How to Restart A Pixel 7 Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Scott Daly

Google Pixel 7

Restarting a Google Pixel 7 can resolve minor glitches and improve the device’s performance. Users may need to perform a restart to implement updates or clear system hiccups. Knowing how to properly restart the Pixel 7 ensures the phone continues to run smoothly. The process is simple once you know the correct button combinations or settings to use. This is helpful as routine maintenance for your device.

The Google Pixel 7, like other smartphones, sometimes requires a reset. A restart can help when the phone is unresponsive or apps are not working correctly. The steps to restart the Pixel 7 are built into the phone’s software and hardware, making the process accessible to Pixel users. Provided the phone is charged and functional, a restart is a quick fix that can be accomplished in just a few moments.

Your Pixel 7: A Fresh Start in Seconds

The Standard Restart

  1. Press and Hold: Locate the Power and Volume Up buttons on the side of your Pixel 7.
  2. Release: After a few seconds, a menu will appear on your screen.
  3. Tap Restart: Select the “Restart” option, and your phone will begin the reboot process.

The Force Restart (For Unresponsive Phones)

  1. Press and Hold: Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons for about 15 seconds.
  2. Wait: Don’t let go until the screen turns off and the Google logo appears. This indicates a successful restart.

Alternative Restart Method

  1. Swipe Down: Swipe down from the top of your screen to access the Quick Settings panel.
  2. Power Icon: Tap the Power icon located at the bottom of the panel.
  3. Restart: Choose the “Restart” option from the menu.

Additional Tips

  • Quick Access: You can also restart your Pixel 7 by saying “Hey Google, restart my phone.”
  • Customization: If you prefer, you can change the function of the Power button in your phone’s settings. This allows you to access the power menu with a single press instead of a long press.


If your phone doesn’t respond to any of these methods, try plugging it into a charger for a few minutes and then attempt the restart again.

Table: Restart Methods for Pixel 7

MethodButtons UsedWhen to Use
Standard RestartPower + Volume UpNormal restart
Force RestartPower + Volume UpUnresponsive phone
AlternativePower Icon (Swipe Down)Quick access

Key Takeaways

  • Restarting your Pixel 7 can fix minor issues and is a good maintenance practice.
  • You can restart your Google Pixel using hardware buttons or through the settings menu.
  • The restart process is designed to be user-friendly and quick to execute.

Restarting Pixel 7: Step-by-Step Guide

A Google Pixel 7 can be restarted using several methods. The following sections provide detailed instructions for each method.

Using the Power Button

  1. Locate the Power Button: Find the power button on the right side of your Pixel 7.
  2. Access the Power Menu: Press and hold the power button until the power menu appears on your phone’s screen.
  3. Select Restart: Tap on the “Restart” option. Your phone will shut down and turn back on automatically.

Soft Resetting for Minor Glitches

  • If your Pixel 7 becomes unresponsive, try a soft reset.
  • Press and Hold Button Combination: Simultaneously hold down the power button and the volume down button for about 15 seconds.
  • Wait for the device to reboot.

Using System Settings

  1. Open Settings App: Swipe up from the home screen and tap on the settings gear icon.
  2. Navigate to System: Scroll down and tap on “System”.
  3. Restart Your Phone: Select “Restart” from the options to reboot your Pixel 7.

Employing Google Assistant for Voice Commands

  • To restart your Pixel 7 using voice commands, say “Hey Google” or press the Assistant button.
  • Command Google Assistant by saying, “Restart my phone.” If a confirmation is needed, follow the on-screen prompts.