How to Cancel PlayStation Plus: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jonathan Kao

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Thinking about canceling your PlayStation Plus subscription? Whether you’ve found an alternative service or just need a break, you might wonder how to stop the auto-renewal process. Canceling your PlayStation Plus subscription is straightforward and can be done directly from your console or via a web browser. This process ensures you won’t be charged for another month of benefits you no longer need.

Once your subscription ends, access to monthly free games and online multiplayer will be restricted. You might also lose certain benefits like cloud storage for game saves. Knowing these points can help you decide if canceling is the right choice for you.

Yet, you can always reactivate your subscription if you change your mind. Exploring the simple steps to cancel can save you time and potentially unwanted charges.

The account management page is here:

Cancelling Your PlayStation Plus Subscription Made Easy

Through a Web Browser

  1. Sign in to Account Management: Visit the PlayStation website and sign in to your account using your PlayStation Network credentials.
  2. Navigate to Subscriptions: From the main menu, locate and click on the “Subscription” tab.
  3. Select PlayStation Plus: Under your active subscriptions, find PlayStation Plus.
  4. Cancel Subscription: Click on the “Cancel Subscription” button located next to your PlayStation Plus membership.
  5. Confirm Cancellation: Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your cancellation. Your subscription will remain active until the next billing cycle.

On Your PlayStation Console

  1. Access Settings: From the PlayStation home screen, go to “Settings.”
  2. Users and Accounts: Choose “Users and Accounts.”
  3. Account: Select “Account.”
  4. PlayStation Subscriptions: Navigate to “PlayStation Subscriptions.”
  5. PlayStation Plus: Find your PlayStation Plus membership and select it.
  6. Turn Off Auto-Renew: Choose “Turn Off Auto-Renew” to prevent your subscription from renewing automatically.

Important Notes

  • Cancellation timing: Canceling your subscription will not result in an immediate refund. You will still have access to PlayStation Plus benefits until the end of your current billing cycle.
  • Reactivating your subscription: If you change your mind, you can easily reactivate your PlayStation Plus subscription before the end of your billing cycle to continue enjoying the benefits.

Table: Cancellation Methods

Web Browser1. Sign in to Account Management 2. Go to Subscriptions 3. Select PlayStation Plus 4. Cancel Subscription 5. Confirm Cancellation
PlayStation Console1. Go to Settings 2. Users and Accounts 3. Account 4. PlayStation Subscriptions 5. PlayStation Plus 6. Turn Off Auto-Renew

Key Takeaways

  • Cancel directly from your console or web browser.
  • Stopping PS Plus will restrict free games and online multiplayer.
  • Reactivate your subscription anytime if needed.

Canceling Your PlayStation Plus Subscription

Canceling a PlayStation Plus subscription can be done through various methods, whether on a PlayStation console, a web browser, or the PlayStation app. Each method involves specific steps that are straightforward. Here’s how to do it.

Understanding the Cancellation Process

Canceling PlayStation Plus means stopping the automatic renewal of the subscription. Users will retain benefits until the current period expires. Once canceled, reactivation is straightforward if desired at a later date.

Via PlayStation Console

To cancel directly from a PlayStation console:

PS5 Console:

  1. Home Page: Select the settings icon.
  2. Users and Accounts: Navigate to “Users and Accounts.”
  3. Payment and Subscriptions: Choose “Payment and Subscriptions.”
  4. Subscriptions: Click “Subscriptions” and select PlayStation Plus.
  5. Turn Off Auto-Renew: Select this option and confirm.

PS4 Console:

  1. Settings: Go to Settings.
  2. Account Management: Select “Account Management.”
  3. Account Information: Click on “Account Information.”
  4. PlayStation Subscriptions: Select “PlayStation Subscriptions.”
  5. Turn Off Auto-Renew: Find PlayStation Plus and select this, then confirm.

Via Web Browser

Canceling through the PlayStation website on a computer involves:

  1. Account Management: Go to the PlayStation website and sign in.
  2. Subscriptions Management: Navigate to “Subscriptions Management.”
  3. Cancel Subscription: Find PlayStation Plus and select “Cancel Subscription.”
  4. Confirm: Confirm the cancellation to end auto-renewal.

Via PlayStation App

To cancel using the PlayStation app on a mobile device:

  1. Login: Open the PlayStation app and log into your account.
  2. Account Settings: Go to “Account Settings.”
  3. Subscription Management: Select “Subscription Management.”
  4. Turn Off Auto-Renew: Choose PlayStation Plus and turn off auto-renew.
  5. Confirm: Confirm the choice to cancel the subscription.

Additional Considerations

After canceling, users will still access their benefits until the subscription end date. Refund policies vary based on the subscription plan and must comply with the terms of service. If benefits are missed, reactivation is easy. Keep track of renewal dates to avoid unwanted charges.