Spider Man 2: ‘New Game Plus’ Mode Explained

Jonathan Kao


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for PS5 now includes a New Game Plus mode. This mode lets players who have finished the main story start a new game with all their upgrades and skills. It also offers new challenges, such as the ability to level past 60, new Ultimate Levels, and a variety of Symbiote Suit Styles. Insomniac Games has added updates to make New Game Plus even more rewarding, including new accessibility options, mission replays, and the ability to change the time of day in the game.

Players will also find cosmetic upgrades, like suits from Marvel’s Hellfire Gala event and the ability to customize the color of Symbiote tendrils. These new features not only enhance gameplay but also make each playthrough feel unique and engaging.

Swing Back Into Action

What is New Game Plus?

New Game Plus (NG+) lets you replay “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” while keeping your unlocked skills, gadgets, suits, and upgrades. It’s a chance to experience the story again with a powered-up Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

Unlocking NG+

To access NG+, you must first complete the main story campaign. Once the credits roll, you’ll unlock the option to start a new game in NG+ mode.

What Carries Over in NG+?

  • All skills and abilities
  • All gadgets and upgrades
  • All suits and suit mods
  • All collectibles (backpacks, landmarks, etc.)
  • All trophies and achievements (except NG+-specific ones)

New Features in NG+

  • Ultimate Difficulty: A new difficulty mode that offers a greater challenge for experienced players.
  • Symbiote Suit Styles: New color options and styles for Peter’s symbiote suit.
  • Ultimate Level Cap: Continue leveling up beyond the original cap to gain additional skill points and suit styles.
  • Mission Replay: Replay specific story missions and side activities.
  • Photo Mode Enhancements: New features and options for capturing stunning in-game moments.

Tips for NG+

  • Try Ultimate Difficulty: If you’re looking for a challenge, Ultimate Difficulty pushes your skills to the limit.
  • Experiment with Symbiote Suits: The new styles offer unique visual customization options.
  • Replay Favorite Missions: Revisit your favorite moments from the campaign with all your upgrades.
  • Capture New Photos: Take advantage of the enhanced photo mode to create stunning images.

Why Play NG+?

NG+ offers a new way to experience the game. Replay the story with a fully upgraded Spider-Man, explore new difficulty levels, and unlock additional content. It’s perfect for those who want to continue their adventure in New York City.

Key Takeaways

  • New Game Plus lets players carry over suits and abilities.
  • Mission replays and time of day changes enhance gameplay.
  • New suits and customization options add visual appeal.

New Game Plus Features

The New Game Plus mode in Spider-Man 2 offers several enhancements. These include higher difficulty levels, new suit options, and additional game content.

Ultimate Levels and Accessibility

Ultimate Levels provide a tougher challenge for players wanting to test their skills after beating the main campaign. These harder difficulty settings ensure that enemies are more aggressive and deal more damage. Alongside this, new accessibility features such as customizable subtitles and control settings have been added. These enhancements make the game more inclusive, providing options to suit various player needs.

Enhanced Suit Tech and Styles

The update allows players to unlock new suits, including those from Marvel’s Hellfire Gala event. Fresh suit styles for Peter Parker’s symbiote suits are now available, along with the option to change the color of the symbiote tendrils. Enhanced suit tech and upgrades also provide improved abilities, giving players a new edge in combat. Fans get more variety in their gameplay experience with these aesthetic and functional additions.

Extra Content and Game Updates

Mission Replay allows players to revisit and replay missions for better completion. Along with this, Spider-Man 2’s New Game+ mode enables users to carry over their completed game data, keeping unlocked suits and abilities. The update also adds fresh content, ensuring fans have new material to explore. Additional patches and updates help improve the game’s stability and performance.

Cosmetic and Convenience Updates

Spider-Man 2’s New Game Plus includes a range of new costumes, collectibles, and enhancements to photo and action figure modes. Players can expect new suits and visual options to elevate their gameplay experience.

Exclusive Costumes and Collectibles

The update introduces Hellfire Gala Suits, Symbiote Suits, and the Fly ‘N’ Fresh Suits. These provide players with unique appearances for Peter Parker and Miles Morales. The Hellfire Gala Suits are designed with a sleek, modern look, while the Symbiote Suits focus on a darker, more intense aesthetic.

Players can also unlock Golden Gadget Styles, which offer a visual upgrade to Spider-Man’s gadgets. These styles provide a gold-accented appearance to tools like web-shooters and drones, adding a flashy touch to the tech arsenal. New collectibles are scattered across the game, encouraging thorough exploration.

Improved Photo and Action Figure Modes

The photo mode now includes 10 new stickers and 2 new frames, which allow players to create more personalized snapshots. Users can easily add stickers to their photos for a fun and creative twist. The frames provide a polished border, enhancing the presentation of the images.

Additionally, players can now change the time of day to capture the perfect scene. The Action Figure Mode lets users pose Spider-Man in various action shots, replicating the look of collectible figurines. This mode is perfect for those who love detailed and stylized captures of their favorite hero. The combined additions make sharing in-game moments more engaging and visually appealing.