College Football 25 Cover Accidentally Leaked: We Know The Cover Athletes

Troy Reeder

College Football 2025 Cover

Anticipation had been growing for the reveal of EA Sports’ new College Football 25 game, but a leak on the PlayStation Store unexpectedly gave fans an early look at the cover. The store showcased the cover art of the Deluxe Edition, sparking discussions and excitement across social media platforms. This inadvertent reveal provides a sneak peek into the new game, which has been eagerly awaited by the college football gaming community.

With the cover now in the public eye, it not just presents the design but also signifies a major shift in how college athletes are represented. For the first time, players can license their name, image, and likeness for use in the game. This development follows significant changes in college sports regulations and opens the door for more authentic player representation. The cover, featuring prominent college athletes, reflects this new era in college sports gaming.

Here’s just a few of the college football athletes on the cover:

Player NameTeamJersey NumberPosition
Kade EldridgeUSC Trojans88Tight End
Quinn EwersTexas Longhorns3Quarterback
Jalen MilroeAlabama Crimson Tide4Quarterback
Donovan EdwardsMichigan Wolverines7Running Back
Carson BeckGeorgia Bulldogs15Quarterback
Travis HunterColorado Buffaloes12WR/CB
Quinshon JudkinsOhio State Buckeyes1Running Back
Demond Williams Jr.Washington Huskies2QB
College Football 2025 Cover

EA Sports Stumbles with Cover Reveal

PlayStation Store Leak

The PlayStation Store briefly displayed the cover art for EA Sports College Football 25, revealing a crowded collage of players and program logos. This leak comes ahead of the official cover reveal scheduled for May 16th. The leak was quickly removed, but not before eager fans captured and shared the images online.

Featured Athletes

The leaked cover features several notable college football stars:

Donovan EdwardsRBMichigan
Quinn EwersQBTexas
Travis HunterWR/CBColorado

Additional players can be spotted in the background, adding to the excitement and anticipation for the game’s release.

Official Response

EA Sports acknowledged the leak on social media, confirming that the full cover reveal will still take place as planned on May 16th. The company also hinted at the possibility of multiple covers, potentially fueling speculation about different editions or regional variations.

Key Takeaways

  • The PlayStation Store leaked the College Football 25 cover.
  • The cover features real college athletes, highlighting the shift to using player likenesses.
  • EA Sports has not yet announced College Football 25 formally after the leak.

Leak Analysis and Cover Athlete Details

An unexpected leak on the PlayStation Store unveiled the cover of EA Sports College Football 25. It featured prominent collegiate athletes, signaling a new era in college sports video games.

Details from the PlayStation Store Leak

The PlayStation Store briefly displayed the Deluxe Edition cover for EA Sports College Football 25 before it was meant to be public. This leak showed Michigan running back Donovan Edwards and other top college players on the game’s cover, hinting at the official reveal slated for May.

Implications for EA Sports and NCAA

EA Sports is returning to college football games after a hiatus, with rules now allowing athletes to license their name, image, and likeness. The appearance of real players on the game cover suggests that EA has established licensing agreements with the athletes.

The Athletes Featured on the Cover

The cover features Donovan Edwards from Michigan, Quinn Ewers of Texas, Travis Hunter from Colorado, Jalen Milroe at Alabama, Carson Beck of Georgia, and Quinshon Judkins from Ohio State. These athletes embody the talent and promise of college football.

Anticipated Game Features and Release Schedule

EA Sports College Football 25 is expected to include improved gameplay and graphics, reflecting the recent advancements in gaming technology. The game is due to be released in July, with more details and possibly a trailer coming out this May.

Fan Reactions and Market Expectations

Fans have taken to Twitter and gaming forums like IGN to express their excitement about the return of the college football series. Market expectations are high, with predictions that EA Sports College Football 25 could become one of the best-selling sports games of the year.