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blue textile in close up photography

Elastane vs Spandex: Understanding the Differences in Stretch Fabrics

Jonathan Kao

Elastane and spandex are terms that often lead to confusion, but they refer to the same type of highly stretchable ...

a neckerchief, scarf, material

What Is Viscose Fabric: Unveiling the Essentials

Jonathan Kao

Viscose fabric is a semi-synthetic textile that has become a staple in the fashion industry due to its silk-like feel ...


Lyocell Unveiled: The Eco-Friendly Future of Fashion


Lyocell, a textile fiber that is known by the brand name Tencel, is gaining popularity in the fashion world for ...

Hello Molly

What is Hello Molly: Your Guide to the Trendy Fashion Brand

Jonathan Kao

Hello Molly is an online retailer that has carved a niche for itself in the fashion industry, particularly in Australia. ...

pregnant woman in seashore

Preggolicious: Embracing Fashion and Comfort During Pregnancy


Preggolicious is a term that has caught on to describe the stylish, confident attitude during pregnancy. It celebrates the pregnancy ...