What is Amazon Passkey and How To Use It

Emily Lee

Amazon Passkeys

Amazon Passkey is a new way to access your account without using traditional passwords. You can use your fingerprint or facial recognition to sign in, making it more secure and convenient. Each user has a unique passkey stored securely, which is safer than regular passwords that can be guessed or stolen. The technology uses secure cloud storage and device-based verification. Once set up, the passkey is linked to your cloud service account, like Amazon, Apple ID, or Google, ensuring you can still access your account if one device is lost or compromised. Passkeys make logging in easier and reduce the risk of account breaches as there’s no actual ‘password’ to be intercepted or cracked.

Amazon’s Passwordless Future: Passkey


Amazon Passkey is a new passwordless login method that replaces traditional passwords with a more secure and convenient alternative. It leverages biometric authentication like fingerprint or facial recognition on your devices, providing a seamless and secure login experience.

How does it work?

Passkey utilizes public key cryptography to generate a unique pair of keys: one public, stored on Amazon’s servers, and one private, stored securely on your device. When you sign in, your device uses the private key to authenticate your identity with the public key stored on Amazon, eliminating the need for passwords.

Benefits of using Amazon Passkey:

  • Enhanced security: Passkeys are more secure than passwords as they can’t be easily guessed or stolen.
  • Convenience: Passkeys eliminate the need to remember and type complex passwords.
  • Faster login: Passkeys allow for quicker and more seamless logins.
  • Phishing protection: Passkeys are resistant to phishing attacks, as they are tied to specific websites and apps.

How to set up Amazon Passkey:

  1. Go to your Amazon account settings.
  2. Navigate to the “Login & security” section.
  3. Select “Passkeys” and click on “Set up.”
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to enroll your device.

How to use Amazon Passkey:

  1. Enter your email address on the Amazon sign-in page.
  2. Click on “Sign in with Passkey.”
  3. Use your device’s biometric authentication (fingerprint or facial recognition) to confirm your identity.


Amazon Passkey is currently compatible with most modern devices and browsers that support WebAuthn, a standard for passwordless authentication. This includes:

  • iOS devices with Touch ID or Face ID
  • Android devices with fingerprint sensors
  • Windows 10 and 11 with Windows Hello
  • macOS devices with Touch ID
  • Most modern web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge)

Remember that Passkeys are still a relatively new technology, so compatibility may vary depending on your device and browser.

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon Passkey enhances security using biometrics.
  • Passkeys support a move towards a passwordless internet.
  • Users can access their accounts across multiple devices securely.

Understanding Amazon Passkey

Amazon Passkey is a new way to sign in that boosts your account’s security. Instead of remembering a password, you use a fingerprint or face scan. This method is not just safer but also quicker, letting you access your account almost two times faster.

Definition and Purpose

Amazon Passkey serves as an advanced authentication method. It replaces traditional passwords with a secure and convenient login process. The purpose is to protect users from phishing and hacking by using biometric data or a trusted device to gain access.

Key Features and Benefits

  • More Secure: Prevents phishing and reduces risk of account breaches.
  • Convenient: Allows faster access with just your face or fingerprint.

Compatibility and Setup

Amazon Passkey works across various devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows. To set it up, visit the Amazon website or mobile app, go to ‘Login & Security’ in your account settings, and follow the simple instructions.

Security and Privacy Aspects

Passkeys use cryptography to keep your login unique and private. They don’t store your biometric information on Amazon’s servers, ensuring your privacy is maintained.

Usage and Account Management

After enabling Passkey, you can easily manage your Amazon account through your profile icon. Visit the ‘Login & Security’ section to make any changes or updates to your authentication method.

Navigating Challenges and Support

If issues arise, Amazon Support is ready to help. You can reach them via phone or email. They can provide step-by-step guidance for any problems you may encounter with Amazon Passkey.

Impact and Future Considerations

The adoption of Amazon Passkey signifies a move towards a passwordless internet. It offers a glimpse into the future where digital security is paramount. This change impacts not just Amazon but also how security is viewed in the ecommerce landscape.

Amazon Passkey in the Ecosystem

Amazon’s integration of Passkey is a part of a broader shift led by tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft. It benefits from widespread industry support in various apps and web browsers.

Enhancing User Experience

Passkey aims to make signing in to the Amazon website and mobile apps easier and faster. This includes shopping for deals on Amazon and accessing services like Prime Video.

Technical Integration and Developer Information

Developers can incorporate Amazon Passkey using available APIs. Information can be found on Amazon’s developer resources, ensuring a seamless experience across both apps and websites.

Customer Service and FAQs

Amazon’s customer service offers detailed instructions for any Passkey questions. Users can find quick answers to common queries about the setup and use of Passkey.

Promotions and Incentives

While Amazon might provide deals for using Passkey, it’s important to ensure any promotion is authentic and not a phishing attempt. Always check offers directly through the Amazon website or app.