One Day (Netflix)

One Day On Netflix Is Over. No Season 2 Coming

Caitlyn Pauley

Fans of the show One Day on Netflix might be disappointed to hear that there likely won’t be a second ...

New iPhone

How to Transfer Your Messages and Data to a New iPhone

Jonathan Kao

Moving your messages to a new iPhone can seem tricky, but with the right steps, it’s quite simple. One effective ...

a close up of a device connected to a charger

What Do You Do When Your iPad Is Not Charging When Plugged In

Jonathan Kao

Experiencing the frustration of an iPad that won’t charge? It’s a common issue, but don’t panic. There are several simple ...

Fable Logo

Fable 4 Will Come Out Before Elder Scrolls 6. Release Window Expected In 2025

Emily Lee

Fable 4 was first announced during the Xbox Showcase back in 2020 and after the first trailer came out there ...

76th Emmy Awards

2024 Emmy Awards Nominations Announced: Top Categories

Jonathan Kao

The 2024 Emmy nominations have been announced, and this year’s contenders feature some of the most exciting television shows of ...

a car that is driving down the street

Is Waymo Safer Than Having A Human Driver? A Look At The Numbers

Jonathan Kao

Waymo’s self-driving cars are made to make roads safer using advanced technology. The company has driven over 7 million miles ...

black crow on gray stone photo

How Ravens In Game Of Thrones/House Of The Dragon Know Where To Fly

Jonathan Kao

In the show Game of Thrones and its prequel House of the Dragon, ravens are used to send messages between ...

RDR3 Logo

Red Dead Redemption 3 (RDR3) Not Being Announced Yet Is Concerning

Thomas Coop

Rockstar Games has been all in on Grand Theft Auto 6 so there’s no chance RDR3 is coming anytime soon. ...

OpenAI Project Strawberry Logo

What Do We Know About OpenAI’s Secret ‘Project Strawberry’

Jonathan Kao

OpenAI is working on a new AI project called Strawberry 🍓which aims to improve how artificial intelligence thinks and works. ...

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Could Come To PC At Any Moment As PS5 Exclusivity Is Over

Jonathan Kao

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth passed the PS5 exclusivity date for the game on May 29, 2024 which means the PC ...