounted turrets.

Advanced Techniques

For seasoned Helldivers looking to push their skills further, here are some advanced techniques to master:

  • Stutter-Stepping: Tap movement keys briefly while firing to maintain some mobility and accuracy. Avoid standing still as a sitting duck!
  • Quick-Swap Canceling: Quickly switch between weapons to cancel reload animations, allowing for faster firing sequences.
  • Advanced Communication: Combine map markers with the Comms Wheel for precise callouts. For example, marking a resource node and using a “gather here” emote can quickly direct your team to a strategic location.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding Helldivers 2 keyboard controls elevates gameplay.
  • Customization options are available for an improved experience.
  • Efficient key bindings contribute to better teamwork and game performance.

Core Gameplay Mechanics

Helldivers 2 offers a range of keyboard controls that allow players to navigate the battlefield, engage in combat, utilize strategic assets, communicate with their squad, and manage their perspective. Understanding and mastering these controls are essential for survival and mission success.

Movement and Navigation

Players move their Helldiver using the W, A, S, D keys. To sprint, they should hold Shift while moving. Spacebar allows for dives or evasive rolls for quick getaways from enemy fire. Climbing over obstacles or navigating terrain is automatic when players move towards them.

Combat and Interaction

To fire their primary weapon, players click the left mouse button, and to aim more precisely, they use the right mouse button. Reloading is done by pressing R. Close-range combat requires a melee attack, which is achieved by pressing V. For a quick grenade throw, the F key is utilized. When it comes to interaction, pressing E enables the player to engage with objects or rescue downed comrades.

Stratagems and Support

E is also used to interact with the map where players can access special abilities or call in support. By pressing Tab, the player opens the Stratagem list, choosing powerful combat assets or utilities. Q activates a chosen Stratagem, and careful timing and positioning is crucial when deploying these game-changing abilities.

Communication and Teamwork

Communication is key in cooperative gameplay. Players can mark important locations or targets by pressing B. The V key is used for quick voice commands, and the Caps Lock allows for voice chat with other players. A more advanced Comms Wheel is available by holding Alt, which provides more options for teamwork and requests for reinforcement.

Camera and Viewing Controls

The Ctrl key toggles crouch for a lower profile or to take cover. Players can zoom in on the action by using the mouse wheel, adjusting their viewpoint to better plan their next move. The camera side switch is bound to Shift, allowing for an altered view around corners and obstacles. This helps in keeping a clear view of the surroundings and any potential threats.