What Exactly Is A Military Grade Phone Case?

Scott Daly

Military Grade Phone Case

Military grade phone cases are made to provide the best protection for mobile devices. These cases are very strong and can survive tough conditions that would normally damage regular phone cases. They are tested to meet the strict standards of the US Department of Defense, including drops, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. This high level of strength means that the device stays safe even in very difficult situations, giving users peace of mind. Most military grade phone cases are both tough and practical. Users don’t have to give up access to buttons, touchscreens, and ports in order to keep their devices safe. Manufacturers often use a combination of materials, like hard plastics and soft rubber, to absorb shock and prevent damage to the device. These design features meet the needs of users who use their devices in active or outdoor settings where accidents are more likely to happen. Buying a case that meets military standards can save money in the long run by avoiding the cost of repairing or replacing the device.

“Military Grade” Phone Cases: What It Means and What It Doesn’t

The Military Standard: MIL-STD-810G

The term “military grade” usually refers to the MIL-STD-810G standard, a set of tests created by the U.S. Department of Defense. This standard outlines various environmental and physical conditions that equipment might encounter during its service life.

What the Tests Entail

These tests evaluate a product’s resistance to:

  • Shock and vibration: Simulating drops, bumps, and rough handling.
  • Temperature extremes: High and low temperatures, thermal shock.
  • Humidity: Exposure to high humidity and moisture.
  • Altitude: Simulating high-altitude conditions.
  • Dust and sand: Ingress protection against particles.

What “Military Grade” Means (and Doesn’t Mean) for Phone Cases

“Military grade”The case has been tested to withstand some conditions outlined in MIL-STD-810G.
Doesn’t meanThe case is indestructible or suitable for all military applications.
Also doesn’t meanThe military has officially endorsed the case.

Interpreting Test Results

It’s important to note that not all “military grade” cases are created equal. Some may pass only a few tests, while others pass many. Look for specific details about which tests the case has passed. For example, a case might be drop-tested from a certain height but not tested for extreme temperatures.

Additional Considerations

  • Cost: Military-grade cases are often more expensive than regular cases due to their rugged construction and testing.
  • Bulk: These cases can add bulk and weight to your phone.
  • Aesthetics: They might not be as stylish as some slimmer cases.

The Verdict

A military-grade case can offer excellent protection against drops, bumps, and other hazards. However, it’s crucial to choose one that’s been tested to withstand the specific conditions you expect your phone to encounter.

Key Takeaways

  • Military grade cases provide superior protection.
  • They are functional without compromising durability.
  • Investing in one can save money on repairs.

Design and Features of Military Grade Phone Cases

Military grade phone cases are designed to meet specific standards that aim to provide optimal protection for smartphones in challenging conditions. They are crafted from durable materials, built to withstand considerable impact, and often offer unique features that enhance their functionality.

Material and Construction

Military grade phone cases use materials such as polycarbonate and stainless steel to resist damage. Polycarbonate is a hard plastic known for its strength. Stainless steel adds to the durability with its resistance to corrosion and impact. Together, these materials create an armored shield around a device.

Protection Standards

These cases adhere to rigorous MIL-STD (military standard) testing. This testing involves multiple drop tests from determined heights onto different surfaces. To be MIL-STD certified, a case must withstand these impacts.

Functional Enhancements

Enhancements in military grade cases often include textured grips for secure handling, kickstands for hands-free viewing, and mounts compatible with PALS/MOLLE systems. Some products, like the Juggernaut.Case, are specialized for integration with tactical equipment.


Most of these heavy-duty cases are designed for a specific phone model to ensure a snug fit. Compatible features like volume control access, wireless charging, and precise cutouts are standard. They often accommodate Audi and other popular brands, catering to user preferences for a seamless fit and protection.