Zulily Alternatives: Online Shopping Sites To Try Now That They’re Closed

Emily Lee

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Zulily was a popular choice for bargain hunters seeking deals on clothing, home goods, and more. Now that they have closed down, it’s time to find other stores like it where you can get the same great deals. The good news is that they were not the only player in the game! If you’re looking to expand your shopping horizons, here’s a breakdown of some fantastic Zulily alternatives:

Find Your Bargain Paradise: Alternatives to Zulily

Top Zulily Competitors

CompetitorWhat They OfferSimilarities to ZulilyWhy You Might Like It
JaneWomen’s fashion, kids’ clothing, home decor, giftsDaily flash sales, boutique brandsWide selection of trendy items
HauteLookDesigner brands at discounted pricesLimited-time flash salesName-brand deals
6pmDiscount clothing, shoes, and accessories from top brandsDaily deals, deep discountsGreat for brand-conscious bargain hunters
Rue La LaHigh-end fashion and home goodsFlash sales modelLuxury items at reduced prices
OverstockHuge selection across home, furniture, apparel, and moreDaily deals, wide varietyMassive range of products for every need

Other Alternatives to Consider

  • Amazon: The online juggernaut boasts a massive selection and frequent deals.
  • eBay: Find new and pre-owned items through bidding or “Buy It Now” options.
  • ThredUP: Score secondhand clothes, bags, and accessories.
  • Poshmark: Buy and sell gently used clothing and accessories.
  • Target: A one-stop-shop for affordable clothing, home items, and more.

Finding the Place For You

Consider these factors when choosing the best Zulily alternative:

  • Product focus: Do you care most about clothing, home decor, or other items?
  • Budget: How deep of discounts are you looking for?
  • Brands: Are you drawn to specific brands or open to discovering new ones?
  • Shopping style: Do you love the thrill of flash sales or prefer a wider, always-available selection?

By exploring these options, you can find the perfect shopping haven for your budget and style!

Understanding What Zulily Offered

Zulily was a unique retailer in the crowded e-commerce space, distinguished by its distinct approach to sales and deals. As an online retailer, Zulily specialized in offering daily deals that captured the attention of deal-savvy shoppers across the globe.

Flash sales were at the heart of Zulily’s appeal. These events presented opportunities for shoppers to find exclusive sales on a wide range of products, from clothing to home decor. What made Zulily’s flash sales especially enticing was the promise of discounts up to 70% off retail prices.

These sales were limited-time offers, creating a sense of urgency that encouraged quick purchasing decisions. Unlike traditional retailers, Zulily’s events typically lasted for 72 hours, adding an exciting, fast-paced shopping experience.

Zulily’s Unique Features:

Exclusive Deals: Specially curated sales that were not found elsewhere.

Limited Time: Sales were typically available for a short period, engendering urgency.

Discounts: Deep discounts with the potential for significant savings.

As an e-commerce platform, Zulily’s model centered on value and the joy of discovery. The site added new sales every day, keeping the inventory fresh and engaging. The combination of value, novelty, and time-sensitive offers differentiated Zulily from other online shopping experiences, securing its place as a go-to destination for budget-conscious and trend-seeking consumers.

Apparel and Accessories

For shoppers seeking discounted apparel and accessories, several retailers offer compelling alternatives to Zulily. These sites provide a mix of high-end fashion, streetwear, and everyday clothing at reduced prices, making it easy to score deals on quality brands.

Clothing and Apparel Focused Retailers

  • Rue La La: Known for its daily private sale boutiques, Rue La La offers up to 70% off on popular brands for men, women, and children.
  • Gilt: With insider pricing on designer trends, Gilt is a go-to for those looking to dress in the latest styles without spending a fortune.
  • Nordstrom Rack: For a wide array of clothing options, Nordstrom Rack presents discounts on brands that cater to fashion-forward consumers.
  • Zara: Stylish and affordable, Zara updates its collections frequently, offering fresh takes on contemporary apparel.
  • Anthropologie: For shoppers desiring a bohemian flair, Anthropologie provides discounted clothing with a unique twist.
  • Saks Off 5th: High-end designer apparel becomes more accessible with the substantial discounts available at Saks Off 5th.

Online Discount Retailers and Consignment Stores

  • HauteLook: A sister site to Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook features limited-time sale events on top fashion brands.
  • ThredUp: As the world’s largest online consignment store, ThredUp sells second-hand clothing, providing both affordability and sustainability.
  • The Outnet: Fashionistas can find luxury apparel at The Outnet, where overstocked designer clothes are sold at lower prices.
  • 6pm: Shoppers in search of deals across various brands can explore 6pm for significant discounts on shoes, clothing, and more.
  • Target: Renowned for their collaborations with designers, Target offers trendy apparel and accessories at budget-friendly price points.
  • Old Navy: Ideal for the whole family, Old Navy provides casual wear and basics at prices that are hard to beat.

Home, Beauty, and More

Home Decor and Furnishings Marketplaces

For those decorating their space, Wayfair and Overstock.com are robust options. Wayfair is known for its vast inventory that includes stylish home decor and furnishings, catering to various tastes. Whether shoppers seek chic coffee tables or playful area rugs, they’re likely to find it here. On the other hand, Overstock.com stands out with frequent deals on furniture, home accessories, and even toys, making it a pocket-friendly choice.

  • Amazon and Walmart: These giants offer a wide range of home goods from bedding to bookshelves, often at competitive prices. The advantage is their extensive selection that spans from affordable to premium items.
  • Burlington and Costco: These retailers are known for their value deals on home goods and furnishings. Burlington offers discounts on various items, while Costco’s bulk purchases can lead to significant savings, especially for larger items.

Beauty and Lifestyle Product Providers

For beauty and personal care products, there are several go-to online destinations.

  • Amazon: Carrying an extensive array of cosmetics and beauty gadgets, Amazon is a versatile choice with something for every beauty enthusiast.
  • Overstock: Not just for home goods, Overstock often has a curated collection of beauty products as well, from skincare essentials to makeup must-haves.

Both sites are convenient for those who want to shop for beauty items alongside their home decor purchases, offering a one-stop shopping experience. They stock everything from the latest hair tools to luxurious skincare, as well as an array of accessories and footwear like boots and shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Zulily Shut Down?

Yes, they are no longer in business. Their website has a ‘Coming Soon’ notice but nothing else.

Which online stores offer deals comparable to Zulily for children’s clothing?

Online stores such as Gilt provide designer children’s clothing at reduced prices, with deals and discounts that are similar to those found on Zulily.

Are there any apps that provide a shopping experience like Zulily’s?

Apps like Jane offer a shopping experience with daily deals on various items, mimicking the Zulily model for finding discounted fashion and home products.

Can you list competitors to Zulily where one might find daily discounts on boutique items?

Gold Box by Amazon and HauteLook are good choices where shoppers can discover daily discounts on a range of boutique and designer items.