How To Find Out How Old Your iPad Is: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jonathan Kao

silver ipad on white table

Determining the age of your iPad is a straightforward process that can be useful for various reasons, such as evaluating its trade-in value or checking compatibility with the latest software updates. The model number of your iPad, available in your device’s settings, is a key piece of information you will use to identify the iPad’s age. Each iPad model corresponds to a specific release period, which in turn indicates how long the device has been on the market.

Once you’ve located your iPad’s model number by exploring the settings and checking the regulatory information, you can employ various online resources to ascertain the release date of your model. Taking note of the model number and conducting a simple internet search can quickly lead you to detailed information about your iPad, including its release year, which in turn helps you determine how old the device is.

Determining Your iPad’s Age: Easy Methods

Finding out the age of your iPad is important, whether you’re curious about its history, planning to sell it, or checking for software update compatibility. Here’s a breakdown of the simple ways to uncover this information:

Method 1: Check Settings

  1. Find “Settings: Locate and open the Settings app (the gear icon) on your iPad.
  2. Navigate to “General: Tap on the “General” section in your iPad settings.
  3. “About” section: Select “About” within the General settings menu.
  4. Locate Your Model Number: Find “Model Number.” It will be a mix of letters and numbers (e.g., A1234).
  5. Online Lookup: Search the internet for that specific model number using a search engine. Resources like Everyi: or Apple Support: will reveal the model name and its release year.

Method 2: Locate the Serial Number

  1. Settings or Back of Device: Your iPad’s serial number can be located either in the “About” section of Settings or etched on the back of the device.
  2. Apple Support Website: Go to the Apple Support website and enter your serial number into the designated area. This will provide details including your iPad’s release year.

Method 3: Identifying by Appearance

If you are comfortable with iPad models, you may be able to make an educated guess about its age based on these physical characteristics:

FeaturePossible Age Indication
Home ButtoniPads with physical Home buttons are generally older models.
Screen Size and BezelsLarger screens with smaller bezels indicate newer models
Camera DesignSingle camera setups on the rear of the iPad points to older generations.
ConnectorsiPads with Lightning connectors are older than models with USB-C.

Important Note: Remember, your iPad’s purchase date isn’t necessarily the same as its release year.

Key Takeaways

  • Locating the model number in iPad settings is crucial for identifying its age
  • An internet search with the model number reveals the iPad’s release date
  • Knowing your iPad’s release date helps assess its value and software compatibility

Identifying Your iPad’s Model and Age

Knowing the exact model and age of an iPad helps manage software updates and understand its capabilities. Apple offers different methods to find this information which saves time and keeps data about your device clear and organized.

Using the Settings App

First, tap Settings on your iPad’s home screen. Then select General and choose About. Here, you will find the Model Number. The number listed is your iPad’s unique identifier. Apple’s website can match this model number with a specific iPad model and release year.

Physical Inspection of Your Device

If you cannot access the iPad’s settings, check the back of the device. Near the bottom, the model number is printed in small text. It starts with an ‘A’ followed by four digits. Use this number on the Apple website to find out your iPad’s model and its manufacturing date.

Checking Apple’s Support Coverage Website

For more detailed information like warranty status, visit Apple’s Support Coverage website. Enter the iPad’s serial number here. This number is found in Settings under General and About. The site reveals your device’s warranty and model, indicating its age. It tells whether service and support are active, offering peace of mind about your iPad’s coverage.