Supermarket Simulator Platforms: Updates On PC/Mobile/Xbox/PS5 Status

Jonathan Kao

Supermarket Simulator

Supermarket Simulator brings the complex task of running a supermarket into the world of gaming. It presents a virtual experience where players can design, manage, and optimize a store for efficiency and customer satisfaction. This game simulates the real challenges of supermarket management, including product placement, pricing, and inventory management. Success in the game is measured by the player’s ability to maintain a smooth shopping experience for virtual customers while also managing the store’s financial health.

Which Platforms Can You Play Supermarket Simulator On?

Supermarket Simulator is currently available on Steam (early access) for PC and compatible platforms. There are versions of the game on the App Store & Google Play store that don’t seem related to the game released by Nokta Games, but they are similar.

Current Platforms:

Similar Games (Not Related):

Upcoming Platforms:

The develoers haven’t made official announcements yet on when the game will be brought to other platforms, but rumors are pointing to a console release after about 12 months in ‘Early Access’ on Steam..

Potential Future Platforms:

PlatformLikelihood / Notes
iOS:It’s likely an iOS version of the game will be released, but so far we don’t have any information on a release date. There are several competing games on the App Store, however, which could limit the success of a release.
Android:It’s likely an Android version of the game will be released, but so far we don’t have any information on a release date. There are several competing games on the Google Play Store, however, which could limit the success of a release.
Xbox:Xbox is part of the roadmap for release once the game launches fully. We expect an Xbox release of this game at some point in 2025.
Playstation:Normally we would expect the Playstation launch to be around the time of other consoles but according to the Playstation store this game might be coming out in July 2024* to the PS5. Read more here:
Nintendo Switch:It’s not likely that a Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released but so far the developer has not signaled one way or the other on this.
*Note: The Playstation store sometimes puts release dates in that aren’t necessarily correct

When Will Supermarket Simulator Come Out On Xbox?

We’re expecting it to launch to Xbox once the game exits early access, which is usually about 12 months after launch. That would put it sometime in early 2025.

When Will Supermarket Simulator Come Out On Playstation?

The Playstation Store is reporting a release in July 2024 (Source) but that may not be accurate. We would expect the PS5 release to coincide with the full release of the game (projected 2025) but if the Playstation store is accurate that would be much sooner.

Key Takeaways

  • Supermarket Simulator challenges players with the management of a virtual store.
  • The game has received positive reviews for its detailed simulation of supermarket operations.
  • Expansion to console platforms could increase the game’s player base.

Supermarket Simulator Game Overview

The Supermarket Simulator allows players to manage a virtual store. From stocking shelves to handling finances, it offers a detailed experience on various platforms.

Understanding the Supermarket Simulator Genre

Supermarket Simulator by Nokta Games falls under the management simulation genre. Players take on the role of a supermarket owner. They stock products, serve customers, and manage the store for profit.

Gameplay Experience

In the game, players customize their store. They arrange shelves, fridges, and lights. Interiors can be tailored for aesthetic appeal or efficiency. In-game actions include stocking products and managing sales.

Steam offers a community hub with discussions, news, and guides. These platforms allow players to connect, share strategies, and solve issues together.

Running the store involves financial decisions. Players need to watch sales and profit margins. They have to handle rent, property costs, and in-game finances like loans and payments.