How to Use An Xbox Controller on A Nintendo Switch

Emily Lee

Xbox Controller On Nintendo Switch

Using an Xbox controller with a Nintendo Switch can improve your gaming experience. If you’re used to the layout of the Xbox controller or simply looking for an alternative to the Joy-Cons or Switch Pro Controller, the Xbox controller might be more comfortable for you to use. Additionally, using your existing Xbox controller can save you money on purchasing additional accessories for your Switch. However, setting up the Xbox controller with the Switch is not as straightforward as using a Nintendo-branded device.

To set up the controller, you will need a compatible USB adapter because the Xbox controller doesn’t connect to the Switch natively. The process involves enabling the Pro Controller Wired Communication option in the Switch’s system settings and pairing the controller through the adapter. Once set up, you can enjoy playing a wide variety of games on your Switch console using the preferred ergonomics and button layout of your Xbox controller.

Connect Your Xbox Controller to the Switch for Expanded Options

While the Nintendo Switch offers excellent portability and fun exclusives, sometimes you might prefer the feel of a different controller. Luckily, connecting an Xbox controller to your Switch is simple!

What you’ll need

Before getting started, here’s what you need:

  • Nintendo Switch: Can be the standard Switch, Switch Lite, or Switch OLED model.
  • Xbox Controller: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, or Xbox Elite controllers work.
  • Adapter: A special USB adapter that converts the signal. The 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter 2 is a popular and reliable option.

Steps to connect

  1. Turn on Pro Controller communication. On your Switch, go to Settings > Controllers and Sensors > Pro Controller Wired Communication and enable it.
  2. Plug in the adapter. Connect the adapter to the USB dock on your Switch, or use a USB-C adapter for handheld mode.
  3. Pair your controller:
    • Adapter: Press the pairing button on the adapter.
    • Xbox Controller: Hold the sync button on top of the controller until the Xbox logo blinks rapidly.
  4. Wait for connection It may take a few seconds. Once the controller and adapter lights are solid, they are paired!

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Check your adapter. Some adapters only work with specific Xbox controllers.
  • Update firmware: Make sure both your controller and adapter have the latest firmware updates.
  • Test with a different cable. Try a different USB cable if the connection seems unstable.

Important Notes

  • Rumble and motion controls won’t work with an Xbox controller on the Switch.
  • Remapping buttons is not officially supported, but may be possible with third-party software.

Key Takeaways

  • An Xbox controller can be used with a Nintendo Switch for an alternative gaming experience.
  • A USB adapter is required to connect the Xbox controller to the Nintendo Switch.
  • The Pro Controller Wired Communication setting on the Switch needs to be enabled for the connection to work.

Setting Up Your Xbox Controller with Nintendo Switch

Setting up an Xbox controller to work with a Nintendo Switch requires specific equipment and adjustments. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to get your Xbox controller connected and ready for gameplay on your Switch.

Compatibility and Equipment

Before connecting your controller, confirm that you have a compatible Xbox controller such as those from the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S. You will need a wireless adapter like the 8bitdo adapter, Mayflash Magic NS, or a similar Bluetooth adapter. The Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED, or the console in docked mode, and the wireless adapter should have available USB ports or a USB-C connection for the controller.

Connecting the Controller

To use an Xbox controller with your Nintendo Switch:

  1. Plug your Bluetooth wireless adapter into a USB port on the Switch dock or directly into the USB-C port on the bottom of the Switch if not docked.
  2. Power on your Xbox controller and enter pairing mode by pressing and holding the sync button at the top until the Xbox logo blinks.
  3. Press the pairing button on the Bluetooth adapter until the LED light blinks, indicating it’s in pairing mode.
  4. Wait for the controller’s LED to stay lit, signifying a successful connection.

Adjusting Controller Settings

Navigate to ‘System Settings’ on your Nintendo Switch, then to ‘Controllers and Sensors’. Enable ‘Pro Controller Wired Communication’. This allows the Switch to communicate with the controller through the adapter. If you want to remap buttons, go to ‘Change Grip/Order’ in the Controller Settings and set your preferences.

Using the Controller for Gaming

Once connected, the Xbox controller can be used like any Nintendo Switch controller. The controller’s buttons function as they do on an Xbox, except for the Xbox home button, which may not have functionality in the Switch environment. Analog triggers, button mapping options, and features like motion controls, trigger vibration, or NFC for Amiibo may not be supported, depending on the adapter’s capabilities. Always check adapter specifications and reviews to verify the support for these features.

Remember to disconnect the controller by turning it off or entering sleep mode when not in use to conserve its power. Now you can enjoy your favorite Nintendo Switch titles with the familiar feel of an Xbox controller.