Can You View Your Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming It? Here’s The Only Way

Scott Daly

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If you’re an Amazon customer with a gift card, you might wonder if it’s possible to check your gift card balance without actually redeeming it onto your account. This question arises often since users may want to know the card’s value for planning purposes or simply to confirm the balance of a received gift. The answer is no, not through Amazon’s standard procedure. Amazon requiress gift card balances to be applied to your account to view the amount.

Why? I used to be able to do it. The reason Amazon changed its website functionality is because scammers were creating bots that would try to guess gift card numbers in the Amazon system and then redeem them. Amazon had to shut down the ability to check numbers at high volume and now the process requires you to immediately apply funds to your account. On Amazon’s site it says:

Once applied to your Amazon account, the entire gift card amount will be added to your gift card balance. Your gift card balance, including Amazon Reload, does not expire and can’t be transferred to other accounts, used to buy other gift cards, or, as except as required by law, redeemed for cash. If you recently paid for part of a purchase using a Gift Card, and that item has not yet shipped, then any new funds added to your Gift Card balance up to the full purchase amount will be applied to that order once it’s shipped. Review terms and conditions.

So what can you do? You contact customer support. The only people that can check your gift card balance for you without redeeming it is support. To get to support open up a chat with the chatbot and ask to speak to a representative. Once you explain what you’re trying to do to the representative they will assist you. While Amazon’s website and app do not offer a direct way to check the balance without adding it to your account, by getting in touch with Amazon’s customer support you can inquire about the balance without it affecting your account.

Checking Your Amazon Gift Card Balance without Redeeming

  1. Log into your Amazon account
  2. Visit
  3. Select “Something else”
  4. Select I need more help
  5. Select Start chatting now
  6. Once you’re chatting with the bot ask to speak to a representative
  7. Explain your situation to the representative

Checking Your Amazon Gift Card Balance: Redeeming Way

NOTE: The steps below REDEEM the card to your account

On the Amazon Website or Mobile App

While Amazon doesn’t explicitly offer an option to check a gift card balance without redeeming it, you can utilize a workaround. Here’s how:

  1. Redeem the Gift Card:
  • Website: Visit “Redeem a Gift Card” under “Your Account.”
  • App: Tap “Redeem a gift card” under the main menu.
  • Enter the claim code (found on the back of the card or in your email).
  1. View Your Balance:
  • Website: Go to “Your Account” > “Gift Cards.”
  • App: Tap the menu icon > “Your Account” > “Manage gift card balance.”

Your balance will now be displayed, and you can use it for future purchases.

Important Notes

  • Balance Persistence: Even if you don’t use the entire balance, it will remain on your account for future use.
  • Physical Cards: You must scratch off the protective coating on the back of physical cards to reveal the claim code.
  • Third-Party Retailers: Gift cards purchased from third-party retailers like grocery stores or gas stations might not be immediately available for balance checks. It might take some time for them to be processed.

Alternative Methods

  • Customer Service: If you’re unable to redeem the card online, contact Amazon customer service. They can help you check the balance and resolve any issues.
  • Check Your Order History: If you purchased the gift card on Amazon, you can find its claim code in your order history.

By following these tips, you can easily check your Amazon gift card balance and ensure you’re getting the most out of your gift!

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon usually requires gift card balances to be redeemed to check them.
  • Customer service can assist in viewing a gift card balance without redeeming.
  • Contacting Amazon support is the way to confirm a gift card balance without affecting your account.

Checking Gift Card Balance

Amazon allows you to check your gift card balance easily without redeeming the card. You can either contact customer service for help or use alternative methods provided by Amazon.

Via Customer Service

If you want to know your Amazon gift card balance without adding it to your account, you can call Amazon customer service. They have a phone number dedicated to gift card inquiries. When you call, they will ask for the claim code on the gift card. They can then tell you the balance.

Alternative Methods provides ways to manage your gift card balance. On their website or through the Amazon app, go to the payments section in your account. Here you can enter the claim code and click on “Apply to your balance”. Instead of redeeming, just check the balance. If you’re using a web browser on a mobile or desktop computer, go to the Amazon website, and in the “Your Account” section, you can view your current balance. This way, if you’ve received the gift card as a gift or made a purchase with it, you can keep track of your funds without adding them to your Amazon account.