How to Setup, Manage, and Update Your Netflix Household: Guide

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Managing your Netflix account and updating your Household settings is a straightforward process that allows you to control which devices in your home have access to your account. This feature was introduced as part of Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing to ensure that legitimate people who live with you don’t get their access cut off. It also gives different users their own personalized viewing experience without giving them control of the primary account.

To update your Netflix Household, start from the home screen of your TV, press left on the remote to open the menu, and select the appropriate option to confirm or adjust your Household settings. Note that not all devices may have this feature, so make sure to select a compatible TV or TV-connected device. If you notice any unexpected activity on your account or need to change which devices have access, updating your Netflix Household settings can help resolve these issues.

To prevent unauthorized access and keep your pricing plan unchanged, it’s important to regularly check and review the devices in your Household. You may need to sign out of unfamiliar devices or those that don’t belong to your Household.

Managing Your Netflix Household for Accurate Viewing

Netflix recently introduced the concept of a “Netflix Household” to prevent widespread password sharing outside your primary residence. Here’s a breakdown of how to set or update your Netflix Household to ensure you and those you live with have the best viewing experience.

What is a Netflix Household?

A Netflix Household is determined by the devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your primary TV where you watch Netflix. Devices on this shared network are automatically considered part of your household.

Setting or Updating Your Netflix Household

You can usually set your Netflix Household when you first log in to Netflix on your TV. However, if you need to change it later, here’s what to do:

  1. Access Netflix from Your TV: Use the primary TV where you mainly watch Netflix.
  2. Open the Menu: Navigate to the left of your Netflix home screen to open the menu.
  3. Select “Get Help”
  4. Choose “Manage Netflix Household.”
  5. Follow the Prompts: You’ll be asked to either confirm your current household or update it.
  6. Verification Method: You’ll need to verify the update via email or text message.

Things to Remember

  • 31 Day Travel Exception: You can still use Netflix on devices outside your home network for up to 31 days while traveling.
  • Verification Needed: If you’re away for extended periods, you may need to periodically verify your devices.
  • Contact Netflix Support: If you face issues updating your Netflix Household, reach out to Netflix support.
Setting Netflix HouseholdDone through the Netflix menu on your main TV where you watch.
Updating Netflix HouseholdUse the “Get Help” and “Manage Netflix Household” options in the Netflix menu on your TV.
VerificationYou’ll need to verify updates via email or text.
TravelYou can use your Netflix account for up to 31 days on other Wi-Fi networks while traveling.

How to Add Devices to Your Netflix Household

Once you’ve set up your primary Netflix Household, adding devices within the same home is easy:

  • Automatic Inclusion: Devices that connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your main TV will typically be added to your household automatically.
  • Manual Verification: If a device doesn’t automatically join, you may be prompted to verify it using a code sent to your email or phone number.
Netflix Manage Devices (Mobile View)

Troubleshooting: Device Not Included in Household

If a device in your home isn’t recognized as part of your Netflix Household, try these steps:

  • Confirm Wi-Fi Connection: Ensure the device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your primary Netflix TV.
  • Restart Devices: Try restarting your TV, the device in question, and even your router to refresh the network connection.
  • Check with Netflix Support: If issues persist, contact Netflix support for additional help.

Further Insights from Netflix

  • Netflix Household Changes: Keep in mind that Netflix regularly updates its policies. Refer to the Netflix Help Center ( for the latest information on managing your Netflix household.
  • Traveling with Netflix: You can continue to watch Netflix on your laptop, phone, or tablet for up to 31 days while connected to a different Wi-Fi network. For longer periods, you might need to verify your device.

Key Takeaways

  • Update your Netflix Household to manage device access
  • Verify devices regularly to maintain control over your Netflix account
  • Use a compatible TV or connected device to adjust Household settings

Updating Your Netflix Household Account

Updating your Netflix Household account involves a few key steps to ensure your viewing experience is personalized and secure. These steps include location verification, managing devices, handling connectivity issues, and understanding billing and household policies.

Verifying Your Primary Location

To verify your primary location, connect your TV to your home Wi-Fi network. This network should be the one you mostly use. On your TV’s Netflix home screen, open the menu and select Get Help. Then, choose Manage Netflix Household and Confirm Netflix Household. Netflix may send you a verification link via email or text to complete this process.

Managing Devices and Profiles

Netflix allows you to manage your devices and profiles. Go to the menu and select Manage Netflix Household. You can view device IDs, add an extra member, or remove devices not in use. Managing profiles ensures each household member gets the right content recommendations based on their watch history.

Network and Connectivity Issues

A stable internet connection is vital. If Netflix displays an error message about your device not being part of the household, check your Wi-Fi or internet connection. Ensure your device is connected to the same network as the primary location.

Billing and Payments

For billing and payments, access your account settings to view account activity and pay your bill. If you have a premium account, the number of users and extra members affects your billing. Keep your payment information up to date to avoid any service interruptions.

Guidelines for Netflix Household

Netflix’s policy limits account sharing and password sharing. Each household should have members using one account in a single location. Primary location and IP address are key elements Netflix uses to enforce this policy.

Support and Assistance

If you face challenges with your Netflix account, the Get Help option in the menu provides support. You can also send an email or text to Netflix’s customer service for assistance.

Relocating or Traveling

When relocating or traveling, Netflix uses GPS data and your external IP address to adapt to your new location. Temporary changes in location should not affect your account if your primary location remains the same.

Troubleshooting Common Errors

When an error occurs, note the error message. If you see “This TV isn’t part of your Netflix household,” try reconnecting to the network of your primary location. For device errors, you may need to manage household devices, resend an email, or select “Remind me later” to solve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers common inquiries about managing your Netflix Household settings across various devices.

How can I change my Netflix Household settings on my television?

To update settings on your TV, press left on the remote to access the menu. Choose ‘Get Help’ then ‘Manage Netflix Household’. If ‘Manage Netflix Household’ isn’t there, try another TV device to make changes.

What are the steps to update my Netflix Household account on a Roku device?

On a Roku device, navigate to the Netflix app and open the settings menu. There should be an option to ‘Manage Netflix Household’. Follow the on-screen prompts to update your settings.

How do I manage my Netflix Household configurations on an iPhone?

For an iPhone, you need the Netflix app. Once you open the app, go to the account settings. You should see an option for ‘Manage Netflix Household’ where you can adjust your configurations.

What is the process for adding a new device to my Netflix Household?

New devices can be added by simply logging into Netflix on that device. It should automatically become part of your household if it uses the same internet connection as your main TV device.

Why does my Netflix account indicate that I am not part of my household, and how can I fix it?

This may happen if your device isn’t recognized as part of the household. To fix it, update the Netflix Household settings from your primary TV device. Restart the Netflix app on your mobile device afterward.

Is it possible to have my Netflix account accessible in two different households simultaneously?

Netflix accounts are intended for a single household. If you need access in different locations, each should manage its own Netflix Household settings to comply with the service’s terms.